RTSA Tips Motorists on Enforcement of Roadside Infringements

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has continued opening up on the roadside cameras conundrum for motorists.

RTSA has shed more light on the process for enforcement of roadside infringements under the new Road Safety Management System.

The process outlines the steps involved in cases of moving violations captured by Roadside Cameras that have been operational since Wednesday 11th July 2018.

Below is everything you need to know:

An infringement notice is a ticket, issued on the spot, or sent by SMS to the offender for road violations such as speeding or use of a cell phone while driving.  It is served in terms of Section 162 under the Road Traffic Act No.11 of 2002. The steps are as follows;



Traffic offenders will receive an SMS notification from RTSA Notice. The SMS will have the following information;


.16-digit Offence Reference Number

.A link to the website

.Vehicle Registration Number


The first option is to click on the website link www.paymyfines.co.zm in the SMS to visit the website where a Traffic Offence Report can be viewed. The report will contain the following information;


.Offence Reference Number

. Offender details

.Vehicle details

.Photo, date, time and location of the traffic offence

. Fine amount

. Pay points

Proceed to make payment using the 16-digit offence reference number


The second option is where the traffic offender will proceed to make payment using the 16-digit offence reference number at any one of the following commercial banks;

.First National Bank

.Indo Zambia Bank

. Zambia National Commercial Bank


.United Bank for Africa

.Cavmont Bank


. Citi

.First Alliance Bank


.First Capital Bank

.African Banking Corporation

.National Savings and Credit Bank

Please note that more banks and pay points will be included in the coming weeks.


  1. Jabulani Zulu

    This is the way to go. Well done for the iniative.

  2. Ts

    Ebuyantanshi balandapo,,,,,, way to go boys

  3. Sally

    why are Barclays and Standard Chartered excluded from the list of banks?

  4. Prince Mande

    What happens in the event that i do not own a cellphone how will the offence be communicated to me.

  5. Julius Chinjanja

    That s very good. That”s how it is done in the

    That”s how it is done in England. The problem in Zambia is that there is no compterized list of motor vehicles. Now. I reall do not know how the RTSA officials will handle the matter.Computerize motorvehicles and their addresses in order to make it simple In uk if youcommit a trafic offence and you run away. if the camera catches you then you will be in trouhle. You have been caught. It is good tey are doing the right thing. Wait, whe I become president in Zambia I will do better. Thanks.

  6. julius Chinjanja

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