Shonga Salvages Point for Zambia…as Vandenbroek bizarrely Benches Mwepu for over 80 Minutes

Sven Vandenbroek started his reign as Chipolopolo coach with an underwhelming 1-all draw against Namibia in Windhoek.

The positive energy around the cursory attractive squad he named for the clash was questioned by fans, with the notable benching of Enock  Mwepu for over 80 minutes.

Vandenbroek started with a double pivot that had two holding midfielders in Salulani Phiri and Nathan Sinkala.

Namibia drew first blood in the 78th minute through substitute Benson Shilongo who walked through the Zambian defense sweeping aside a feeble footed Stoppila Sunzu and Kabaso Chongo who hitherto had been having a good game.

With fans wondering why Mwepu was left on the bench Vandenbroek brought off Phiri for Lubambo Musonda with the Armenia based midfielder adding some spark in the attack.

Musonda came close in the 86th minute with his effort tipped away by Virgil Vries in the Namibia goal.

Mwepu was brought on almost as an afterthought with Zambia trailing Namibia 1-0 and he made an instant impact with his call for a penalty wished away by the Burkinabe referee after Tiberius Lombard handled in the box.

Orlando Pirates’ Justin Shonga came to the rescue in added time with a well struck freekick deep in added time to give Zambia some respectable finish but still swimming in troubled waters.

Both teams were rooted at zero points before this match with Guinea Bissau and Mozambique on three points after wins on match day one.

Zambia has collected one point out of a possible six so far.


  1. smooth

    I think the coach saw 2day who should start and who should be bench otherwise i was not impressed by pipo who were occupying certain positions like the right back position there was a lot of leakages…

    • Zedian

      Right back was the worst! the guy was OK going toward but defensively he was a liability no wonder the Namibia goal came off that flank

      • Mwila

        Ba coach ba Sven how can u use Nathan and saluni at the same time no we need goals next time never do that ok

  2. Pogba

    Zambia can still qualifier if mozabique win today then later zambia beat Ginuea bisau

    • ROKA

      Guinea Bissau is a thorn in Zambia’s flesh! it won’t a walk over game in favour of Zambia from the they played today!! Mukanjeba yemwee!!!

  3. ROKA

    Crying for an expatriate coach!!Awe mwandi elyo lwanya!They played just like the way they played under s local coach. Namibia was better than Zambia. When are you going to develop local coaches Zambia if you don’t give chances yo do so?Namibia has kept that for dome years.Zambia lost that game until Namibia panicked!!

    • Simataa siloka

      Local coaches were given time,but failed to prove them selves competentsnd good.

    • Joseph chibuye

      Comment boss learn to appreciate coz the guys played very well except that luck was not on their side

  4. chelsea fc

    Am sure mr coach u have learnt something otherwise next loose pipo won`t hear you.

  5. Sporiack 87

    I thought Zambia is like Manchester united but no , like Barcelona fc kkkk


      Kkkkkkkkkk ala bwafya ifintu ifi

    • Weezy Ryan

      You can not compare Zambia and Barcelona.I think you are mistake Africa z African.

  6. Sly arsenal


  7. Daniel

    I was impressed Zambia can do much more make sure that the computer is there,Daka and sakala you will see how it will go my eyes will even enjoy

    Again think of the back


    How are guys

  9. CHRIS

    We should not wait for other teams to do the donkey work for us Let’s work hard Zambians so far so good


    Go go go Zambia

  11. Sylvester mbalama

    Am impressed we can catch up, but we need to be playing a fast game and make sure we use all the chances that we are missing.

  12. Anointed zachariah

    Kaya uko tuleya

  13. Adriano

    Good game played by Zambia

  14. bayoka

    Wonderful ba zambia

  15. Commando

    Mwepu should have started the match.The combination of Mwepu and Fashion in mid field and patson upfront is always deadly.The defence did a good job today, the midfielders and strikers not only pathetic but very dissapointing.The Zambia that played today is the Zambia i know,we need to see a good performance next time.

    • Commando

      I meant the Zambia that played today is not the Zambia i know.We could have lost by a cricket score line in Nigeria if we had played like we did today in Namibia.Anyway….. .

  16. Andrue

    It was wrong decision to omit mwepu and shonga from the first line up .don’t repeat such mistake again .i think the coach must be given more videos to watch how mwepu (computer )has been doing
    it for Zambia.anyway calculators from football( accoutants)will b needed for Zambia to qualify since we are used.

  17. Sylvester Masuwa

    The bird which is in hand,is worthy than the bird in the air.This game was ours but we failed to humble fly over Namibia,so even the second game will be so crucial.If we will not carefull,we loose!!!!

  18. WISE

    Shonga and mwepu they have impressed me.

  19. maya c.

    musonda,shonga and mwepu changed the game,,, hope Sven learnt something.

  20. Jb

    mweene must be quick to make decisions and quick in releasing a ball to players. then next game combine kambole,shonga,daka and fashion upfront.ln middle combine mwepu and sinkala or lubambo.backline combine kapumbu ,sunzu,kabaso and solomon

  21. Big moze

    Y putting mwepu on that was the first mistak coach made, secondly fashion should not start next match let lubambo start, thirdly artificial pitch has always been a problem to Zambia congrats to kaloba and the defence except Solomon was lacking…coach mwepu should start Pliz Pliz Pliz Pliz Pliz Pliz Pliz Pliz Pliz Pliz napapata he’s not called computer 4 nothing watch he’s video locally and club level…

    • NZERU

      The game was lost in midfield. Why? The coach was not told of the current team which played Nigeria and Algeria in last World cup qualifier. COACH DEMAND LINE-UP OF THE TEAM WHICH PLAYED IN ALGERIA/ NIGERIA.

  22. Joseph mwenda

    Copper bullets we do it guys just be focused and remember that u ar carrying a heavy load ,Zambia fyalo fikalamba guys.

    • sven

      Chipolopolo too much taking the ball to the goal keeper.they don’t play fast to score when they still have time. But becoming serous when they have three minutes left. You should pull up the your socks

  23. Habakkuk

    All we need is hard working and supporting the coach he can still do better and more the word itself.

  24. Jb

    Go go Zambia we at behind time but ba coach did u see how Mwepu perform at a last minutes

  25. Jackson

    Coach made a mistake by holding Musonda, shonga, menu and chama on bench until 80th mts, please next time do not use fashion any more

    • Rodgers Chembe

      Solomon Sakala and his friend fashion are not needed

      • Lucas fashion sakala

        fashion is a good footballer more than mulenga,mulenga sikanla there not needed

  26. Humble sharks

    We still have the same advisors of the past decade of the coach but new coach. He can’t manage to convince many.still the old Zambia with the likes of gyugyugyu.

  27. Jackson

    Please don’t do this again, we need wins not draws 4 the remaining games go zambia go

  28. homohabilis

    I wonder how Zambians go for whites to rule us.we r still in colonialism mwebantu !!!!!…let beston chambeshi be the coach just tell him pull ups sock’s kahh

    • Cj

      Ba Zambia ukutemwa maths why rely on performance of others let’s work hard be a winning team Mr new Coach we are watching your performance this is your start Besides we need to upgrade our local coaches not lyonse expatriate its taxpayers money involved

  29. Hebk

    Calculators needed again. Twalibelela….

  30. Hebk

    Calculators needed again. Twalibelela….twanaka with calculations..

  31. Makweti Sishekanu

    The new coach has his first lesson. Understandably, he had to try out one or two things. Sometimes you learn the hard way, which I am sure he has. First lesson : Mwepu is not a bench player. Secondly, he has an excellent semblance of both international and local players chosen purely on merit. But the players don’t know each other – they cant read each others’ game because they have not played together for long. E. G. The pairing of Kabaso and Sunzu is an excellent idea but the two couldn’t just clique. Kalaba and Daka could not even see each other. Same on the midfield – Sinkala and Salulani don’t know each others’ game. Put Oga, shonga and kambole upfront, they are destructive. Put fashion, Payson Daka and Mwepu in a triangle, they are dangerous. Let Kalaba and Sinkala pair in the middle, they amaze you. So, while the coach has good players at his disposal, learning how to combine them is his next home work. I am very optimistic that we will see very exciting football next time.

  32. Arsenal Kayz

    thats what to expect from Zambian as usual

  33. Chileshe

    The coach should find a replacement for right full back, otherwise Solomon will cost the team.

  34. bashi sasha

    So far so guda atherwise the game was just ok but on midfielders thy were bog mistake next time take it incontrol please mwepu should starts.i like my man k chongo that’s the hearts of diffenda good lucky.

  35. zundula maseka

    the team was well set by the coach ,next time we want mwepu in the starting line up,otherwise they played very impressive football,next time we need mwepu

  36. kaibondole


  37. alex milupi

    Let’s watch & see

  38. Mr Zambia

    Chi fashion selfish too much holding the ball kwati alimoeka we don’t need him mu squad

  39. Edson


  40. Edson

    Why not include kambole to partner daka

  41. down

    U A right chi fashion too selfish mwandi I don’t know if our couches don’t have eyes 👀 to c who should start and who should benched kaya


    Ubushiku bufwile insofu nelyashi libapo lya nsomfu, I have even said at first that; to left chisamba lungu and Brian mwila in the squad is a problem, look at the midfielders and the strikers now we have, kkkkkkkkk ala bwafya, let Mr coach learns something from the game

  43. Kandimba KAFUTI

    Go Zambia go

  44. Fine Chikamba

    Mwepu on the bench and chintu the assistant couldn’t advise the coach, useless local coach 😡

  45. Fine l


  46. Benny

    I don’t see Sunzu of 2012 he was a disappointment, he failed 2 catch that amateur striker who scored 4 Namibia second Fashion was poor in delivering the ball he kept losing it

  47. Benny

    Bruce musakanya is even better that Fashion next time try Bruce or sautu

  48. Elizabeth Mphande

    No player is better than the other, that’s y they r a TEAM. Thy depend on each otha. Game well played boys…let’s go. #Bola na lesa.

  49. Clifford Mwiinde

    With my observation, I saw a lot of mistakes from the coach.Some of the mistakes are:-(1)Mwepu could start (2) Shonga could start (3) Kalaba must play 11 not in middle.So pliz coach next game you need to make some changes. Go Zambia Go bola na Lesa.

  50. Suwilanji

    The coach we can’t blame him.Mwepu and Shonga should start.Fashion Sakala let him play to his club till his ready to be used in the national team otherwise he can improve.

  51. john

    The coach was jst testing players,,who can do best and those who can not,,,we need more players not using the sameones,,,,,,dont blame him,,he was jst testing out players who can do well

  52. Clifford Mwiinde

    Big mistake, you left a good player Chisamba Lungu. Also where is Nkausu? is he died or arrive? Tell me, coz these are the champions of 2012.

  53. john

    Fashion sakala z a very good player,,,the only thing he needs to know z how to play the ball with his team mats,,,he need to be tought how to pass the ball to his friends,,,,,scoring the ball z thing,,the only thing that matters z team work to ean good results,,,,Zambian players need to understand,,, it’s doesn’t matter who scores the ball the only thing that matters z getting balls and get points at the end of the game….

  54. Benjamin.k

    Thanks shonga and mwepu for the good game.

  55. Enos Kalulu

    The following should not come back into the national team because they are too slow:
    1.Mweene, Sunzu, Sinkala & Kalaba.
    2.For those who don’t know Chisamba Lungu is still injured.
    3.Sven use Chongo at home RB Shamujopa at RCH, find another LCH, Mwepu, Mtonga or Augustine in the middle, Daka, Shonga, Kambole & Lubambo.
    4. Fashion sakala is a good but selfish player. If he doesn’t change let him try tennis, golf or squash where he can play alone. More analysis needed but l will let others do it. We should have won that game.

    • NZERU

      Excellent analysis KALULU. COACH ! TAKE NOT OF HIS ANALYSIS.

  56. Umwaume

    What do you mean he bizarrely benches Mwepu? it is the prerogative of the coach to choose which players they need. It is only the coach who knows why and he has no obligation to disclose the reasons publicly. Maybe Mwepu has a minor injury, jet lag, etc…The problem pa zed, everyone wants to be a soccer expert.

  57. One zed

    I’m sure he was wrongly advised by his technical bench, remember this is his first match in charge as a coach,hoping he will be able to pick it up from here for better results

  58. Omega

    Next game let mwepu start period.why bench him . Honestly speaking the boy could ve created chances for the daka game let him start.

  59. Sethbadoh

    Here what has lead us to this is lucky of good players starting starting the game if we where playing with Nigeria nor Ghana am sure they would had beaten us to 2nil couch next time do better mind you this is Zambia where we don’t tolerate a loss

  60. Sethbadoh

    Mr Kalulu Mtonga?

  61. Martin chanda

    If you knew all these mistakes why keep quite and then complain later

  62. Emma

    Comment we played well though no proper coordination next fashion should not start may be as a substitute

  63. Seasonal commentator

    Suwilanji I second you f.sakala his performance is not good he has to be dropped in second game or don’t call him.

  64. joseph mumba

    so far wats da position of zambia qualifyng 4 afcon

  65. Haggai kasongo

    i think Zambia is on the right track.It was the first game for Sven so I think by now is doing his homework in order to do better in the next game even though we cannot predict the scoreline for the game and lastly us Zambians we should show positive energy to the coach and his team for them to be able to deliver positive results to us.

  66. Steven

    The problem we have in Zambia is …we have so many coaches and also I don’t like the way our Zambian commentators do their work. They talk but about our players causing the majority hate individual players. Why can’t they just do their work? In addition , are they supposed to be siding when they are giving a commentary? I wond

  67. Henry

    U ar ryt makwetu sishikanu

  68. God is great

    Commen : Ba Zambia hold your fire, the problem is that, mufwaya lyonse mulewinafye. You should give room to such results, kalekalyamwalewina.
    About the new COUCH : We should give him a lot of time he has even tried to assemble a team were of of us we had hope after a long time to see some of our beloved players to be in the team such as Kalaba en Nsunzu etc.

  69. Dons

    Starting from the time Andrew kamanga became a faz president national team is going down and down every single day, I can’t even predict the starting eleven or naming the national team players, Great kalu was even better kanshi, my opinion.

  70. STONE

    Namibia is improving. Our substitutes played better. Fashion is not objective, but can make a good player if he is coachable. At the moment he is not a national team material.

  71. ONGANI J.M

    Let’s put much effort will do better….I Go For Zambia. Local is Laka

  72. AFRICA

    No player is bigger than the brand.Let the coach do his job.

  73. Prince Ntokozo Zulu

    Good start with new coach, when is the next match.

  74. Zingalume

    Kapumbu and Mwepu was supposed to start the game. So let them start in the next match pliz Mr Coach

  75. Kabwe

    Zambia Will qualified

  76. Maseka

    Wishing them all the best, good they have seen the mistakes let them work on them then we are all good.all the best Zambia

  77. Ann

    we still have a chance, if only we can win our home games against Guinea Bissau and Namibia then we can start to believe. We also have to win at least 1 game away especially against Mozambique and draw in Guinea then we can qualify.

  78. menomeno


  79. Lad

    Am sure the coach has seen and noted wat next,we are tired of old finished legs, we need goals

  80. Samuel

    Shonga,daka,mwepu and chongo they are best

  81. chabilikila lupasha

    Gogogogogogogo zambia

  82. mercutio

    Ba 7vandamme plz dont bench mwepu,musonda & shonga for late arrivals next game.Uwa bola wa bola..A Football Player Is A Football Player…whether arrivin late or not…I wonder why you left Fwayo for some reasons you know.

  83. Mbappe

    The team was good but they only need team work and fashion should improve on his selfishness

  84. Mbappe

    Mwepu and shonga should always start

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