Chipolopolo Coach Offers Explanation on Benching Mwepu

Chipolopolo coach Sven Vandenbroek says the 0-all draw against Namibia was a fair result given that Zambia had to rally from a goal down.

And Namibia coach Ricardo Manetti said the result had made it difficult for both teams’ chances of qualifying to the Cameroon 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

Addressing a post-match press conference in Windhoek, Vandenbroek who made his debut as Chipolopolo coach in a Group K Africa Cup of Nations qualifier said he was happy with the reaction of his players after having equalised as the dearth.

“I think in the end the result is fair. In the first half we had some problems with the number 19 (Petrus Shitembi) just in the space behind our two midfielders we solved that at half time, I think in the second half we had better of the play, most of the ball possession and higher up the pitch. I think in the end the result is fair on a draw,” Vandenbroek said.

The Belgian born trainer also put into perspective his decision to leave Enock ‘Computer’ Mwepu on the bench until the 82nd minute.

“I did not use him (Mwepu) from the start because he travelled on Monday that is one small reason, he came on later than the other boys but also because of the artificial turf,” he said.

The coach said Zambian players did not prefer the artificial surface to the natural conditions which may have made their game a bit difficult.

“Zambians are not tall either, they are not a tall nation as well, I think on height there was not much difference unless you take our central defender Sunzu but the main reason is artificial and given keeping two holding midfielders to not leave space between our central defence and central midfield,” he said.

And Manetti said the 1-all draw was a bitter pill to swallow for his charges as they had taken the lead until added time.

“As for Namibia, it is a bitter pill to swallow to concede just after you have been looking for that go the whole time, it came, then the last two minutes you concede a goal to make a draw,” he said.

He said the draw had left both sides needing victory in their remaining assignments.

Zambia and Namibia settled for a 1-all draw leaving them sharing the bottom place with one point after two matches.

Guinea and Mozambique remain in first and second respectively after having played to a 2-all draw in Maputo.

Zambia’s next assignment is on October 10 when they host Guinea Bissau while Namibia travel to Maputo.

Second half substitute Justin Shonga cancelled out a Benson Shilongo 78th minute goal to ensure that the two sides shared spoils.


  1. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Too bad the results are not good it seems someone instructed Sven wrongly.For me for benching Mwepu just because he arrived on Monday, totally wrong.The chances of quarifying are slim evin the selection of players were not good the combustion in defence was bad if it was Nigeria sorry.Hey coach wakeup from that slumber.

  2. One zed

    We learn through mistakes hope he has learned from this and next time he will work on it,that’s how good it is to add when you error than just to criticize players

    • Mkonto

      For how long are you going to be learning through mistakes, when you can’t utilize lessons from past mistakes but repeat them?

  3. Mkwwzalabanu

    I think the substution was bad instead of mwepu to replace Augustine

  4. Joseph

    New coach newly assembled team getting to play together, draw is a good result. Coach has had a chance to taste the strength of the team. Going by the kind of team he has picked, I’m confident that things will get better. Good display, fair result against Namibia. He’s the coach and I’m happy the decisions he made, the explanation he has given for his decisions during the game. Give him friendlies. We shouldn’t be quick to point at his weaknesses so early as though we were any better when what we do well in mostly is talking loudest.

    • Yun

      Yes he did need some friendly matches I am surprised that Faz didn’t organize a
      any friendly before the qualifier

    • Young Messi

      I agree with you . That’s true and this is the great opportunity for our new coach to see who is performing poorly and well. And I am telling you ,if really this coach is a nice one, you will see how change our poorly team will be. Therefore ,on my side , all the best our new coach in all ideas you have. Don’t tolerate wrong advise your team mates . Just do you responsibility.Try this three guys mwepu , fashion and daka and you will see the combination of them in the play show and tell them not distance ball. You will enjoy celebration that day.

  5. paulo

    Waiting next matches to win especially returning matches

  6. The nation at large

    Zambia must win by 2-0 in the next game for them to qualify.

  7. Mwanawanyasoko

    Coaching isn’t an easy thing guys, so let’s see how it works out for the next game,am sure he will do it right.

    • Makunka

      You are rite coaching is not easy mind you namibia has improved tremendously overtime we played well created a number of chances too bad our maxman patson was not in the best form so was Augustine

    • Chipego

      You are right couching is not easy.
      I like his tactics

  8. Uncle Bizzo

    The performance was poor,with that standard of play l don’t see Zambia qualifying

  9. Guyguy

    At least

  10. Ernest Chola

    The team the coach assembled was a good one and the boys played well it was just that we where unluck to have not won the game. Let’s have some friendies before the next game

    • Erick

      The selection was okey,but Augustine would have not finished the match coz he was not inform.mwepu would have started second half.but we still have a chance to qualify.

  11. Kalaluka

    We r not going anywhere, for is to qualify, it will just be a favor of God,coach, improve on how fast the player are, our game is very slow,the method we r using of being serious on last times or extra time is not gud plz plz plz


    Good game guys

  13. Sirwinstone

    Give him time u talk too much as if u ar nkana supporter

  14. mulolo

    the team was good it just needs time to work together. thumbs up coach when one is late kip the on bench that’s discipline. next time mwepu don’t do that u are a good player don’t b indiscipline.

  15. Benet Mwanza

    We will make it let’s just have hope.

  16. Jackson

    Our coach, we understand for that was your first game, but nxt time know how to make a team please

  17. Watson mk

    Am sure next time the game will be better,
    Koma muikeko mahala a kochi,,,,

  18. Jackson

    ba zambia work hard next time as we don’t want the draws always. ,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!! ‘!

  19. noel

    i know we expected a lot from the team but as you know the combination was having some brakedown here and there and its very rare for chipolopolo to equalise good game coach for a start otherwise and people the VAR you mean it does not apply in african football

  20. Matthews

    The team played well but defence was bit weak,im Sven learnt something from that let’s support him.

  21. LUNGU

    iwe ka coach… i am just watching.. if u loose again twalakulyamo loosing tax.. and tulekutanfya pantu ine on money i dont breath. so watchout!”!

  22. RK

    CommentNext time don’t leave out mwepu .if he was in the starting lineup we would have won that game . Next time work hard.

  23. kafute R

    Try to work hard next time

  24. Francis

    Zambia We are 2 Gather Next Time Work hard. We want Next time Zambia 4-0
    Draw is Good But next time Do IT Mwa e sha!!!


    arriving on Monday is not a valid reason!!! he rested.. next is a must win game for us to brighten our chances of qualifying otherwise if we draw or loose then we’ll miss Cameroon

  26. {Fm-sun-b}

    New Coach U are OK But Ñéxt Time Work hard. Next Time [Bola na lesa]
    Not Fimeko Next Time Bazambia Do like CR7 Abapondo

  27. Isaac patricks

    Great start for the new coach, but he has alot of job to work on team weaknesses, he must work on this: defence, fast & quik on the ball, dicision making of starting XI (11) he wouldn’t left mwepu on the bench or even whatsoever he said. Secondly, Match Officials are too corrupt and bribed in Africa norwonder why they fail to qualify for the world finals.


    Not a valid reason fr not starting Mwepu,he is the best midfielder we have as a nation at the moment

  29. Cholera

    Why a foreign coach we have enough Zambians do we need a foreigner to ru this country or a Chinese

  30. Lemmy cheba

    I agree with moses zulu the reason he gave about Mwepu was not good enough, l am not convinced with his statement soccer fans will agree with me some player’s were no were to be seen l don’t want to mention names.looking forward for a win against Guinea. Good luck coach

    • John Musole Kasanga

      Coordinating and coaching is not like water,it takes learn from Egypt Cameron, Nigeria and many others how they struggled to be where they are.


    As we all know that mistakes are the ways to learn,I think now he learnt a lote from that game.hopping him not to repeat those mistakes

  32. Robbie

    Lets be honest here Zambia didn’t play well how can you put the mid fielders that are defensive minded they did not had that mind of attacking ad a result the attacking was very poor i don’t the problem with these guys. To coach you should not follow any instruction from these Zambians you should be given the chance of playing more friendly games for him to see who can play on what position than what we saw yesterday i personally am disappointed with the results i don’t know where we are heading to kaaya vamene tingachite mwandi ndafwa taafa nama bp chinjanikoni kukupya not vamene muteya it’s better nakusiya it’s too much.

  33. Tony Pamesa

    Fair results even though I didn’t watch the game to give much analysis. A point is very vital when you play away game unlike drawing at home. The game is now history, lets look upon the coming match in October and polish up the teams lapses.

  34. Sunshine

    Hope next match we will win coz we can’t play catch up

  35. Padoko padoko mwanyane

    I think the game was just ok the problem is that players were missing alot of chances ,, especially mulenga G,, nd patso Dakar anyway good game nd new coach but one thing i want to raise is the goal keeper mweene.. He must not waste alot of time he must be faster as he is….mwene u should change ur style u ar too slow mr captain plz….

  36. HOMMIE 24

    Coach we dont pay u to give explanations we pay u to win matches and if anything fashion sakala should be rested and let lubambo musonda start let those who have proven be given enough game time pliz work on the central midfield aswel

  37. sharp

    players should learn to obey the coach most especially were punctuality is concerned. mwepu UzA muziba lusambo

  38. Wongani

    Must win match 2 a must draw. Zambia nation team with same performs they had durin Nyirenda and has continue even 2 sven. Zambia weakest point is failing 2 scores and unless our local league produce goals

  39. AM


  40. Stephen S.M Muli

    Its a wonderful start for the coach though, there is more to do on switching of play,swift passes from wings to midfield. Please we need to see artificial inteligence interms of movements and communication.

  41. Shamaleka jnr

    Never ever bench mwepu sir!!!!!! Thakn you

  42. [Fm-sun-b]

    Next Time “IMPROVE” & He Should Include “Lazarous Kambole” in the team Plz! Then “NEVER EVER” Mwepu Bench! Thankx GUYS.

  43. Mike Chibinda

    Pliz put more effort on the team, we want to win de afcon again.use best players to get best result next match .use more energetic you ng player s rather than old ones

  44. Stanley mutale

    We are qualifying ,don’t worry ma fanz

  45. webby Mukemu

    let mwepu & Sikala to hold the midfield the next game

  46. Football Analyst

    Next time start with
    Justin Shonga
    Enock Computer Mwepu
    Lazarus Kambole,
    we don’t want Lawrence and salulani who just passagers.

  47. Malama Golden

    Great Kalu was saved from Gabon disasters because of late reporting…good player are good players..don’t develop a slave master relationship with players in the name of discipline…otherwise Mr coach failure in on your door

  48. Malama Golden

    Be a friend and a best father to your prayers, understand them from the heart not from your heard…Not this useless excuses you are giving

  49. Farmer

    Players with a better IQ are needed to take advantage of a ball in the box..Good as our players maybe then all lose their heads in the box..

  50. Briven

    Advice Mr sven, currently we build our team around mwepu, as you prepare your team, that must be your first piece of dice you throw, as long as he is available and probably performing to his potential…. Never make that experiment again, or you will find out how much Zambian fans can be unwelcoming.

  51. FM

    OK, coach and the boys display was good. we work to turn tables around in the remaining games.

    • Michelo milandu

      Don’t worry coach you will know the boys well in the near future.

      • Wilson Eliezer tembo

        The game was OK but the guys the must boast more efforts

  52. Jerson derulo

    At least

  53. Sylvester Masuwa

    I can’ t blame coach for the poor results,the only problem is the banned person Kalusha bwalya who visited the chipolopo boys while they were on training.Because if you observe or remember the past, every game where Kalusha is concern,always the out come is poor result.So guys let us wake up in slumber and we shall see that things will start going well!!!!!!

    • Howard

      Comment Sylverster you are football sick.Go to any sports hospital for treatment.Kalu visiting the team has nothing to do with that draw.Dont demonize the icon like that.Go yo hell with your sangoma father.

  54. Aaron mwepu

    Go chipolopolo am behind u

  55. Wilson

    Am proud of the National team for their performance against Namibia.The coach didn’t make any mistakes by selecting the squad which played yesterday,let’s give him time.It Is not over until God says it is over!.who knows what will come out between Guinea Bissau and Zambia?only God knows.

  56. Bwalya mupeseni

    It was a fantastic game I think the coach knows all the players now if kambola was they something would have happened

  57. Joe

    Never punish the player coz u are punishing the country look at the points is Zambia having your aim is to make the team to qualify not to punish players

  58. Eastern

    Let’s encourage and support our coach and players inclusive.

  59. Sheps

    It was a tuff game we luck that we epualized, see u next match put more efort guys.

  60. bashi sasha

    I think Zambia could have that squad which wada wada set to be playing world cup qualifier including Kalaba and chongo the game could have been best.

  61. Samuel

    By the nxt game let computer, shonga and other star to start not fashion aweeee!!!!!! Nebo nakanya fashion alipwa 100%

  62. Osward Mumba

    Midfield must be thoroughly worked on before the next match on 10th October, 2018

  63. Vincent tebz

    Understand him. He will do batter than that ….go Zambia faith makes thing easy

  64. lubita

    Pliz coach now that u have known some players to use like nwepu, shonga,lubambo,daka.we thank u in advance coach

  65. Adams

    I’m yet to recover from the shock of that match and I thank God things turn around in the dying minute. I read at super eagles news site that the match was fixed. I still don’t know whether to believe this claim or not. I hope we bounce back in the subsequent matches yet to be played. We must qualify!

  66. Moses Mwanampumbe

    Ka coach kanabwela kasweta menso kwati ni loser. Songs revived him. Other wise utamatobo nganatwingila no to meno. Watch out Coach. This is Zambia. You will go faster than you came.How can you leave Kambole, mwepu and shonga in the first line up. I’we six Kapena ndiwe seven or out. Find ziyo tempo to replace Kabaso pa four or malama Kabaso niwakumbali.

  67. Ernest daka

    Well played guz it wosnt our day atherwiz our boyz prayed well,kalaba stil in good condition

  68. Mpundu kalangwa

    Mr 7 next match should be according to our expectation. Mwepu is the heart of the team . I put k500 on zambia win against namibia i lost it ,i just watched you. Next match i will put k1000 on zambia win and if i loose again ukambweshesha shonse indalama shandi.many words does fill a basket napelela apapene

  69. Mpundu kalangwa

    Mr 7 next match should be according to our expectation. Mwepu is the heart of the team . I put k500 on zambia win against namibia i lost it ,i just watched you. Next match i will put k1000 on zambia win and if i loose again ukambweshesha shonse indalama shandi.many words does not fill a basket napelela apapene

  70. Dabwitso Tembo

    that was a good start mr sven,next time pliz do include mwepu,shonga,lubambo and chisamba lungu in the first lineup.then to my fellow fans,lets not critisize him he needs our support.good lucky next time mr sven and chipolopolo

  71. mercutio

    Ba kocha ba Sven…

  72. Benny

    The team was not sharp enough in front of goal Mulenga could have scored and Natan sinkala also could have scored but hit the post plus the referee was on Namibia’s side by denying Zambia a penalty after one player handled the ball inside the box

    • mubita sitwala

      whats the purpose of having those cameras, you guys,that referee was supposed to be dragged into the camera room. why did he deny that ball to hand penalty, oh ‘ NO.

  73. Aba blue

    Sinkala is an old worn out player so why exhausting him even the energy to be a father please let the man out of the team,he is rich worn out

    • Aba blue

      Sinkala is an old worn out player so why exhausting him even the energy to be a father please let the man out of the team,he is richly worn out

  74. one mk

    The game lacked creativity in the midfield I didn’t see kalaba in that game, pliz never ever should leave computer on the first lineup, do better next time.

  75. PG

    The formed team was better and I congrats the team if some of the former players were not called Namibia would have given us 5 nil without doubt, the team played well

  76. Brian chozi

    Gud play ba zambia nd guys don’t blame our coach a game is not always a win no that’s the only problem you people UKUTUMPA!

  77. John Musole Kasanga

    Mwamuna munzako ni pachulu, Namibian players were also playing not sleeping.

  78. Chivalry

    I fully understand with the coach, we just have to give him some time to get to know the right players use. Football is business today and we have to let the coach do his job.

  79. Pascal Chola

    Sven is a good coach I know he can take us to the highest. Let him replace Kabaso with Siamujomoa. Next game,Zambia winning two zero.

  80. BRIAN

    At least but they must to workextra hard so that they qualifier to africa cup nxt year.

  81. Chisenga kandela

    There is always the first time, hoping for the best next time….

  82. caleb

    Next game what we wants z to win not to draw ok improve n ur tractice


    It’s good since he managed to draw vi game though vi subsuit was late I hop he has lent something continue doing well .

  84. kawesha

    I don’t know why he gave kalaba 10, kalaba plays well as a winger, remove Solomon sakala, and let mwepu play 8,shonga 10,patson 9 , lubambo or Augustine mulenga 7, kalaba or fashion 11, you will see the change.

  85. Paul Mainza

    It was a fair result, but how l wish Mwepu started the game we were going to have a better result. Next game Mr coach we need a win. We need your experience to seen and good relationship with players. Go guys we are supporting you.

  86. Mukwa

    Mwepu should start not at the bench

  87. Moses

    Mwepu the king

  88. David njobvu

    ba coach be very carefull with your technical bench cause you will seen a waste and useless coach, work like how your friend hev renna had been
    ama, old player are now tired of playing football use young players you will see a change
    it pain’s use to see losing while we see good and strong players are left behind .

  89. Joseph

    If that’s how things are going Zambia will not go ku Africa cup hw could you do that ba coach that was a loosing game if it is not those two substitutions mwepu was supposed to start the same not fashion sakala

  90. Ahmad sawendeli

    u have realized now, you were soppose to start with Enoch mwepu Zambia’s best player computer. so next time don’t make those mistakes of putting those best players are on hold,o else will lose the game ahead October 2018 on 10, u should make sure you forcus on skill not on the phenotype wa coach Sven . put much efforts o else u will draw again with bisau

  91. CHIZE

    The big problem was with Sven himself and not the players.

  92. Emmanuel

    Mr Sven, you should try to solve some issues of your players in dressing room, not punishing the players by not playing the game, you are not punishing the players but you are punishing the supporters, in football theyz what call dependable players, such players they should not be benched for simple reason, OK good luck boss.

  93. royd

    We just need more friendly games for the coach to know each player how well they play

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