Mwamba Shows Pilato some Love

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba freely interacted with one of the Patriotic Front’s harshest critics Chama Fumba popularly known as Pilato.

Mwamba bumped into Pilato and the funeral of the son Regina Chiluba Mando.

Pilato was in the accompany of hip-hop star Macky II.


  1. Paul

    God is bigger

  2. Mwanawanyasoko

    Ba Buga atishani ka latest version?

  3. Asiff

    No permanent enemies in the arena of politics. That is it should be.Take examples from Obama and Bush.

    • Chishala obed

      Pilato and bunga how are you me I’m artist I want you know me yockc_stars tupangeniko ba bunga.

  4. Chesam

    May he should sat down and counselled on respect for elders and the presidency.

  5. LUNGU

    iwe ka pilato, i know that u know the truth kuti i am a thief (kabwala, pompwe, sakala nyongo). but i want u to eat with me and hide the truth from these zambians… me i know where i am from. so dont be my enemy cos i will finish u.. be my friend cos walalyamo”!

  6. The joe

    Ok but is that news, these guys mingle all the time

  7. FGM

    Commissioner Mwamba has seen how true politics of multi partism are being conducted in South Africa He in fact one time admitted that in Zambia we have inherited colonial laws that contradict Democracy, namely Public Order Act and Defamation of the President. Deep down , Mwamba doesn’t subscribe to the way multi party politics are practised in Zambia.

  8. Joseph.mwape

    Ba chesam mwafyelwe mailo Pilato tatuka nangu umo, emba inyimbo ishakufunda abantu abaleiba nangu abashumfwa kuma advise. Cikamiposela inshita pakuti mukamone ati call nabonaula. Please all the songs for PK chishala and get the message.

  9. Chika

    Its only human, u think his excellence can slap Pilato when they meet face to face awe.Pilato no respect for elders .His songs i cant listen to twice,even when u alone u feel the Eagle is seeing u!

  10. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Viva baaba thats the way

  11. M'tinta

    This is the spirit.


      pliz pipo im a stupid traitor you need to understand me that is why Sata blasted me in front of cameras at state house im irritating at times mbolo yanga

  12. ANDREW


  13. Rosaria

    Gud move,give us

  14. Mr. K

    A fool MST take the truth from sane pipo pilato must stop insulting the presidency the position he never think of having til end of life

  15. Sangwapo

    Kingbugar πŸ‘‘


    Teyabana iyo,kopala swagg

  17. chima s

    God is see


      ka Emmanuel wanted to rape me here in South Africa he has a stinking small kambolo

  18. Aaron mwepu

    Pilato ak leatest.

  19. LUCAS

    Even if no permanent enemy in politics, regardless of it,if u make money through insults, just know that u r going to die with money from that insults, u rip what u soul, respect is above money,pilato is just stupid, tabamufundile BA Nina BA wish

  20. tefyakubantu

    Kkkkk pilato tatukanapo mwebantu tamumu mfwafye

  21. Jerson derulo


  22. Aplus

    That’s way it is

    • abrahamtrue

      pilato chikala hw can u insult ar our presdent u mother fucker

  23. Sylvester Masuw

    Its true,pilato has no respect.How could he insult the president just like that?.Even in the bible it’s written that”respect the elders to live longer.And i ‘m tellng you listeners who supporting Chama Fumba or his popularly known as pilto,no president will bring a bag of milie meal in your house when you are jobless.You have to fight on your own to become rich,nowadays things is difficult every where you go and money doesn’ t come on a silver plate.So even if pilato insult,it would not help any one.HH will not let Zambia to change,he will just increasing povert.How many times does HH faile to be a president?Can some one remind me,the more times he fail,the more times he will fail to run out the country.

  24. abraham

    pilato chikala hw can u insult ar our presdent u mother fucker

  25. Dickson nkonde


  26. Menomeno

    Pilato wesu

  27. 0964958438

    I see u ba pilato kaletest kaili long tymu

  28. Weexydee


  29. Mercury

    As far as am concerned,only fools can support pilato.

  30. Marker

    What’s so strange about this

  31. Ik


  32. Chilufya

    1 Zambia 1 nation, embrace one another please we are in a Christian nation.

  33. Lil Wayne... Q cent

    Let’s go πŸ†™πŸ”“πŸ”“πŸ”“πŸ”“πŸ”“πŸ”“πŸ”“πŸ”“

  34. AJELO

    pilato ulitole

  35. MR ZED!

    thats how life is in our nation.
    One China One Nation!

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