Nkhuwa Trashes Zesco Sale Claims

Energy Minister Mathew Nkhuwa has trashed claims that the government of Zambia has put up Zesco for sale to the Chinese.

Clearing the air on the allegations that government had auctioned Zesco to the Chinese Nkhuwa said that no such plans had been put up by government.

“I just want to make it clear that Zesco is not for sale, it has not been discussed anywhere. In my ministry I am in charge of Zesco, there is no correspondence and nobody has even come here to see me or see any member of staff asking to buy Zesco,” he said.

“As far as we are concerned Zesco is not up for sale. Zesco is a very strategic company in the Republic of Zambia and therefore it must be handled very carefully.”

Nkhuwa said the President Edgar Lungu cabinet could not be so irresponsible as to auction Zesco which was a Strategic institution.

“I think that the government of Zambia led by Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu is a very responsible government that will not do things in a haphazard manner therefore please be informed that Zesco is not for sale,” Nkhuwa said.

“Zesco produces 80% of the energy that we use in Zambia including the energy that we export. Energy is the engine room of the economy, if there was a blackout, everything stops working.”

President Lungu’s critics have gone to town discrediting his recent trip to China where he joined 53 of the 54 African countries at the Africa-China summit in Beijing.





  1. moses

    Dont sale zesco Pliz instead sale zambia we share the money each one to go he’s way…

    • moses

      Am strongly suggesting we said this country chilamunthu eshibe ukwakuya we share the money…if they can sale zesco what can stop them sale zambia to chinese

      • SSTØÑÜR

        Pliz y ar u doin this because of money u can sell us pliz wat is the value of 30% of Zambia now belongs to the China orled show belong to them we don’t even see wat that money goes this is not yo country u ar just chosen to control because no one is above the low this is our country pliz u ar not given the country to distroy it or to sell eny thing but to divelop it four years ago they said that they will build schools but people thy are still leaning under trees they said that they will make roads but ma

    • Angela

      Wow! So funny😂😂


    i know next time you will going to sale the country because you like too much money

  3. menomeno

    Chalo chakwa noko?

  4. Tuli bantu

    Selling ZESCO is a very foolish idea, you already sold us to these Chinese we work as slaves with little money hard job, I know we can’t complain to the government because we know you already ate Chinese money for the exchange of our slavery, slavery in our own country and the Chinese are citizens why in this government, what is wrong with this government, wake up Zambians at last we will be ruled by Chinese.

  5. My husband

    Let’s hope so,but maybe,cash!!

  6. chimbokaila chizanga jnr

    Zambia the new capital city of China

  7. stableman kaela

    Nanga zesco niyanyoko?

  8. alex chikombi

    Woe, Anyone who can sell zesco unless he is looking for the war

  9. King David

    Now that you have refused entirety the selling of ZESCO tomorrow we don’t want see it, being sold.

  10. Lad

    It’s good to hear u talk about auction sale itself.there is no smoke without fire.kindly quench the fire together with it’s smoke,if u sale zesco ala mukamona

  11. TOP G.


  12. Kaya

    I don’t know y Zambians are so dull.pa last they will start selling us.

  13. Zambia

    Pa last they will sell me.pliz God come to my rescue this government has no mercy on me see they want to sell zesco which gives me energy for my people to survive nw no more energy hw will I survive and feed my children.I will deal with them if my people dies economically with blackouts.

  14. Shaka

    Whatever is marking noise in the bushes will eventually appear on the open.

  15. Vardy

    I’m just wondering why this guys keeps deceiving us everyday.

  16. Super Eagles News

    Why selling ZESCO? The Chinese company will always keep trampling on our intelligence.

  17. Umar

    Who is really advising this people. fb

  18. bayoka

    Mwebantu bakwa lesa twalalolà kwisa ?.ware are we going Zambian? This country is not for China people please. Ukushitishà zesco pa last bena Zambia. Icibomfula ecitulika, palupili pafuka cushi ?=answer nalecina acita tuutu. Leadership ninshi yakana kweshako umbi .bushe mu Zambia tamuli bengabomba kano abaku China useless. Twaleka twilufyanya 2021 is coming we do change we keep on look bane.

    • Benny

      It seems as if Lungu has nothing 2 worry about if Zesco sold because once he leaves office he will be in Eswatin.

  19. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Yes no complaints this is wat you want from chi pf gvmt

  20. menomeno

    Mulotafye ukushitisha uhupuba

  21. Abraham

    pa last, you are going to sale zambia, and we share our money.

  22. Tuli bantu

    but we have to do something, I think this government is a threat to our economy and our lives together with the country at large

  23. Peters

    Guys, let’s open our eyes ka!

  24. Mr. K

    Let. Zesco be sold to Chinese to avoide powe outages in future

  25. Wongani

    Land and citizenship are forbiden 2 foreigns 2 hav but investment from foreigns is very eithe from chinas or europen with no evil conditions attach 2 loan we get from them. Zesco our water of life 4 zambia economic growth. We opposition leader who think cheating pipo would them 2 win election and accept china investment in a name of hard working pipo. God gave the gift and u and i can’t take that frm them. President Sata MHSRIP0 rejectd chinas 2 hell but after wining he acceptd and use them.GBM and KAMBWILI are taking u back 2010 campigns then i blieved but 2day i reject it. ZESCO IS NOT 4 SALE

  26. mr life

    Iam always told you guyz lungu chen china is corrupted leader and he like amasampo so zesco is gone sure iam very sad we remain with tumatemba in town why mr sata you left us in the long hand please we are suffering and our country is controlled by china because of corruption ,king cobra why you past away so soon came and see dorra siliya is bosting in your political part .very very sad to lost king cobra in the short team and short period and to left us in hards of foreigners .

  27. Swimschiks Honourable

    Lesa twafweni coz this gvt tefintu hw can their think of selling Zesco Malaiti to the Chinese mmmmmmmmmmm nxt it wll be my country kumo na fwebantu sold to chinese

  28. Mr. K

    Zesco is national a ssert which can only be sold by s perpetual loser of election with hate speech a person who blocks others from community land. Zesco cannot be sold by a popularly elected person with humble character

  29. Kedrick siame

    I think pf government should be resign not starting selling things in the country, and every one who’s no that is a zambian citizen you can’t even say that zesco niyanyoko or any insult course it’s over, pf government what are doing and why are you what to sell zesco to those dogs are you thinking or what, and those who advancing each other to sell things in Zambia are you normal.

  30. Chanda Joseph

    Don’t sell things like what used to happen in MMD. Mr Sata Michel Chilufya never soled anything here. Some body Soled Zamtel, but Sata got it buck to Zambia. Now who is thinking of selling zesco and Zambia? Ayo emanoyabusatana munshibila nsala thanks.

  31. Leon

    Who cares sale it

  32. Chimfwembe nsofu

    I wish know if Zesco every made a profit
    Is it currently run at loss because of govt interference
    Is it a drain to our public coffers
    Why are the no financial reports made public to the masses

  33. Paulo lukamba gato

    uukashitisha inkamulowa!

  34. simz

    Our country is going no were for as long as the Chinese pipo are in the country,, we are all going to be sold and the President will run away,by the we are already slaves in our on country… Just wait u will see
    Zambian pipo are working for free industry’s per day k 21 wat are u going to do with it nama taxz higher….awe”” this is zambia””


    Nisachimwe ka!! Why muna konda mahafu’kuchila ma resources??

  36. muntungwa

    Zambia for sale. When is the money coming and how are we going to share??

  37. Confuso

    Truth is in your hands, no words

  38. jjjjjjjjjj

    pilato alibeshiba ba pompwe ABA jxt sell your family and children if u like Chinese very much yyy indoshi tashamulowela uyu minty kanshi who want. to sell Zambia to this mother fucker Chinese …..

  39. Derrick Munene

    We will keep your words minister, but if we hear Zesco is gone to the chocholis then you’re irresponsible because in your words you mentioned that your government can’t be irresponsible by selling Zesco. We want to know the resolution on the Chinese loans that you over borrowed.

  40. Pafwenamwine

    It’s always ministers coming out strongly out manoeuvring the public as Zambians are known to be lucid and dreaming. Next morning it will be NRDC NO WE ARE NOT SELLING, SECOND MINUTE ANOTHER MINISTER COMES OUT WE ARE SELLING BASED ON CHAKOLWA ANALYSIS OF DEVISION MAKING PROCESS.
    Sure anyone who will sale ZESCO his balls or vig must be cut and die in prison and govt confiscate his assets back to the treasury

  41. Zambiano

    Emmanuel Mwamba speaking in a SABC News interview. https://youtu.be/y_5BvKiuDYM

  42. Nnvv

    Mmmmmmm zoona kwana pf yaliyakwa sata r.I.p

  43. Nathan

    Zesco z ower pride zesco z not for sell if u want something t sell then put your mother for sell instead not zesco

  44. ck

    Sale state house not ZESCO

  45. leonardnkandu@

    What the Government should do to return Chinese Money. instead of selling our country assets, China can just be given one Mine, we have big mines which are not even developed.

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