Sampa Leads from Front as he joins in Unblocking Drainages

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa dirtied his hands alongside the community to lead the unblocking of drainages in Mandevu Constituency.

Sampa was part of the team in Jutsine Kabwa Ward as the community clears the pre-rainy season exercise.


Lusaka – Saturday, 8th September, 2018

Lusaka Mayor, Miles Sampa, has launched the community led pre-rainy season unblocking of drainages in the wards.

Mayor Sampa launched the programme this morning in Justine Kabwe Ward of Mandevu Constituency.

He said residents must change their minds sets and avoid being reactive but be proactive and start keeping their surroundings clean.

“We don’t want our people to be reactive to issues of sanitation but be proactive and start engaging in cleaning activities on daily basis,” he said.

Mr Sampa said he wanted residents to own the relaunched Make Zambia Clean, Green and Healthy.

He explained that the programme was not re-launched for few individuals and institutions but for every resident.

Meanwhile, Justin Kabwe  Ward Councillor, Teddy Mwaba, has appealed to the Mayor to help expand  the drainage system in his ward.

Councillor Mwaba said almost all the drainages in the ward were too small to contain the storm water during rainy season resulting into flash floods in the ward.

He  appealed to the Mayor to use his influence to request the Road Development Agency (RDA) and Disaster Management and Mitagation Unit (DMMU) to assist in the expansion of drainages in the ward.

“Your Worship, there is need for expansion of drainages in my ward because most of the drainages here are too small to contain water when it rains resulting in nearby houses get flooded,” he lamented.

Councillor Mwansa informed the Mayor that DMMU had been informed of the problem but nothing had been done about the matter.

And speaking at the same event, newly elected Health Committee chairperson, Councillor George Data, said people who were in a habit of dumping waste indiscriminately would not be spared by the council.

Councillor Data observed that indiscriminate dumping of waste was common in almost all the wards.

“Your Worship, our people should change their mind sets and stop  dumping waste in the drainages and other open spaces,” he said.

He warned that those found contravening the law relating to solid waste management would be prosecuted accordingly.

Issued by:

George Sichimba

Public Relations Manager



  1. Mwanawanyasoko

    Great job mayor Sampa , keep on doing the right thing Sir.

  2. CHRIS

    That’s the way to go not posing with the pistol

  3. LUNGU

    kikikikik!!! mwaiche nakwelela wayamba ama capaigns futi.. i know u are planning to come and use those tricks when u stand as president. lolela nku delinge.

  4. Corruption now will be worse

    That is commendable,but you need a permanent solution to the problem. Are you going to manage to clean the drainage system in the whole of Lusaka like that.That kind of approach is old fashioned in Zambia. Lusaka is too big to clean its drainage system in the superficial manner you are trying to do it.Very soon it will be back to square one! Be serious and find a permanent solution which can work long term.

  5. KLVN

    Big-ups to miles sampa, you are doing a recomendable job. These are sings of a good reader.


      remember chikala iwe im still haunting you fuck your small balls which are stinking like a decomposed cat

      • Jackson Bwalya Sense

        bane let us respect the dead not ati panono Ruth mbandu, Ruth mbandu, mulekeni umwine atushe muchibote cha Mfumu.

  6. Bolokiyo 1

    This kind of politics is old fashioned, one should be seen doing the work rather than wanting to be seen. Your real work is in the office. There is a lot of work in the office than u porsing in front of the camera. Anyway this is Zambia were people think using the stomach.this only goes show that people don’t understand their roles in society.

    • chimz babe

      Zambian appriciaty wen sam1playn z row.my mayor zats ze2go kip it up iyaba teacher ku matero boyz!!!

  7. menomeno


  8. Lad

    Good job

  9. Zambia FK

    Great job my Mayor…. may the good Lord continue to bless you.

  10. Zambian Tribe

    We Bantu,this is just launching the unlocking exercise of drainages before the rain season starts and others should follow suit.Not that the Mayor will start unblocking all drainages in Lusaka.You show as an example.

  11. Zambian Tribe

    Mwe bantu sorry

  12. Tuli bantu

    So apopene baile mukucita unblock, mahafu mwitumba lyakwa moyar in fulu-fulu, ati alebomba, OK we have to shatup we are already slaves

  13. Gilberto

    Nice job Mr Mayer keep it up, let them say what ever they want. Some people never see what is good they only see bad things

  14. Kelvin D Mulanga

    The lasting solution is going to be twining this cleaning with educating our people on keeping environment clean by not litering.

  15. Joseph milanzi jr

    Let us not belittle the little effort one is putting up.all you need is projects that requires huge sum of money .he need your support as a leader not such ungodly critic’s. By the way,check and work out your failures that you know very well than belching here.

  16. Carson

    Leader by example

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