DEC Nabs 2 for Trafficking 600 KGs of Cannabis

The Drug Enforcement Commission in Lusaka has arrested two individuals for trafficking in over six hundred (600) kilograms of cannabis, contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Edward Phiri, 32, a farmer of Kabanana compound has been arrested and jointly charged with Meckson Zulu, 23, a bricklayer of the same compound for trafficking in eleven (11) by ninety Kg bags and twenty-two (22) pre-packed plastic bags of loose cannabis weighing a total of 659.818 Kgs.

The duo was intercepted in a major operation conducted by the Commission in Kabanana compound over the weekend and are currently in Police custody.

Meanwhile, the Commission in Nakonde district has arrested three people for cultivation of over one (1) tonne of cannabis.

The suspects are identified as Webby Munkondya, 24, a small-scale farmer of Dambo village in Mafinga District charged with cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing 750 Kgs and Aaron Kaumba, 25, a small-scale farmer of Katawela village in Mafinga District jointly charged with his father, Riffle Kaumba, 54, also a small-scale farmer of the same village for cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing 282 Kgs.

The trio has since appeared for plea at the Isoka Magistrate Court.

Kamufisa Manchishi

Deputy Public Relations Officer


Drug Enforcement Commission


  1. David

    Give us imwe nish

  2. King cool

    Leave them alone

  3. Tuli bantu

    Maybe in isoka cannabis is relish

  4. Top G

    With this rate of employment in Zambia one would think on how to survive.

  5. Truth man

    Legalise marijuana and turn DEC into Marijuana regulatory Authority so that the country earns the much needed foreign exchange. The body shall then be more productive than at the moment. In fact I thought DEC was not existing anymore. Control of marijuana has proved to be difficult in Zambia,in fact in some parts of Zambia it is a traditional smoke and it is popularly known as “Tulya ba yuni”. After all even Kachasu, although illegal is now being drank openly. I don’t remember hearing anyone who has been arrested for being in possession of Kachasu or indeed drinking it for many years now. But the law has not been repealed.

  6. Lazi

    Olo babagwile bwanji sibaleka kulima chamba.

  7. Paulo lukamba gato

    At one time we shall remember them as great Farmers , with such a heavily politicised crop like maize what else do you think a farmer can cultivate to earn good money ? LEGALISE !

  8. Chimuka siamatika

    Let them cultivate chamba coz in Zambia Dere r no jobs dats were they depend on to support Dere families instead of Zambian be given jobs lyk contract imagine a foreigner from China far away come to win contract is it mean dat in Zambia Dere r no people who r qualified mbo let’s work up Zambian

  9. Taresa

    Never let an offender go unpunished

  10. BRIAN

    No dont arest them live them coz in these country there z no jobs so they use that marijuana to sale pipo n hv som money so that they eat etc

  11. Tetrahydrocanabinol

    Tetrahydrocanabinol which extracted from the leaves of cannabis, it has good percentage of healing most scientists use this in production of other medical drugs. So if you ever used clinical drugs, you also involved in this issue. Thus reason why scientists do not write a medicine drugs in English but in Latin to let you not know…

  12. Gong jr

    When are we going to see a stop to this nonsense…? These people are not criminals, they have families to take care of.the government must legalize marijuana and let the people farm it….we must learn from other countries where they have ligalized the growing and use of marijuana.legalize marijuana and ban the bleaching creams.stop putting people behind bars over marijuana please….!!! Ligalize the herbs.

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