KATUMBI PENS BIO; “MY LIFE, MY VISION” … Looks To America For Slot In Congo’s Polls

Democratic Republic of Congo politician Moise Katumbi has announced he will soon publish his autobiography titled “My Life, My Vision”.

During is his visit to the United States, Katumbi – blocked from filing nominations for the 2018 presidential election – says he has made good progress in compiling his story.

Katumbi has been touring US cities Washinton and New York where he has held meetings with high ranking politicians regarding the situation in the DRC.

Accompanied by his advisor Salomon Kalonda and others, Katumbi says the United States had an important role in helping the Congo understand the importance of holding a democratic election.

“The USA can educate us on the importance of having real elections & not a distorted ballot as we prepares. Respect Agreement [with] #CENCO, no [voting] machine [system], electoral roll [must be] cleaned,” he said.

“I [have] also made progress on my autobiographical book “My Life, My Vision” to be published soon.”

Katumbi, 53, was in August prevented from returning to Congo to file for elections as a presidential candidate. The former Katanga governor has continued calling for a credible and all inclusive polls set for December 23.

Meanwhile, a delegation of the Congo Conference of Catholic Bishops is in the country to seek audience with the Church and President Edgar Lungu on the forthcoming December general elections in the Democratic Republic of
Congo (DRC).

President Lungu is the current Chairperson of the SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security.

Congo Conference of Catholic Bishops Vice President Archbishop Fridolin Ambongo says the bishops have decided to visit Zambia following the country’s brave intervention in convincing the DRC government to call for elections.

Archbishop Ambongo says Zambia has strong democratic tenets that have enabled the country to maintain peace even after an election.

He told media that the DRC looks up to Zambia as a role model for Peace, security and respect for the rule of law.
Archbishop Ambongo said it was not easy for the African Union to convince the government of the DRC to call for elections but with the help of the Catholic Church in Zambia it was possible.

He also said democracy in Zambia is a reality and that it is the wish of the Catholic Church in Congo to see the same for that country.

Archbishop Ambongo has also called on politicians in Zambia not to disturb the peace the country has enjoyed for many years.

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