Kitwe DC Pulls a ‘Bowman’ Type Visit to Kitwe Hospital

The Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu paid an impromptu visit to Kitwe Teaching Hospital lamenting the high patient to doctor ratio.

Mpundu has demanded for the recruitment of more staff at the facility to ease the pressure on the few medical personnel at the hospital.

“There is need for more staff to handle the congestion at the hospital.  I was saddened that some Doctors can barely afford to knock off because of the traffic of patients to attend to. The hospital has 99 Doctors both permanent and intern against the catchment of 900,000 people. Kitwe Teaching Hospital records on average 15 births every day,” Mpundu said.

However, the District Commissioner was concerned that residents in the district were not making use of health centres that have been upgraded.

Mpundu said government has been spending resources to upgraded health centre in different towns but it was surprising that everyone wanted to seek health services from Kitwe Teaching Hospital.

“There is need for our people to start using the facilities we have upgraded into Mini hospitals within the city and only leave the teaching hospital for serious referral cases. We have built the Luangwa Mini Hospital, the Buchi Mini hospital, Chimwemwe Mini hospital as well as the two mini hospitals we are building in old Ndeke and Ndeke Village,” he stated.

He further added that reports on shortage of drugs were only temporal adding that more supplies are expected soon.

“The Attitude and dedication to duty by most of the staff at the facility is very impressive. The medicinal shortages reported to me is temporal as more supplies are coming from medical stores,” Mpundu said.


  1. Mwale Z

    Nice job ba DC.Mutwalilile twapapata bambuya.God bless Zambia(Nkhosi sikelele Zambia)

  2. sinx

    Job well done sir, next vist should be to other government institutions as well becouse there is a lazerfe attitude of work eg N.R.C offices.

  3. Mulilo

    Thinking differently – why are disease level high in the country?


    CONGRATULATION Mr DC for your work,God bless you

  5. Charles

    These nurses and doctors of buci mini hospital needs to be so serious with work. Thanks for the good job Mr mpundu.

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