Mwanakatwe Distances Herself from Anti-Sata Statement

Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe has poured cold water on a shadowy statement allegedly generated by her office against late former President Michael Sata.

Mwanakatwe has since intimated that she will ask ZICTA to investigate the origins of the ghostly statement.





An article circulating on social media purporting to have been written by me should be ignored as I cannot and will not decend to the level of cowardice  portrayed in the said statement.


I am very aware of my responsibility under CAP 349 of the Laws of Zambia which bestows perpertual succession for all assets and liabilities of the state on the Minister of Finance. This law alone does not allow me to behave in the manner portrayed in the article.


The burden of proof that the statement is mine lies with the originator of the posting.


Fellow citizens,

I, MARGARET MWANAKATWE, Minister of Finance and Member of Parliament for Lusaka Central Constituency, to this day, holds President Michael Chilufya Sata (late) and my predecessors in the office of Minister of Finance, in high esteem for the work they did in laying the foundation for speedy and widespread development of our nation.


Therefore, I CANNOT ENGAGE or participate in the slander, ridicule, or badmouthing the late President for whatever reason.


President Sata (late) did a lot for this country and deserves all our respect. Those bringing his name into public scorn should examine their conscience.


Let me emphasise that the leadership paradigm and the positive development trajectory of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s administration is an enhancement of the foundation laid by the PF Government under late President Sata.


As a member of the ruling party, that is what gives me and my colleagues in the administration the energy to ensure that the country continues to record positive results in all spheres of socio-economic development.


Further, the programmes outlined in the Seventh National Development Plan (SNDP) combined with the reforms under the Economic Stabilisation and Growth Programme are meant to carry the PF Government’s vision for sustained development; without leaving anyone behind.


The FAKE ARTICLE will neither detract nor derail me from doing my best to ensure that the vision of late President Sata, carried on by President Lungu, is achieved through job creation, empowerment of youth and women entrepreneurs, and full exploration and operationalisation of the prospects for enhanced development that are in abundance in all regions of the country.


To set the record straight, I have asked my Ministry Officials to engage the Office of the Attorney General and ZICTA to establish the original source of the article and to take appropriate sanctions provided under our Statutes and International Law.


I also take this opportunity to state that, today, I just arrived from China where I led a Ministerial delegation for an asset/liability management programme on some of the loans that Zambia owes China.


Suffice to say, we had very fruitful engagements with Chinese authorities and the nation will be informed once the entire framework of asset/liability management is finalised.


On my arrival at the KKIA this afternoon, I met the Catholic Bishops delegation from The Democratic Republic of Congo who were in the country for a meeting with President Lungu. They expressed optimism about the role that our leader will play in addressing the matters laid before him.




I take this opportunity to outline the focus for my Ministry for the next few weeks. Following the issuance of the 2019-2021  Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) last week, the Treasury is this week conducting final budget consultations with Ministries Provinces and Other Spending Agencies. In the days that follow, we will be conducting integrity checks and verification of revenue and expenditure estimates for 2019 to ensure we are ready for presentation in the next few weeks.


Margaret D. Mwanakatwe, MP



  1. Tuli bantu

    Is this same nkongole zamene ziza gulisisa ZESCO, the Chinese people are very cruel and had hearted, they don’t care about lives, apa you are busy enjoying to and from China, but if things will go wrong you say, teine, you think we like that?

  2. Starboy

    Zambia has been sold to the Chinese as an extension of China, because China is now full. No Chinese is allowed to give birth to more than three children in their own country, but we are busy allowing them to have 15 children here. Zambia for sale but let us share the money and part ways to other countries

  3. Jk

    Pay the retired their Benefits, not just talking twapapa school children have surrferring

  4. Frank Bwalya

    That’s the problem of getting mmd carders to champion the agenda of pf. They will always demean and disrespect the integrity of the originators. But apo lesa ni malyotola, the perpetrators will pay the price. God is vengeful!! Worse enough Mwanakatwe has given PF a budgetary allocation, something mutati refused to do. And that was why Davis Mwila organised protests against the removal of mutati from the ministry of finance. Days are numbered madam Mwanakatwe…

  5. mr life

    Mwanakatwe is caming from china to negotioty the price of zesco so soon we see the name is going be change from zesco to china zazu company.

  6. King cool

    Yes these guys are no longer a trust worthy… Kamwala remand prison is already sold to the Indians… Next chimbokaila prison is the next plot, the next company will be Zambia Army to be sold to the Americans. The Zambia police is already in the hands of the Indians.. And Zambia wildlife is also in the hands of the Boers… Zambia will remain will people selling salaula , and making tuntemba. All the textiles industry are already gone. In shuwang’andu chinsali that small lake is also sold to the whites known as the :Cole Browns family: the John Harvey . All important places are in the hands of foreigners.

  7. kedrick siame

    Ba people teyimwe mwali kutashi wet ad see up to 2021 to much kongole zambia had zamtel was sold sata bring it back next time negotiation to sold the country wt ad see my brathers and sisters.


    The once acting President is looking great. The bitter people will creat stories to slay and paint the picture black but it shall not do. The blessed ECL and his team will continue succeed.

  9. Mr. K

    The Angeles of doom are working 24 hrs per day to make sure this country does not prosper they are a shammed now because Zambians know them they have been ignored because the have nothing to offer

  10. Augprina

    Let the whites in their categories rule Africa once again as there is nothing that has been achieved as a result of getting independence from them. Ifi fine twaba black in complexion efyo nama brains yesu yaba. We have failed to rule ourselves all we think in leadership is about the strategies one will come up in order to steal from your fellow poor citizens instead of aiming at improving the living standards of the poverty stricken Africans in their majority. No wonder western countries have come to a conclusion that the African mind is as black as their skin colour hence nothing good can come out of their leadership apart from infringing pain and misery on their citizens. Therefore, let us not complain to be colonised again, we are used to be controlled so let the western countries take over Africa again if we want to see development and good leadership. Black Colour RUBBISH!

    • Truth man

      It is not the colour of the skin that matters ,It is the type of Education that one receives.So insulting Africans is the highest level of primitivity. There are a lot of Africans who are doing well both in business , science, et al. Therefore if you have seen failure in the economy it is feeble mindedness to lump a wholesome blame on the African race. I advise people who think like you to go back to school and improve on your education and come back after wards and contribute positively to the wellbeing of our society.

  11. Augprina

    Iwe Truth we are not talking about achieving something to only benefit oneself or for the good of one family or group but people who are able to save the entire country from poverty and a lot of misery going on. According to your low IQ, can you name the so called useless black scientists and economists who have contributed in ending poverty even in this useless highly corrupted country called Zambia? Bringing development to the people in any nation does not just rely on the knowledge that someone might have but also wisdom. Just like what the great Michael Sata said referring to the so called diplomas and degrees as something that can not only make you end poverty to your people if you do not have wisdom Truth Man or whatever you call yourself. Even in your own caoacity , there is no where you will point at as the benefit that you have gotten to end the poverty in your family from your useless black leaders apart from ending their own poverty. Open your eyes and see where Zambia is after a good number of more than 50 YEARS after independence! Still using the same buildings left by the whites. SHAME on the BLACK COLOUR!

  12. Musipa

    Iwe now that you got what you want. You begin to see him as a bad person. Mind you, you are using social media to clear yourself which you have intention to close as a part.

  13. Michael Sianga

    Thanks that you have come back safely, I just hope the Chinese Government gave you enough money to pay retirees at LASF.

  14. Kaimfa Chandang'oma

    I was shocked when I saw that opinion falsely attributed to Mwanakatwe by the ZWD. I know who is the originator of the opinion cause we were in discussion together and I was the first to tell him that somebody had copied what he had written changed the author to Margaret and somehow shared it with ZWD which also did not verify and just published.

    I now understand how the readers are manipulated by false reporting and am still shocked that the online publisher is still insisting.

    Zambians can easily be fooled

  15. Abel

    Let them sale the same issue because we use to tell you. So apa no complaints .


    our xambia where are you going to? sit down xambia

  17. Kalulu anonka

    If an investor comes to employe two people and we allow it, it means we’re going to have half of our population as investors. Then what will be dangote?
    Awarding contracts to foreign Nations and unqualified locals, why do we as Zambians have national service, please let this be a source of concern, can it?

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