OPINION: The Curse of Fallen Political Angels

Over the years Zambia has been blessed with politicians that always looked like the next big thing. Presidents have lumped them with heavy responsibilities and flaunted them to the people as loyal as grateful beings. They have looked polished when they have enjoyed the favour of the Presidency. We may not go as far back in the archives of our politics as history may demand.

But we have often asked ourselves what the emergency of political noise makers in our politics that have no following on the ground. These were men that were so entrusted by their superiors that they were in the front role when instruments of power occasionally had to be surrendered. They had been the shining light in governments. But when they become the vilest critics of the system they served, we are tempted to ask the question of what poison they may have swallowed. These are individuals that have suddenly crafted such a fearsome newspaper reputation that anyone reading their statements or listening to their authoritative sound bites would think they are the biggest thing in the Zambian political game. Of course they may have been.

Look at the ‘curse’ of George Wello Mpombo, Mike Mulongoti, Lameck Mangani, Wynter Kabimba and most recently Harry Kalaba. These are men that have had it all but opted to blow it all in one moment of senseless political ambition. They may flaunt their ambitions as political martyrdom but it has always been about naked ambition. George Wello Mpombo had been flying high as Defence Minister in the MMD government after former President Levy Mwanawasa plucked him from political obscurity and elevated him to the lofty position of power. Truth be told, he was never a disappointment overall.

But when Mwanawasa died Mpombo found a new hobby of hitting newspaper headlines more often than a serving government official should. He was that child that always rushed to the public whenever everything went wrong at home. He made the most appealing political noises that resonated very well with the newspaper audience but the public did know that all along Mpombo had his eyes on the big job. He was beginning to feel Presidential. We will not go into the nitty gritty of where his ill-fated National Democratic Movement ended up and where the all cheering adoring public that loved him in the newspapers led him to. Where were they when their adored Mwisho put himself on the ballot? Oh, sorry he never even made the ballot! Reality just merely put him in his political place.

Good old Mike had been a darling of all the Presidents he served under- Dr Frederick Chiluba, Levy Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda. That somehow made him believe he was always better than his bosses. Mulongoti equally picked up a new hoppy of rubbishing everything his last boss he served under Rupiah Banda. He became that lone crusader that saw everything wrong in the government and Presidency he served.  Did not the newspapers love him? Well they did, and fast forward, old Mike too ended up forming a political party that has become only relevant in endorsing candidates of more grounded political parties.

It may not be necessary to talk about Kabimba whose fall from grace is well documented but to imagine he managed to bring himself to say the most despicable things about the Patriotic Front is downright incredible. Comrade Harry Kalaba is walking this long tested path believing he could ride on his impeccable political image.

He may have to find out soon enough that convincing people that ‘I am clean’ is not the only substance of political gamesmanship. Whether or not any of these men made the right political choices is not our call, but they could definitely not have been the most political wise individuals in the choices they made. Perhaps one of them will tear the unwritten rule book and become President. If newspaper headlines could be the basis for choosing a President we could have already lived under His Excellency Mike Mulongoti Presidency, George Mpombo, Wynter Kabimba and most recently Harry Kalaba.



  1. Tuli bantud

    Can they rule as mwanawasa did? they are failures I think so, what do you think

    • ROKA

      What rule,between the lines,his rle oppressed the workers printed witch hunting, institutionalized corruption and nepotism,delayed the constitution reform, he spent 8years and it never materialized. He the arresting officer, prosecutor, and judge during FTJC trials. You call this good governance? No ways. He delayed the development MCS initiated within 3years.MCS ignited the development plans the first MMD government initiated!! Let’s remember FTJ please you can’t even name s mall after!He is the one who introduced malls in Zambia by supporting the building of Manda hill Shopping mall.

    • Asher

      mwànawasa was a man

  2. Tuli bantu

    Can they bring down the exchange of dollar into k3.5=$ 1 dollar as mwanawasa did, that was the beginning of wealth in our country, and we were rich at large, not these thieves.

    • Truth man

      True! that is a good reminder my brother,Some of us never dreamed we could own our own houses mu mayadi after retiring from the civil service,Even owning cars!That great man Mwanawasa made it happen.May his soul rest in eternal peace. May the good blessings of the good Lord be with his family always.Today Zambians have learned how to make big money.We shall cherish his Presidency for ever.

  3. Frank Bwalya

    Rupiah Banda is the source of all confusions in Zambian politics and theft of government resources. He will go to hell.

  4. Vizacitika Guys

    Democratic Party wil deliver its promises trust me or not, Hurry Kalaba is the only man that can change things in thz country.

  5. Barbara

    Only God’s kingdom will cleanse the world.(Daniel 2:44 & Matthew 6:9,10)

  6. Lolo

    Kikiki “If newspaper headlines could be the basis for choosing a President we could have already lived under His Excellency Mike Mulongoti Presidency, George Mpombo, Wynter Kabimba and most recently Harry Kalaba.” Guys???

  7. Buchi boy

    Yes,only Jehovah’ s kingdom will bring back lost paradise

  8. Tuli bantud

    But for us to reach God’s kingdom, we need a good Shepherd who will lead us to that kingdom should we be led by goat’s, monkey, lions or sheep, and do you see a sheep now? sheep’s were already earn by lions, ohh my God what do we do

  9. Geolun

    Timvelako chabe Ife!!!!

  10. hy

    Viva!! His Excellency Harry kalaba

  11. Mr. K

    Fallen political angels were there many yes back the likes of Mr Emmanuel kssonde Mr Humfrey mulemba Baldwin nkumbula Lt general tembo sorry to mention the departed may god be with them who is kalaba kambwili chishimba?those. Were men in politics Zambians loved them but they were not followed be careful Angeles of ecl will superintend with the will of god because it I’d god who put him there

    • ROKA

      Akosulile ekopa noko,so don’t insult them.We are told by the real Christians that leadership comes from God and God himself endorses these leaders through the people He created in His Image, through Hi son Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord!!

  12. Tuli bantu

    Which God? no I don’t believe you Mr k, it is because every thing that happen you say it’s God, but one day our heavenly father will put to shame those that uses His name wrongly, because even if you know that it is not Jehovah! mumubepeshafye, God use Moses to redeem His people in the hands of Pharaoh and not to put them in the hands of Pharaoh, he is not the one.

  13. Tuli bantu

    The book of Timothy says, others will come to Jesus and say, we were casting out demons in your name and then Jesus will answer them that get out I don’t know you, maybe he is one of those who will be rejected by God the creator

  14. The Prophet of God almighty

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk I quote ” if newspaper headlines were the basis of choosing president, we would have lived under his excellence Mike Mulongoti, his excellence Winter Kabamba. ” kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • ROKA

      Yes, the moron through the tripartite bantustans could have been a president by now!!

  15. Dexter

    From the time I started reading your publications this one has really dropped my tears looking at how well you have articulated issues this is very very true our Zambia is gone the high way to shanghai.

  16. Lc

    Can these two be trusted?

  17. Thunderman

    Fast forward to the present.What do you people make of our current leader. He is a determinant person for our future.

  18. Kalulu anonka

    Take zanase back to farming now, let zanase dig big fishponds, grow veggies, make proper piggeries and pottery housings. Zambia has water and well able bread basket of Africa and the world at large. Ganiza Ganizani!
    We need tb Joshua

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