DEC Responds to Missing Cocaine Claims

Lusaka, Tuesday, 11th September, 2018-The Drug Enforcement Commission has received with concern the allegations by the Judiciary and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (JAWUZ) president Peter Mwale regarding investigations into the disappearance of 24 Kg of cocaine which was part of other exhibits in an active case.

It should be noted that the case involving theft of the drugs was actually reported by the Judiciary to the Zambia Police and DEC’s involvement is to the extent of the resultant offense of drug trafficking arising from the theft.

In that regard, it is the Commission’s mandate to investigate such a case without fear or favour, including summoning any officers connected to the alleged theft in order for them to be cleared or eventually arrested and presented to court for the due process of the law to take its course.

As such, the Commission will only issue full information in conjunction with the relevant security wings involved once investigations are completed in order to avoid jeopardising the case.

We call on Mr Mwale to exercise restraint and portray behaviour befitting a leader of judicial officers by avoiding to peddle such unfounded allegations.

The Drug Enforcement Commission operates on an open-door policy and members of the public, including the JAWUZ president, are free to come forward with any information they might have regarding the disappearance of the drugs in question or the people involved in the crime.

We therefore urge Mr Mwale to lodge a formal complaint to substantiate the torture allegations as opposed to making personal attacks on innocent security officers performing their mandate in a professional manner.


  1. Lad

    Can we take it no smoke without fire

  2. menomeno

    No evidence gone

  3. Bwabwa,

    Kuwayawaya fye pa zed

  4. Razor

    Only in zed can evidence worth millions disappear.

  5. Mpombo

    Very confusing haven’t heard anything from the story what Mwale did to be condemned by ba December


    fodya wasoba imwe banthu zoona.hw?y?who is behind dat? all dis questions need proper answers ka! zambia wathu uyu

    • Victim of stolen filed Court documents

      My applications and Documents were stolen from court files, making the civil matter a crime scene., which resulted in influencing judicial decisions. Which to me must be cri I ally prose ted as funnelling and spiriting racketeering and money laundering acts on my UN benefit entitlement. Even corruptly removing my civil suit from the cause list became criminal and I reported the matter to both the JCC, Laz and the Chief Justice. I demand that the judiciary conducts a diligent investigation regarding my missing documents and hand over those responsble to the relevant authorities or directly to court. I already identified the suspects. The continuos denial that I did nit file my application, yet I did and I have produced my filed copies and receipt for filing fees I paid. Indicates impunity in the judiciary, for which President ECL must look into. Such is also abuse of litigants. I file documents,M they remove them from the cause list and induce judicial decisions. Can the CJ please look into such unacceptable I propriety. It has no semblance with justice, and I demand that LAZ suspends the lawyers responblee fir stealing such documents from the court files. All those that contravened the supreme law of the land in salivating my UN benefit entitled must be criminally prosecuted. You don’t earn UN benefits by stealing documents from court files and influencing judicial decision. There is no transparency in such. I earned my UN be fits on merit and national courts do not have jurisdiction in calculating them and distributing them to persons who are not my beneficiaries.

  7. MR ZED

    You should arrest everyone who was there.
    Otherwise You Will Not Find An Evidence

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