DRC Catholic Bishops Seek Zambian Intervention in DRC Crisis

The Democratic Republic of Congo Conference of Catholic Bishops have looked to Zambia for part of the solution to the volatile Congolese political situation ahead of the December 2018 elections.

Congo Conference of Catholic Bishops Vice President Archbishop Fridolin Ambongo says the bishops have decided to visit Zambia following the country’s brave intervention in convincing the DRC government to call for elections.

Archbishop Ambongo says Zambia has strong democratic tenets that have enabled the country to maintain peace even after an election.

He told media that the DRC looks up to Zambia as a role model for Peace, security and respect for the rule of law.

Archbishop Ambongo said it was not easy for the African Union to convince the government of the DRC to call for elections but with the help of the Catholic Church in Zambia it was possible.

He also said democracy in Zambia is a reality and that it is the wish of the Catholic Church in Congo to see the same for that country.

Archbishop Ambongo has also called on politicians in Zambia not to disturb the peace the country has enjoyed for many years.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is scheduled to hold elections later this year with outgoing President Joseph Kabila elbowing all top contenders out of the race.

Popular candidate Moise Katumbi has been barred from entering the county while another top contender Pierre Bemba has also been barred from contesting.


  1. Mochias.net

    Mr ECL muchenjele, too much welcome brings problems.There Z an outbreak of Ebola in Congo dont 4get..dont put our lives at stake.

  2. King cool

    Lungu can’t speak , only chiluba and SATA had a day… Muyangu yayi palibe

  3. {Fm-sun-b}

    chinegeh only speaking!

  4. African analyst

    The AU niw has strong leadership and they should look into the conflict in Congo and make decisive intervention from all its border areas. To avoid the conflicts spiralling into DRC’s neighbourhood. Zambia Dora’s not have a strong Army to repeal Congolese fighters. But countries like Zimbabwe and RSA , and with the help of the Chinese, and from ECOWAS can help the AU to bring back Order in DRC. It’s becoming a great concern to world peace and order.

  5. Kalulu anonka

    J k, allow mk to contest on these elections if you mean well, are you afraid of katumbi?

  6. MR ZED

    But Mr ECL please be aware that these guys in DRC they have Ebola.they are pretending as if we(zambian) have strong democracy but not they just want to spread their disease to us!

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