Kalaba Warned and Cautioned by Police Over Copperbelt Meetings

Police in Ndola have questioned former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba for allegedly holding illegal meetings on the Copperbelt.

And Police have recorded a warn and caution from Kalaba.

Kalaba, the Bahati Constituency Member of Parliament for the Patriotic Front arrived at the Ndola Police Headquarters around 10:06hrs accompanied by a sizeable number of cadres.

He was quickly whisked inside the division headquarters amid tight security while Copperbelt Deputy Commissioner of Police Wamunyima Wamunyima chased all journalists and directed police officers to lock up any media personnel.

And speaking to the media after being questioned, Kalaba said he had been summoned to answer to allegations of holding illegal meetings.

“They allege that I have been having illegal meetings because I didn’t get permits from the police, so a warn and caution statement has been taken, it’s nothing for me in the quest for liberty,  things like this will continue happening but the Zambian people are counting on us,” Kabala told Journalist.

He said he had never been afraid of being arrested adding that no amount of intimidation will stand in his way.


  1. Augprina

    .Politics of wanting to come and enrich yourself through stealing from the poor Zambians Ba Kalaba ikalenifye akulyeni isho shine mwaiba shalifula. African politics kuwayawayafye akutulileni amasuku pamutwe bafikamba only God knows the way in which the poor Zambians will be redeemed from poverty!

    • Looters


  2. Tell

    That’s what u used to do to your friends.

  3. Acky mukah

    so mr kalaba ar u sure u can be a good president for mighty zambia nangu kalilofye.

    • BlackBird

      Why not? Does it take special qualifications to be a President? List them so that we see whether he qualifies or not.

  4. Razor

    He is a free citizen of this country. Let him meet whomever he wants. This is why we say this country is in a dictatorship.


    law its law permit is required for every political rally.UHM!

    • BlackBird

      There is no law that requires anyone to get a permit. You only need to notify the police. The two are different.

  6. Hot water

    He comes from where Nevers Mumba comes from, stealing is in his blood. The history of the Economy rundown of this country is full of thieves who have gone with impunity because of tribalism.Some people only want to get political power in order to abuse and steal tax payers money.The penal code must be amended so that a government worker who is convicted of an offence involving public funds must serve a custodial sentence.

  7. Frank Bwalya

    I would advise my young brother kalaba to merge with Kambwili for the good of the opposition. Besides we can’t have FIVE(5) presidential candidates in 2021 from the northern region alone i.e. kalaba, Kambwili, nervas Mumba, mutati, chishimba. Mind you regional votes will be drastically split and give PF an advantage. Please think over this before its too late otherwise you are confusing us!!

    • Hot water

      Good analysis these are people whose intentions are now very well known ! Of course to enrich themselves. Zambians are very careful and they shall not be duped by regionalists and tribalists whose sole aim is to pursue an agenda of wako ni wako kind of politics. Zambia needs unity and oneness not selfish people who want to get into politics for personal gain.

    • C3

      Ba Bwalya God will punish u by turning from Him and involved yoself in the dirt things, ar u not ashamed yoself. 🏃 from the word of God, shame on you, 👆 will be perished

  8. given

    sometimes I wonder why many people are hungry for power,honestly the corruption that Mr kalaba is saying that it’s his reason for resigning from pf is lack of competence.Imwe we send the members of parliament to represent us and be a voice for the voiceless but instead, when something goes wrong they break away and forms a political party. Don’t run away from the battle field comrades,you had to stand firm and fight the battle with all your might. it is only posterity that will judge you guys

  9. Leo Zulu

    Kalaba you will be treated soon by the law, then you will say the government is not good. the rules are there to be Implemented.

  10. Tuli bantu

    I hat the so called member of parliament, if they go into the parliament, they speak about their berry’s , this Vincent mwele since he was voted for he has never went back to his constituency to thank them for their votes, not even for development speech, people are suffering in his constituency as if he is dead, why is this man so heartless for his people? who did he went to speak for in the parliament, he is biting the finger that feed him

  11. Kalulu anonka

    If we allow an investor employ two people and we allow it, it means we’re going to have half of our population as investors, and what will be dangote in this nation, the owner? The contracts we give to foreign Nations and unqualified locals, what is the role of Zambia national service, why do we still have it in defense if not to construct roads, bridges, farm blocks etc. Poverty is an issue of the mind.

  12. Lala

    Was Kalaba cautioned because he did not inform the Police on his meetings? Or is it the usual of Public Order Act.

  13. James Musonda

    A permit to travel, New to me

  14. But why didn't he notify the police that is the question period

    But why didn’t he notify the police that’s a question and he is aware about that such procedures,now he is being questioned you are crying foul he acted contrary to the law

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