Nevers Mumba Convicted of Abuse of Authority

Former Republican Vice President and High Commissioner to Canada Nevers Mumba has been convicted of abuse of authority of office.

Dr Mumba, who served as High Commissioner to Canada has been convicted by the Lusaka Magistrates Court on three counts of abuse of authority of office but has been granted an absolute discharge on mitigation.

Dr Mumba, 58, was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Commission and charged with one count of failure to follow procedure contrary to section 34 of the Anti-Corruption Act No 38 of 2010. He was also charged with two counts of abuse of authority of office contrary to Sections 99(1) of the Penal Code Cap 87 of the laws of Zambia.

In the first count, It was alleged that Dr Mumba on dates unknown but between1st October 2009 and 31st December 2010, being a person employed in the Public Service as Zambia High Commissioner to the Republic of Canada failed to follow procedure in the disbursement of Canadian Dollars CAD$122,000 received by the Zambia High Commission from Barrick Gold, funds meant for a cultural exchange programme which was being conducted by the Zambian High Commission in Canada.

It the second count, it was alleged that on dates unknown but between 1st October 2009 and 31st December 2010, being a person employed in the Public Service as Zambia High Commissioner to the Republic of Canada, Dr Mumba abused his authority of office by awarding a contract for electrical works at the Zambian High Commission residence in Canada to a company called Restcon Construction Services at a cost of Canadian Dollars CAD$9,000 without following laid down procedures.

In the third count, it was alleged that on dates unknown but between1st October 2009 and 31st December 2010, being a person employed in the Public Service as Zambia High Commissioner to the Republic of Canada, Dr Mumba abused his authority of office by awarding a contract for the carpeting at the Zambian High Commission residence in Canada to a company called Argos Carpets at a cost of Canadian Dollars CAD$19,850 without following laid down procedures.

In handing down the sentence, Magistrate Joshua Banda noted the mitigation rendered by the convict and gave an absolute discharge.

The Anti-Corruption Commission is happy that a conviction has been recorded but would have been more elated if the sentence was also strong enough to deter would be offenders so that the offence of corruption becomes a high risk crime.


  1. Tell

    Let him serve the jail sentence so that others should learn.

  2. Sc the Sirs

    Efyoyaba pa zed so Doc dont wory udzamudziba Yesu .

  3. Chipata dweller

    Teeth teeth,you are next to be convicted,you have broken many records in Zambia,watch this space

    • james kaumba

      Chipata dweller kkkkkkkkkk teeth,teeth do good unto yo friend so that they do good to u! He will also cry one day!

  4. ROKA

    Balucifer ukusamwa kwalicilamo! His entry into politics was hatred oriented against Chiluba!He predicted blood shed IG KK was removed!He launched his party on life ZNBC TV from Namibia or Botswana. Correct me here those who were old enough somewhere in 1990/1991To worsen things he high jacked the talks between fst john and other opposition party by being the leader of these opposition parties only to negotiate for his appointment as VP,later sacked st the airport for his careless statement and refused to apologize into the president! He must caged

  5. Acky mukah

    malibu ayakwilombela

  6. Bamuna

    It is simple guys. He cannot stand as Presido until this verdict is reversed! Double H be careful with contempt of court case coming up soon.

    • jacob

      Comment My Hubble layman’s opinion is that a contempt of court is just a misdemeanor; there is always an option to pay a fine failure to which one serves the jail term.

  7. PF

    It’s very surprising to note what the so called anti corruption commission is doing what about the damme ministers found wanted in the fic report whats the way forward does it mean them are not to be prosecuted or the law only punishes those in opposition is there any two languages to use on this one simply because he is no longer supporting the so called filling party now he is being pesucuted what kind of judicilay is this or the so called acc first investigate who is actually abusing authority here who is giving all contracts to avic then charge him leave MUMBA a lone though he had made mistakes after all emwibala alelima so to say ala


      I will reverse the decision the mother fucker needs to go in so that inmates fuck his fat anus

  8. sage

    Buy why now……where were you when he was commiting those offences because its been a long time……. As Zambians we should learn to deal with these politicians while still in office not when they are out……thats my take

  9. Razor

    Ok so that’s why a few months ago he announced that his faction was no longer in an alliance with the UPND. It’s like he knew he had this sword hanging over his head.

  10. ba shanflex

    this is the madness of zambian courts or watsoever can u convict a person after all these years mwalecite nshi the same applies 2 these mother suckers in govnt the fic report z there but believ u me the matter will be attended 2 in the next 15 years or so

  11. Hot water

    His political carrier is over.The country has been served from yet another criminal who abused Tax payers money. He needed to go in jail to serve a sentence otherwise lessons cannot be learned by other would be offenders. It’s true some people are criminal by birth,It is in their blood. At least he should have made to repay back the money which he abused or even half of it.This country is being destroyed slowly by white collar criminals.What type of country are we building?I know in certain areas of this country a thief is called a hero, and the law is supposed to change this nonsense otherwise people shall not learn and be reformed.

    • Mohan Mathew

      He has been acquitted. MAY THE GOD OF NEVERS MUMBA ANSWER BY FIRE!!!!

  12. Mohan Mathew

    You fool’s, think before you comment. ZAMBIA REPORTS learn to tame your hatred for Dr.Mumba. the truth is he has been acquitted on all three counts levelled against him.
    You haven’t seenthe last of the die hard pastor. Wohhhhh! Haters!!!!!

    • Hot water

      Ignorance at its worst ? Some people don’t know that an absolute discharge is a conviction!!!

  13. Uncle Bizzo

    My advise to Dr Mumba as my idol is that he stop politics and go back where he belongs, “THE CHURCH “. Read Revelation 2:2-5.

  14. Gerald siachisandu

    Stop arresting people we want minimum wage to start working shame on you mulungushi textile is still not working

  15. Mwaba

    The man is Absolute discharged……what are you celebrating

  16. Makeni boy

    U see!Ths s what happens if u try 2 run away from the work of God.Remembr Jonah!
    Nothng is fortunate for a prodigal pastor! Show you face of true repentance and u wil be 4given,coz u hav alredy scattrd the sheep.

  17. man of peace

    Ba mumba resign from politics all else you will regret more than this…

  18. Anti corruption specialist

    The discharge just encourages more offending than deterrence. It even suggests the existence of corruption. Like minded anti corruption specialists like me would think that he bribed his discharge. ACC must appeal the discharge. We need seriousness in following the correct procedure. There are a lot even Judges who did nit follow the correct procedure and the public must know that they should be impeached and face similar charges to the Nevers Mumba conviction. By failing to follow the correct procedures,M they contravened the law, and no one is above the law.

  19. Anti Corruption specialidt

    Police IG Kakoma Kanganja and his accomplices should be the next convicts. They are enjoying unspent convictions , which is immoral and unfair. He failed to follow the correct procedure when he decided to illegally sit on my Zambia Police benefits, and when he illegally induced state advocates and court marshals to remove my suit from the cause list. When I sued him. Him and his uneducated predecessors who failed to follow the correct procedure when I joined the UN , but instead conspired and killed my daughter, are criminals whom ECL should separate his political ambitions from. Compounding their felonies may amount to crimes against humanity. That is the reason I keep calling for an international criminal tribunal to probe such stupidity. Abuse of authority is an incompetence and corrupt practice for which pepertrators must not be tolerated.

  20. Wongani

    Mumba conviction shows how corrupt human being are naturally can b. Pipo in politics are saved by once saved in govt but what of a govt worker corrupt wil he or she save jail or go free lik mumba. Judges has 2 punish pipo and politics equal. He is free stand in 2021 or not.

  21. Mr. K

    As a pastor personal gain as a politician personal gain all have turned against him he is known to be a Lairer and corrupt

  22. Away na moyo

    Nevers sekwila is a failure he thout he can cheat God.he is been convicted so he can’t stand as President.

  23. St. Sweet Angus

    This means that he cannot stand for elective office. This is a criminal conviction.

  24. Christopher

    Its high time people had respect for procurement procedures. there are a lot of Zambians not doing the correct procedures. Recently another former Minister was in Mumbwa Magestrate’s court over similar incident. Please let right Procurement procedures be followed. where is ZPPA and ZIPS to make their comments, don’t keep quite

  25. Makeni boy

    Can stil context as president if he so wishes.
    God stil givs hm a chance 2 go back to the alter.

  26. Oscar Ng'andu Junior

    The Anti corruption commission together with the so called judges are properties of the sitting government. The are just after oppressing and suppressing the opposition. What did they do to the Ministers who continued getting paid illegally? They know what they are supposed to do but are doing the opposite. Let us call a spade a spade.Mumbai errored but they rushed at him like hungry dogs.The guy who shot an opposition cadre sometime back,because of being of being of ,wasn’t arrested. The freedom that Chiluba pioneered by bringing true Freedom including Trade has been taken away by the current of government. Sata’s original PF is gone and the current PF is of selfish leaders who don’t have a vision for Zambia but a Mission to put Zambia into unproductive debts.Chasing of Zambians from Dundumwezi to pave way for chines investors is mockery and done because they were rejected in that constituency. Mazabuka Lsk road ignored but busy making a carage-way from copper belt to Lsk.Zambia needs a president who shall disburse resources fairly.The only change brought by PF is arresting the Opposition and Borrowing without a vision.

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