OPINION: Anti-China Crusaders Should Embrace the Truth

The China-Zambia relations continue to raise dust amongst political commentators in Zambia. Protagonists and antagonists seem to have taken irreconcilable positions on the matter. Understandably that is the debate that is replicated across the globe on Sino-Africa relations. The subject has been in sharper focus with President Edgar Lungu’s recent visit to Beijing for the China-Africa summit. He joined 53 of 54 Africa countries at the table with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

However, the level of disparagement that has characterized the post China visit by anti-China protagonists has been bizarrely blown out of context. Some theories thrown about have been downright lies.

Take the repossession of the newly constructed Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. Even when the architecturally imposing structure brings dignity to the country that has had an airport looking like something of an airstrip it still gets to be scandalized. The terms under which it was constructed remain a public secret.

The list of outlandish proclamations about China taking over the country has been piling with Zesco and ZNBC added to that list. Have not people been whining about how ancient the national broadcaster has always looked with picture clarity negated by ancient equipment.

It won’t hurt to recap what deals the Zambian government struck on the recent China tour.

  1. The agreement on the economic and technical cooperation to Zambia which is the provision of the 30 million dollars.


  1. The letter for the extension of validity of economic and technical cooperation also worth 30 million dollars interest free loan to extend the 2012 agreement.


  1. A memorandum of understanding on the belt and road initiative which is to provide for the cooperation between the two countries under a signature visionary initiative by President Xi Jinping which was signed by the Honourable Minister of National Development planning Alexander Chiteme.


  1. An important agreement called the protocol on the export of honey from Zambia to China reiterating that this was a remarkable development because it emphasises the quality of the products from Zambia.


  1. Another agreement was by CNMC – China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group) Company and the ministry of Commerce signed by Hon Christopher Yaluma which intends to establish an industrial park and facilitate for trainings in mining operations.


  1. An MoU between a private company called Protea Infrastructure Development Fund regarding investment in a power plant was also signed by the ministry of Commerce.


  1. A memorandum of understanding to invest in the mineral processing plant in Zambia by Maolian Technology who are the owners of Nkana Alloy, the owners of the Black Mountain saying they have signed an agreement to invest in an ultra-modern minerals processing plant in the multi-facility zone at Chambishi


  1. Hon Brian Mushimba under Smart Zambia also signed another agreement with Huawei Institute regarding the launch and extension of the Smart Zambia project into phase 3.


  1. The ministry of transport and communication also signed another memorandum of understanding with Huawei to cooperate in the expansion and development of ICTs.


  1. Tito

    Zambians we seem to be so educated but yet we don’t understand technical language read and understand agreement 1 and 2 what are the economic and technical cooperation these people where talking about if you can keep quiet and say OK fine all is well by the time you will come to realize ninshi Zambia is gone these people are just good for nothing so my fellow Zambians let’s open our minds and eyes our beloved country has been sold this is very clear in all their nine agreements there is no way all pillars of the country be given to China then be given that Zambia starts to export honey to china are you sure this government has the empowering capacity to enable Zambians to be able to produce 100 thousand tones of honey to be exported open your eyes it’s the same Chinese who will come here and farm honey and latter take it to China so please open your eyes and see the virus

    • Fyakuifwaila

      For sure we still behind we will work up when it’s to let

  2. martin

    very true

    • The Prophet

      I see the future in Zambia ,through china participation despite the low salaries in there workers are getting .about selling Zambia as my bro narrated ,its not possible ,the idear of our president of Zambia z that china should create jobs in line of there manifesto of our late Michael sata ,believe not without china ,we doomed ,centralization will only be supported by china only ,china will be the super power economically in Africa soon ,look at this western companies ,they come here in Zambia to invest with conditions that why they last long,they close and pack they bags ,BT with china its a different story .what z needed in our country mother Zambia ,we need people who can say when an investor comes ,the government should say to the investor ,my people its 50/50 or 50/25 to salaries ,BT we have no pipo like that ,its a pit .looking at this minimum wage ,its no enough ,imagine a Chinese builder or electrician gets 15pin per month plus 2pin every week as allowance as an expatriate ,BT a Zambian worker same trade gets 1.2pin per month look at the difference sure ,we are still in slavely .our government should see to it our people should get descent salaries ,its not only Chinese many more ,the policy should change for better for mother Zambia .so so in this summit they had its a good idear Zambians will benefit ,we need infrastructure ,they need our copper its business .BT Zambia should be very carefully the they way agree on certain agreements ,the deal should be 50 /50 for our people in that way poverty will be the thing of the past ,I have spoken .

  3. Makeni boy

    Mr Tito,you ar 100% correct!

  4. Tuli bantu

    If it not to be sold, then what’s then? in the Chinese company as a skilled worker, I work k30 per day,am in electrical/plumber, if am sick from the working pla

  5. Tuli bantu

    I continue, if am sick from the working place, then my card won’t be punched even if my child dies, they don’t care for me to get, k900 I have to report to work even if am having funeral or even sick what kind of benefit is this, slavery or what,, these Chinese people they don’t do any job to this company the only thing they do is just pointing, at the end of the month they get that amount, it is us who are working not them, electrical/plumber is a touph job, help me people.

  6. nshilimubemba

    To my surprise it is only zambians who are at pains with china , the whole world has embraced china with their good developmental acumen.
    Zambia stands up to fight against this gaigantic power ruling the whole world including america .
    What can a tiny economy zambia show that it can stand in isolation and develop really Iam puzzled how we zambians can be our own enemies by exclusion.
    Zambia is a baby who need much guidance from those who have proved how it works to develop a nation.
    Even if china left zambia there are far much better countries whom china has done infrastructure building fore instance Kenya , Uganda , and the whole europe is looking to china for miracles.
    What china has invested in zambia is just a tiny fraction of its economy compared to what has been invested in Egypt , Kenya Uganda and many other deloping countries in this world

  7. Kalijo

    Loan with Technical aid entails Chinese expertise with supervise the projects funded by such a loan. Implications are that more than a quarter of such funding will be syphoned back to China through emoluments; additionally Zambians will be employed in slave working condition job categories. We are beggers, so we cannot choose but to betray our citizens.

  8. Augprina

    Black colour RUBBISH. Let the western countries continue ruling us and share the economy equally to us unlike the black minded useless leaders getting everything to themselves! Shame on the Black Colour IDIOTS!

  9. Iyee

    Honestly 30 million dollars, on national macro economics is nothing.Even JayZ has over 600 million dollars net worth alone.

  10. PG

    I am also in the same boots of thoughts as Tito, us Zambians we easily get excited, happy, even becoming comfortable without analysing the bad side of the issue we are getting happy of.
    These Chinese now they have started growing big headed even killing the Zambian natives and for us busy saying they are good people.
    We slowly be colonialised and enslaved by those fools. For sure let’s open our eyes wide before things get worse.
    If it is development even Germany Italy Sweden could but we have gone for cheap help and big national loss.
    Bane salapukeni Ku Uganda baletupuma utu utuma Chinese for being fooling to Africans. Ba tukwapula bad.

  11. UmuZambian

    So this foolish reporter called #Chris-Phiri is a “Perpetual Fool” PF cadre too!??

  12. John die

    The all of the president, with all his ministers went to beg xiping for 30m dollars, after they have spent 42m dollars on wheelbarrows, called fire trucks, I wish God did not created this black skinned creatures

    • Skynet p51

      Thus a good fire engine with a big pump not a barrow my bro

  13. Kennedy

    I think as zambian we are so thirst of infrastructure development and any other sort of development. we can borrow so careless without doing alot of research. If you look at Chinese help it comes with alot of strings attached to it and veryone is just excited. Lets think of how our children will live .we have given too much land to the foreigners as if all of us are dying today forgetting how our children will live.

  14. Mulilo

    Become like China. You think you are kind or humane? Forget. Christianity has failed us. We fail to embrace science and technology. Let us continue sinning and suffering at the same time!

  15. Hot pot

    1.What are we Learning as Zambians from the Chinese?
    (a).Is the Chinese involvement In zambia temporal or permanent?
    (b).Are Zambians able to maintain whatever developments that the Chinese are bringing in the country or after they are done constructing we will need the chinese to maintain for us?
    (c).is there any guarantee on all these developments or they are once off then we don’t know what will happen next come damage?
    2.The Chinese companies that are blasting stones,manufacturing things,importing things from China to zambia for retail,vending etc,
    (a).Are they developing the communities they are operating from or the communities are benefiting from the tax that the Chinese are paying.
    (a).the Zimbabweans
    (b).the Somalians
    (c).the Rwandanees
    (f).South Africans
    All these foreign nationals are doing well than most Zambians in the country… The question is what are we learning from these people including the Lebanese?
    How are we benefiting from all these people… Do we have Zambians that are doing well in these countries?
    What is in zambia that is not there in these countries that is making people flock to our country?
    Why is it that we as are not doing what these people are doing in our country?
    Is it that we are not bussiness minded enough or what?
    What are we lacking as Zambians
    Is it the courage
    Is it the lack of loans
    Is it the lack of exposure
    Is it the lack of connections
    Where are we failing?
    Isn’t there room for us to take over our resources and sell to neibouring countries shuwa.

  16. Sj

    Trouble with Zambia is that we’ve Historians who fail to keep/write HISTORY. REASON being Politicians Lie In Wait to wear the shoes of their predecessor.
    Who wants to be incarcerated for being loud mouthed? Real heroes liberated this Country from the jaws of lmperialists and lie dead. But Economic emancipation that can free this country from the Yoke of Slavery will come with a cost for many a Citizen. Sad.
    This Sino-African bond has come with a cost for the continent, for Chinese ‘ve not chosen to go where there’re no Resources but where there’s A Kill for them. Who can try go and shake a Wasp’s nest where strong Men rule and lie? So the Savage Bees Are Here, not make honey but to kill.Comment

  17. Sj

    Trouble with Zambia is that we’ve Historians who fail to keep/write HISTORY. REASON being Politicians Lie In Wait to wear the shoes of their predecessor.
    Who wants to be incarcerated for being loud mouthed? Real heroes liberated this Country from the jaws of lmperialists and lie dead. But Economic emancipation that can free this country from the Yoke of Slavery will come with a cost for many a Citizen. Sad.
    This Sino-African bond has come with a cost for the continent, for Chinese ‘ve not chosen to go where there’re no Resources but where there’s A Kill for them. Who can try go and shake a Wasp’s nest where strong Men rule and lie? So the Savage Bees Are Here, not to make honey but to kill.Comment

  18. cintubamba2

    Wake up Zambians no foreign investor is perfect let us just coexist with these guys by accessing their money and technology resources. We need to fully participate in developing our natural resource rich country. We have become spectators and complainants. We are more like chickens instead of eagles we cant fly. Lets stop politicizing everything but let us empower our experts with technological skills to do their best in developing our country. This lack of development in Africa is not only about political leadership it is more about lack expertise and innovation/creativity and full participation and entrepreurship. My fellow Africans lets exploit our vast resources stop overtalking people dont politics.

  19. cintubamba2

    People do not feed on politics. Lets work smarter to achieve pur goals. Our success and destiny are not in the hands of politicians in our God supported efforts. Dont wait for ECL or HH to improve your life-behave like a hunting lion and not as a hyena fly like an eagle not like a chicken. We have answers to our problems as individual Africans lets stop this dependency John solye bwali syndrome. l salute you fellow Africans!

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