Shonga Goal Sinks Gabon in International Friendly

Chipolopolo midfielder-cum-striker Justin Shonga turned saviour again when he scored the lone goal in Zambia’s win over Gabon in an international friendly match.

Shonga who netted the equaliser on Saturday from a set piece against Namibia was again the saviour with a 16th minute goal that gave Zambia a 1-0 win over the Panthers.

The Chipolopolo coach Sven Vandenbroek handed Shonga and Enock Mwepu starting berths after having left them on the bench in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier for most of the match.

Zambia was using the match as a preparatory match ahead of the October 10 Group K qualifier against Gatineau Bissau at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka.

The Chipolopolo boys have managed one point out of a possible six points with a loss against Mozambique and a draw with Namibia.


  1. Akumawa

    All the best chipolopolo boys n we need 3-1 against Guinea

  2. shonga

    Well done 😊 mkulu

  3. Dabwitso Tembo

    thanx so much mr sven for a good start,we’re behind you.all the best chipolopolo boys

  4. soccerfan

    Atleast now u know and have learnt what players to use don’t use fashion sakala again….


    Behind you guys wishing you all the best


    we can walk nw anywhere whishing u all all the best chipolopolo guys,mr 7 nw u hve shown a change congratulation


    we can walk nw anywhere wishing u all all the best chipolopolo guys,mr 7 nw u hve shown a change congratulation

  8. King David

    Select a winning team.and not names.

  9. Fingez jerry jestone

    Don’t call fashion again

  10. David

    thus nice continue guy’s lets show them go go go.::::::::::::::::::

  11. Shoms

    I am not still convinced with the selected team I fore see more pathetic results coming

  12. Abukayz

    Shonga is the best thing happening to Zambian football right now

  13. Jackson

    We need more goals, i salute you guys keep it up


    Congratulations guys to this match GOD bless you

  15. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Nothing to celebrate.After loosing to Namibia araaa

    • Jamtone

      Are you sure, we lost to Namibia? Or listen to lucky dubes song”shut up”


    Thanks boys but put much effort to beat guinea 3-1on Oct 10.We are behind you guys go cgipolopolo go.

  17. \Fm-sun-b/ MATRIX Umubyabya "CHIKALA"

    Thanx Guys Work HARD For This Game! Coz on 10 OCTOBER its HOME Ground, Zambia 5 Giunea 0
    “Bola nalesa” Thanx

  18. Samson

    Job well done Mr Sven .At least now u r getting to know who is who and which one matches the other. All the Best. Go Zambia Go

  19. Suwila

    We need a win again at heroes guys. All the best

  20. Mr Peace

    Thanx to Shonga.I don’t know what Seven Ya Van dem Mablock could have done without you.


      even if I drink brown chibuku mixed with junta and kachasu please ba Sven fit me in just allow me to drink a tot of the mix and I will score ten goals please napapata imwe bantu

  21. el patron prince

    Congrats to all the chipolopolo boy and a good wish to Mr 7. as a new coach…..

  22. Shamboko

    Mwepu,shonga,and parson dakah
    Need to start the next game
    Kafashion kalye benched
    Very much selfish….⚽⚽⚽ this is bola nalesa not bola nokuitemwa kapulikenu ba fashion sakala

  23. Joseph

    What is wrong with fashion sakala kanshi? he thinks he’s still in under 20 no! This is national team Mr fashion poseniko amano we need goals not skills pass the ball quickly you are not Messi or Ronaldo, I guess if that’s hw you play Ku Belgium you only end up on bench watching the game

  24. Junior

    Good result guys go 🇿🇲 zambia go

  25. Peter

    The team must inprove defensively

  26. Ogadma c Kamboza

    Go zambia go

  27. Peace Maker

    Sven,this is just the beggggn’g.

  28. Mukemer

    Go go zambia

  29. moseschiti

    Fashion sakala too selfish we want win not selfish

  30. moseschiti

    fashion sakala deserves a bench

  31. Moses

    Come on Zambia

  32. Moses

    Zambia cipolopolo will do better next time go go Zambia kalaba thanks for come back

  33. Peter Dube kalasau

    Go Zambia go chipolopolo we the best now.

  34. Frank

    Thanks guys we are behind you we need more goas

  35. Banda

    select your team, we see the players were selected on merit and according to their league performance. what we nid is to touch here and there in terms of coordination and sharpness.

  36. mr Masautso

    Well done boys be forecast we are behind you thanks

  37. Andrue

    Playing football,involves team work not individual ,we need to play to represent the country not self known.dont u watch Spanish
    football,yo friend plays one touch and make chances to score. very fast y cant u imitate? Anywhere ,work hard guiz.we love u. Try to make us happy With gud result,stop play ing good football in dying minute (85min) but the fist 45minate.

  38. Simo kamunga

    Mwepu is the computer for our national team zambia

  39. Alex Ngonga

    Ba fashion u thought Kwati bola ili Simpo, ask ma Zambians

  40. Ahmad sawendeli

    we thank you guys for your efforts continue

  41. Ahmad sawendeli

    remember guys It will be home ground, wen you lose, your president will probably pass his katundu and leave Zambia alone.bcz we want to Qualify to 2019 Cameroon Africa sakala u should improve o else wakada bench , we don’t want to see kupusapusa again

  42. chambula lawrence

    never lose hope guyz you can top the group especially mwepu and shonga must start they change the game rapidly.

  43. Satya

    i think u guz u have to be serious ok, coz Namibia defend he plays in Lusaka dynamos here in zambis nd u knw him , but y u failed to score, we wnt to see positive result on 10th October

  44. Ama klae

    Shonga on the way

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