The revelation of Zambia being ranked among the strongest performing Sub-Saharan Africa countries, in policy and institutional quality framework implementation by the World Bank could not have come at any better time than this.

We say this after noting that the enviable ranking is coming at a time when a record number of prophets of doom, arm chair critics, self-styled economists and a cadre of economic experts have been busy peddling half truths and lies concerning Zambia’s economic performance.

The same pack of ill-willed and unpatriotic clique have shamelessly lied to the world that Government is selling national assets to pay debt.

With the coming of social media which has become a fertile platform to share ignorance, lies are being peddled shamelessly since there is market for gullible consumers of kachepa-fuelled lies.

As a mainstream media, we are happy to disseminate credible information and we join other truth seekers like the World Bank by passing the information from such a reputable institution that has noted that contrary to the lies with have been deafened with, Zambia ranks 18th, scoring a rating of 3.3 per cent, above the SSA average of 3.1 per cent and the International Development Association (IDA) average of 3.2 per cent.

Mind you this information is not coming from a Patriotic Front (PF) secretariat or a government official trying to safeguard his job by sugar coating information and buttering stale bread. Nay.

This is coming from the 2017 World Bank Country Policy and
Institutional Assessment (CPIA), covering 38 Sub-Saharan Africa countries on four pillars-namely; economic management, structural policies, social inclusion and equity policies and public sector management and institutions.

The ranking at 3.3 per cent which is above the SSA threshold 3.1 per cent  is a clear indication that Government’s economic policies and management are in the right direction and  we think that Zambia’s road to positive growth  is guaranteed.

In 2017 Zambia’s economic growth recorded to an estimated 3.9 per cent (from 3.8 per cent in 2016)   on the back of a bumper crop harvest and better electricity supply.

Although faster economic recovery was dragged by large Government payment of arrears which exerted pressure on the financial sector, the prudent management of both fiscal and monitory policies by Government is testimony of the rating that Zambia has gained from the World Bank.

Isn’t this good news that should unite all of us for once to celebrate a development that would ultimately benefit everybody who claims to be a citizen of this great nation called Zambia?

As the fourth estate, we are worried at the sadistic penchant for celebrating negative news all in the name of offering ‘checks and balances’ ‘offering credible opposition’ which we find sickening to the point of nausea.

To quote Bill Gates headlines, in a way, are what mislead you because bad news is a headline, and gradual improvement is not.

Or yet still to quote American actor and comedian Tracy Morgan who once said bad news travels at the speed of light; good news travels like molasses.


  1. Tito

    One thing we must put into our minds is that a word spoken is not an action done those are just words my friend but the actual thing is Zambia is far from achieving the economic levels the world Bank is trying to appreciate
    1 people are still surviving for a less a dollar
    2 there no pension able jobs only contracts
    3 value of our curency is something even a blind person can see
    No new job creation so these can’t bring merry Christmas and happy new year for us to start celebrating that is pure sugar coating when 75% of Zambians are suffering and you Bring such stories stop cheating people that things are better when even civil servants are delayed to be paid some of us we are contractors up to now our money has not been realized upto today where is the stability of that economy you are talking about you can’t be boasting yet your children didn’t eat supper and they have been chased from school and you say that things are alright shame on you go on and celebrate because your stomachs are full

    • Kasonde

      Who will bring job creation? Its you,start something and employ people.

  2. Empire

    Let us see where this will go.

  3. Paulo lukamba gato

    This is really shameful gentlemen ,I don’t know what criteria was used to come to that conclusion , there is stinking poverty in Zambia ,

    • Kasonde

      Even in America there is poverty. Just like Jesus said,you will always have the poor so its up to you and me to end poverty.

  4. Malama Golden

    The Chinese we are running to, have a crooked nature, there are like snakes just as much as we need them, we must be careful…otherwise Zambia is on a trap

  5. hasty

    Comment you are getting excited with the useless ranking which does not reflect the situation on the ground .Health facilities have no drugs and consumables.

  6. Ddd

    Comment.oppose oppose…is it true that an opposer is always right or to the contrary

  7. Shaka

    Stop this nonsense of publishing nosense, we are suffering and you’re busy saying we are doing fine. Have you been bought hence the excitement, you’re insane.

    • Kasonde

      The thing is you have a choice. Either you work hard or starve live in town and pay rent or live where you can produce most of the things

      • Kalulu anonka

        Government, please locate a very big farm block for Zambians and put a command to them to do farming, than selling land to foreign investors thinking you’re eradicating poverty, no! We can make it if we can put our minds to work. China, America, Brazil, just to mention but a few like Venezuela have done tremendously well in this area and that’s why they’re able to give us investors because they are farmers to start with.

  8. Waku South

    I don’t think the author of this article is Zambian, he/she must be Chinese. I see this as an insult to an expecting mother who has to cover long distance just to have a descent delivery, a farmer who sells his maize at a giveaway price of k70, a borehole owner who has to pay for his own initiative and above all, a Zambian who has to swallow all bitter pills of taxes imposed on them. In whatever way the World Bank came up with such a fathom, misleading information, the truth is I don’t see how one talks about economic growth in such a country. I think the stomach is in the best place to give us the first hand information

    • Kasonde

      Time for free things is long gone,no one is imposing anything on any one.ask the Europeans and they will tell you about there taxes.

      • Ace

        First, being ranked 18th out of 38 countries is not impressive. I’m amazed that the author could even point to this as some kind of achievement. Second, 3.9% GDP growth for a developing country is not anything to be happy about. If anything, our economy is underperforming. An economy growing at 3.9% while the population is growing at 3.2% per annum (as of 2017) means we’re barely moving forward, with only 0.5% gdp per capita growth.
        Such sluggish economic growth is not going to lift the living standards of the majority of zambians any time soon. FYI, between 2003 and 2010, Zambia’s gdp per capita grew at between 4.3% and 7.1%. Our GDP per capita growth has not exceeded 1% in the last 3 years! It’s good to be optimistic, but not to such an extent that you fail to see the reality around you.

  9. Starboy

    Guys 85% of Zambia’s families don’t take 3 meals per day, they wait for each other and gather at 21 hours just for one meal per day. But you are busy telling us that the Zambia is ranking with the best economy, even the introduction of 30% individual tax on account owners is day light robbery on majority suffering citizens, I just came back from China where you are busy borrowing money, if someone can agree with me, in China there are no such kind of tax on individuals accounts. Zambia cannot be ranked even No. 50000 in the world economically, stop this bullshit…

    • Kasonde

      Time for free things is long gone,no one is imposing anything on any one.ask the Europeans and they will tell you about there taxes.

      • Waku South

        Why are you comparing Zambia to European countries? Tell me of any European country where taxes are high and the living conditions are poor. We are giving government taxes, what have they given us in return? Your comparison is irrational and holds no ground.

  10. Felix

    The report is not about what the situation is today. Please Zambians, think positively even though you don’t like someone. When the Rain season comes, we always look forward to a good harvest, even before we do. That’s because such a weather is conducive. The World Bank is giving credit to good economic management which will lead us somewhere. I know that’s bad news to the Opposition. But that’s the reality.

  11. Shaka

    Kasonde, I see you as a pf beneficiary. Stop this blind support.

  12. Mr. K

    What suffering are u talking about? You fools u have big cars big houses and u are all the time on social Medea which those u claime to poor read but have ignored be factual u fools you have forgotten how pipo suffered under mmd for. ,20yrs u think the economy can peak in 7 yes that the pf has been in power

  13. Felix

    Just imagine what ulunations would have been there if the World Bank said, “Zambia In Debt Trap! ” That would have been a better report. Appreciate where there is something and indeed Criticize when it’s necessary, to avoid being left behind.

  14. muntungwa

    Sickening commentary.

  15. Kabilolo

    Interesting stories indeed! The West have been mining in Zambia for decades At one time Zambia was the second to Congo in copper production in the world. Where did the revenue go? UK and South Africa Are these not crooks who have plundered our country for decades without infrastructure development? Now they are mining Uranium and gold in North Western…no smelter! Where is that uranium from Lumwana going? To sell our copper it has to go to London Metal Exchange, why can’t we directly sale to customers of our choice? That is economic control. What happened to Leyland, Land Rover, Nissan, Lever Brothers, Mercedes and many others? If they built work shops in Zambia that would have created jobs. If the Chinese are lending us money for infrastructure development, that’s fine. Our economy is still controlled by the West through Anglo-American and Roan Selection Trust. These own the majority of companies operating in Zambia. The Chinese have built the first mill ball factory at Kalumbila. These have been imported for decades from South Africa, again Angl-American..more next time. Ask the West to build a smelter for uranium in Zambia instead of taking it to their countries!

  16. Nathan

    These pipo are liers thy are just coming up with wat thy think of these are all fake stories

  17. Gaddafi

    The government should pay back loans, fight corruption and nepotism, and develop more diversified ways of gaining revenue for it’s operations unlike exploiting it’s citizens, then and only then can we maybe begin talking Zambia developing, not some fermented World Bank phantom development comments of the dept ridden limping if not crippled Zambian economy exacerbated by a visionless inhabitant of plot one.

  18. Jenusca

    Indeed the minister should have indicated how government was going to pay back the debt as it is worrying some Zambians.

  19. Peter Tanasho

    Thanks to ECL leadership nd prudent management of our economy nd thanks to the World Bank for rating us like that nd Shame to those prophets of doom

  20. FGM

    The policy states that all loans should be approved by Parliament. Is parliament being sidelined? Loan contraction is not a preserve of the ruling party.

  21. suplex city

    Pa kanwa kwati ni nsuko.

  22. lufyengo

    Be positive and work hard in offering economic solutions to your country-dont politicise everything murmuring will lead you nowhere

  23. Zambian

    These guys should visit compounds like Misisi, Chibolya, Kamanga, Bauleni etc and see how people are leaving, its really pathetick we live like people in a mental hospital. Youths are busy drinking from morning to midnight, little girls are busy doing prostitution, coz of poverty, there are no jobs for the youths. Contracts are being given to foreigners, soon we will start seeing Chinese working as Garden boys. Now which Zambia are they talking about? Maybe its Ku other planet, not this Zambia we are leaving in. But go to the former Zamtel opposite Memorial Park and see the houses built by ministers including iya ba Mwine, ma mansion. Only God knows, that’s why Jesus said its hard for the rich ukupyano bufumu bwa mumulu.

  24. zizi zizou

    The big problem we have in Zambia having cadres who are empty in their heads who don’t understand how things works all what they know is to critises everything.moreover,when you listening to them they are filled with hate,anger and actual these are the people who are frustrated with life they can’t do anything what is left to them is to vet angers to the leaders and spreading rumor mogars about Zambia to the international comunity.poverty and economy are two different things don’t mix them..look is doing fine in terms of economy but look the dates isto China

  25. zizi zizou

    The big problem we have in Zambia having cadres who are empty in their heads who don’t understand how things works all what they know is to critises everything.moreover,when you listening to them they are filled with hate,anger and actual these are the people who are frustrated with life they can’t do anything what is left to them is to vet angers to the leaders and spreading rumor mogars about Zambia to the international community.However ,poverty and economy are two different things don’t mix them.a country can do better in terms of economy but poverty level is still there,go to China,London and America you will find poverty. Hence,people in Zambia they want to be given manna by the government .drinking alcohol is the Thame of the day. to the yous no wander youth they have turned into moster who wants to leap where they didn’t saw .

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