Siavonga DC Survives Road Accident

Siavonga District Commissioner Lovemore Kanyama has survived a road traffic accident on the Monze-Mazabuka stretch at Kayuni area.

Kanyama was rushed to Monze Mission Hospital where he has been admitted.

Kanyama announced his predicament through facebook and wrote as follwows:


I am confirming that this afternoon Wednesday 12th September, 2018 I was involved in a road traffic accident between Monze town and Kayuni  within Monze District at around 12:35 hrs.

I appreciate Monze District Commissioner and Monze Police for their quick response in saving my life.

I was rushed to Monze Mission   Hospital where I was attended to. I sustained chest, leg and arm  injuries but I am out of danger and also thanks  to the people that include Siavonga HODs , Siavonga pastor’s fellowship and the Siavonga MP and indeed the residents of Siavonga who are sending me messages of my quickly recovery.

I thank everyone.

Lovemore Kanyama , Siavonga District Commissioner.


  1. Ogadma c Kamboza

    May God continue to protect you

  2. My husband

    God is with you brother.

  3. Kukeng'a

    The road is very Bad something has to be done otherwise more lifes is at steak

  4. Ik

    Thank God


    Thank God first followed the people u hv mentioned.

  6. Chief Chilu

    Above all bro,thank the almighty God.Praise God that you’re alive.

  7. Brian BBC mweemba

    Get Well Soon DC.

  8. menomeno

    Wat was the cause of accident first?

    • Makeni boy

      Menomeno to answr yo question, The Dc hit into a cow whch was crossing the road whch latr died aftr he was also getting rid of the oncoming truck.

  9. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Please ba gvnt something should be done before it is too late.Thank God

  10. Angel.s

    May God protect you and your family amen

  11. Shaka

    Always be carefull,avoid over speeding..

  12. Lufyono Lwa Nona

    Anso ali na mwayi. Sembe tikamba vina lelo. These chaps are petrol pedal happy!

  13. Emmanuel

    Recover soon

  14. Nkonkosheni

    U like driving 4 yo self.mwakulapona.

  15. Bashi faith

    My God cotnu protct you bro

  16. vov

    What caused the accident?

  17. Eastern


  18. Eastern

    God with us

  19. Good Fellow

    he’s talking of himself, what about the cow which lost it’s life due to his overspeeding?

  20. peace maker

    quickly recover

  21. zaix

    Lov ur God with all ur heart every where u ar


    Boma yipemphe ma pastors bapemphelele yonse ma motoka yama civil servant.Satanism yachilamo pa road manje.

  23. mukebesa kabila

    God who is in the divine majesty in heaven,has the power to protect and to save,
    May the Almighty God continue doing so

    Shalom Shalom.

  24. bk

    Get well soon

  25. ERTP.

    We Thank God Almighty for saving your life. May the Almighty God intervene and take full charge and control of the Nation Zambia in Jesus Name…🙏🙏🙏 . Jehovah God have mercy on the Nation Zambia…

  26. Benson Kalaba

    Thank God Almighty

  27. Catherine

    Have a quick recovery DC

  28. Emmanuel

    God always cares and protects His children. Find time atleast once in a day to thank God for His kindness shown upon your life. Wish you well bro.

  29. shiben

    Comment when u dig ahole fo yo bro to fo in. it will be u to fo in first. that is good fo u, so tel who ever itz to repair the road..

  30. Emmanuel kb

    get well soon bro

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