UNZA Lecturers on Go-Slow

Industrial disharmony is back at the University of Zambia with the University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers Union (UNZALARU) declaring a dispute with management.

UNZALARU has directed its members to go on go-slow until their pending demands are met by management.

“That the delayed 2018 sessions for improved salaries and other conditions of service begin this week,” read the memo signed by Kelvin Mambwe.

“The academic promotions for the year 2018 uses the original template as approved by council for all academic promotions.”

The memo further reads: “That the liquidation of debt as agreed with other stakeholders begins.”

Due to the go-slow lecturers have cancelled classes with students relegated to sunbathing throughout the day.






  1. Tito

    These so called lecturers don’t have the heart for our children these are the results when institutions are turned into political grounds you will begin to experience these unfounded go slows do you think those useless reasons can lead to suspension of lectures yet students are paying huge sums of money if the government will fell to fire them all then as responsible parents will start killing you lecturers one by one you are not there only for money but also for a service so watch out this is now getting out of hand mwaya sana

  2. The Learned One

    When the UNZALARU meeting was called, the agenda that was circulated had one item. It was about UNZA management response to UNZALARU’s concerns on the new and more objective promotion tool. But when the meeting took place, it was clear UNZALARU executive, which is an arm of the UPND, had a hidden agenda of calling for a go-slow. The whole go-slow is more about the younger lecturers who were previously on contract and now on permanent and pensionable conditions trying to push management and government to pay them their pending gratuities. This is very much against the more reasonable position of management and government to first pay retirees so that they are removed from the payroll to help reduce the UNZA wage bill. The concerns of UNZALARU on the new promotion criteria have been ably and satisfactorily responded to and do not deserved to be lumped together with the other issues. What we have here are younger lecturers who think can ride roughshod over management, government and even other members of staff who have served UNZA longer than them. The whole decision by UNZALARU is not unanimous, to say the least.

    • Stringer

      You are very right. As one the of the long serving dons at UNZA, I have observed, with much sadness, the invasion of the university by young materialistic dons who don’t give a damn about declining academic standards but are more preoccupied with financial issues. I also haven’t been paid my gratuity which in fact is bigger than most of these academic upstarts. But I am not going to support a go slow that callously disregards the pain our young and innocent students have to endure as collateral damage.

  3. Frank Bwalya

    Yes they have the right to demand for a reasonable pay!! Why should a party carder from the street get five(5) times their salary?? Imagine permanent secretary Chanda kabwe gets 120,000.00 per month plus other allowances…

  4. MR ZED!

    I think they have rights to demand for their salaries.
    this is the same thing which build up the issue of corruption.


    You’re light , don’t let grass grow under your feet’s lectures we will support you when they continue this stupidity

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