Malanji Hands over Police Post in Gang Infested Kwacha Constituency

Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji was back to his constituency with good tidings as he handed over a containerised police post in Mufuchani area costing over K 130,000.

Malanji has also lobbied for a motor vehicle from Mopani Copper Mines and six motorbikes procured at K 102,000.

Kwacha Constituency is one of the areas that have suffered under the weight of criminal gangs like Tokota Boys.

Malanji also handed over the motor vehicle to Zambia Police command to increase patrols in Kwacha Constituency.

The Parliamentarian said the donation is part of his campaign promise made when he sought for a vote in 2016.

“In the recent past our area has been a victim of robberies and gangs and this had led to movement restrictions for our people, just as I promised when I came to ask for your votes I am here to fulfil that promise, this government is committed,” Malanji said.

Malanji has also pledged a K 2,000 from his salary every month towards fuel for the donated motor vehicle and motor bikes to ease movements.


  1. Makeni boy

    Good move Hon!Also considr vulnerable children and widows in the area and the all nation at large.Not 4getting the unemployed youths.

  2. Joe Kawimbe

    Congratulations again, Hon. Malanji..as you continue showering benevolence on your Constituents. You have always been a very kind and giving man.God will reward you abundantly.

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