Pres. Lungu Offers Counsel of DRC Electoral Problems

President Edgar Lungu says the elections in neigbouring Democratic of Congo lack inclusivity urging the leadership to embrace all parties for an acceptable outcome.

And five heads of political parties in the DRC met yesterday in Belgium to discuss the future of the country and give a position on the election.

The DR Congo is scheduled to hold election on December 23, two years from the time they were originally scheduled. 
President Lungu made the remarks at State House when a delegation of Roman Catholic bishops from the DR Congo visited him to discuss the situation.

President Lungu recently assumed the chairmanship for a troika on politics, peace and security for the regional grouping, SADC.

He expressed worry that the election in that country, which shares a vast border area with Zambia, may not be free and fair.

Two major popular candidates, Moise Katumbi and Jean Pierre Bemba, have been blocked from contesting the election triggering unrest.

“DRC is a very big neighbour of ours. When things go wrong there, we are affected immensely ourselves and I’ve shared this concern with Mr [Joseph] Kabila and he assured me that all will be well,” said President Lungu.

“But going by media reports, it looks like not all will be well.”

President Lungu has pledged to work with other members of the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) in find a lasting solution in DR Congo.

The ruling coalition has picked former interior minister Emmanuel Shadary as its candidate ending years of speculation that President Kabila would seek an illegal third term mandate.

And visiting Archbishop Fridolin Ambongo has said his church which has played a key role in preaching peace and calling the government to order is worried with the electoral process.

Archbishop Ambongo, the vice president of the Council of Catholic Bishops in DR Congo, says its important that the country holds an election acceptable to all players.

“We are worried with the current happenings in our country. Some candidates have been excluded and this may result in others rejecting the outcome so we would like Sadc to get involved to ensure inclusiveness of all major actors,” he said.

He called on the release of all political prisoners in DR Congo.

Former warlord Jean-Pierre Bemba has been disqualified from the elections Katumbi was blocked from entering to the country when he attempted to return and file his nomination.

Meanwhile, Katumbi, Bemba, Felix Tshisekedi, Vital Kamerhe and Alain Muzito, all opposition leaders met in Belgium yesterday to discuss their position on the future of the DRC.


  1. Truth man

    I feel SADC must mobilise and sort out the issue regarding forthcoming elections in the Congo. The looming chaos that shall come if other players are excluded is going to affect the neighbouring countries seriously. Kabila must be talked to not by President Lungu alone .All heads of state in the region must be involved. The refugee problem is already effecting us here in Zambia,including other neighbouring countries in the region.

    • Michael Zephenia Phiri

      The troika chairman should include the founding father Dr. Kenneth Kaunda to remind the young man the importance of peace!!

  2. Good Fellow

    SADC is just an employer. very toothless organization in the region.

  3. Zambian

    Kabila y teti aichindike fye, aleke fya bupuba abantu abene basale uwo balefwaya. Nanga ni ziko la awisi?

  4. mukubesa kabila

    Let the will of God be done.
    Shalom Shalom.

  5. Derby

    Pres. Kabila God’s time is the best when people says we need change allow it becoz innocent persons are not safe and JEHOVA is hearing their request and cries. Images of God are running day and night . Let his will be done upon Congo.

  6. Chris Luchembe

    Sadc is toothless, it can’t solve DRC problems ,

  7. When will peace and tranquility with democracy overcome to our neighbors,ever since my childhood Dr C Congo has never experienced permanent peace.l pray that God,our heavenly Father grants knowledge and wisdom to President EC Lunga as the current chairperson to bring rule of law and inclusiveness in the forth coming elections in D RC

    May God use president EC Lungu chairperson to bring peace and all inclusive ness elections to DRC

  8. Biloko

    SADC will resolve the problem using un African solution help the sitting President rig for his preferred choice second special forces to beat those who refuse the fraud quickly recognise the fraud take the matter to a so called constitutional court and declare the vote free and fare.The assumed winner then starts buying acceptability until the next election. Meanwhile he also must appear like he is working. Cost of running government becomes impossible this is where the China connection becomes all weather friend.All too familiar God help Africa.

  9. Gunduzani

    If other players are bared from contesting, there will be fierce fighting in DRC which will affect its neighbouring countries, SADC can you please intervane!

  10. Mzee

    I suggest all churches get together and pray for peaceful and fair election s. For the first time let people in DRC experience real peace in this great country. The AU too should positively get involved in levelling the playing field for election s.

  11. Petelo lastone

    SADC can not solve any problem to DRC because the current chairperson also has issues in his country he is failing to respond positively to request made by 3 church mother bodies in line with dioloque process how possible could that be for SADC? African leaders like Nelson Mandela, mwanawasa were great leaders who has given example to African leadership learn to handle matters in peaceful way

  12. Kangumu Lifalalo

    SADC, on its own, shall not manage to solve the current political electoral empasse in DRC. It may look like Kabila is in the forefront but there is a bigger hand of FRANCE pulling the strings. Remember the case of Madasccar and it’s once exiled President? Just goggle “The Return of the President” on Aljazera documentary and see how SADC was “frozen” by France even after have a powerful resolutions, at a special meeting in Botswana, to argue the then post coup leader open up borders for the exiled President to return. The best the Catholic bishops can do is to directly engage France and beg.

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