Zambian Stoned to Death in SA Mob Attack


Pretoria -Thursday, 13th September, 2018

A 28 years old Zambian national has been stoned to death by a group of enraged taxi and minibus drivers in a town of Klerksdorp, North West, South Africa.

Rabson Zulu, holder of passport number 528427 was stabbed with a knife before being stoned to death together with four (4) other foreign nationals by a group of over 30 drivers in collaboration with the local community.

According to the information made available to the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria, Mr. Zulu was murdered over the weekend in a case of alleged mistaken identity at a tuck shop located in Pinasdorp area where he had gone to buy washing powder to clean the car for his relative who he was visiting.

It is alleged that the enraged mob of taxi and minibus drivers together with local people wanted to carry out a revenge attack on an identified foreign national of West African origin for allegedly killing one of the taxi drivers who was accused of raping his employee.

After realising that they had killed an innocent person, the mob fled the scene with no arrests made so far.

Mr. Zulu’s mortal remains have since been deposited at Tsepong government mortuary awaiting repatriation to Zambia.

His death comes barely few weeks after another Zambian national, Kenneth Sikopo was shot dead in cold blood in Germiston in the same country.

And Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba has expressed shock at the death of Mr. Zulu.

Mr. Mwamba says the mission was saddened that an innocent life was lost in bizzarre circumstances.

He said  the murder of Mr. Zulu was extremely unfortunate as he was a law-abiding resident in that community.

Mr. Mwamba has since called on the Police to carry out thorough investigations to ensure that Zulu’s murderers face justice.

He has also wished the bereaved family and the entire Zambian community in South Africa God’s strength and comfort during this difficult time.

Mrs.  Naomi Nyawali

First Secretary Press and Public Relations.

Zambia’s High Commission, South Africa.



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    • ck

      we are a christian nation operating on christian principles of forgiveness

  2. Kangwa Gabriel C Jr

    Its unfortunate what is happening to our brother in SA.May God forgive these people who r doing this unthinkable killings.RIP in Mr zulu

  3. lats

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  4. Jones mwewa

    Let justice prevail ,the police shud bring to book every one who participated in the killing of Mr Zulu.nowander I hate that shit country ,too much violence they think we are still in apartheid

  5. King Solomon


  6. King Solomon

    Too bad Mr Zulu

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  8. Enermy to RSA

    Xenorphobians,murderers,full of pipo’s blood in their hands.One day they wil pay.

  9. Henry Chingah

    Too bad, they have acted so satanic. May the Almighty God be with the family in this trying moment. But this is xenophobic.

  10. Nkonkosheni

    RIP My bro.

  11. Andrew

    And you Zambians are going to do northing over it…its knife for knife… Let them feel the loss as well ….we been to quite over such things… And please don’t tell me that god will punish them…. Course I have had a lot o such…nonsense… Two sa pipo should go down … …. Enough is enough lets act#councilor

  12. Mr. K

    Iam maules south Africans killing Zambians? Let them remember what suffering Zambians went through during as apartheid strungle

  13. Ketty Anthonys

    Its a zambian again !!! Ehh what is happening to South Africans ehh ??? Anyway its really sorrowful to the country and the family…… !!! MHSRNP

  14. Real zambian

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  15. mb

    First they refused to buy our honey n now they are killing our Zambians!
    Recall we have ur people n companies here too, earnin money for you. FNB Bank Shoprite, Spour etc
    mining all the way.
    Ask people from Congo what we can do!

  16. Tombanoko

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  18. Mambwe pythias

    South Africans are too satanic and tribalistic ,we can’t stand stand aside and look for our sisters and brothers ,let’s rise.


    Why always South African’s killing us let the government think twice before we rebel.May his soul rest in peace

  20. mercutio

    For sure hw come its only zambians being killed brutally…You south africans shud even remember hw we help you during independence struggles…stil we ‘re helpin you thru buyin from shoprite…bankin in fnb…chillin in spurs…! ETC….Now this is too much help…You’ve taken us for granted…Mother Zambia we MUST Pray for assisitance before we act wrongly too…! RIP BUYA WANGA ZULU.

  21. Ben

    sad development there

  22. Commando

    Mwebantu bakwa Lesa,if this isn’t xenophobia then what is it?Has it become a crime for foreigners to visit SA?It’s saddening to see what these South Africans are doing to foreigners especially Zambians who played a key role in their quest for freedom.These people are not grateful.I hear stories from people who’ve visited that country before that they are very lazy and not serious with work,once industrious foreigners are seen doing their work with the seriousinness it deserves,they are taken for enemies.Now,the question is should we start acts of reprisal or not?To most of these S Africans life is cheap,killing a human being is the same as killing a rodent or lice.Am appealing to fellow Zambians not to lift a stone in retaliation to what they have been doing.One day,as a nation they shall cry for help to the people they are killing.God in heaven is not blind to what our brothers are doing to us.They are blood thirsty,but they will slaughter one another one day.But okey chabipa sana ku mwaiche wesu baipaya .

  23. vov

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  24. Phwishi

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  25. Adonai

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  27. Joseph chopo

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  28. Leonard

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  29. Desho

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    Please people leave South Africa for South Africans, Zambia is rich and it will be not like their countries, just ten years from now, South Africans will start leaving their Country believe me or not. Pretty Mines, pretty copper, pretty gold, pretty lands. Whatelse do you need? People leave South Africa and live longer. Umweo kanani, life is precious.

  31. Kapomo

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  32. Majoni Tyson

    Why do the south African guys acting so barbaric. We Zambians cooperate with all the pipo of different countries yet our brothers are being harassed in south Africa and Congo, the pipo of mubutu, the Zaire pipo.

  33. Leo Zulu

    let us also start killing them here

    • Paul Muzo

      lets kill all SA who are in zambia and there even earning more money in our country

  34. Big k

    South Africans are lazy people, any foreign nationals they come across becomes a challenge to them.

  35. Big k

    When they are employed all they wait for is the first salary, when they are paid they stop going for work.
    So had working foreign nationals are targeted because of jealous. A word of caution to my zambians, don’t expose yourselves too much when you go to that country. Especially in drinking places you show off too much. Spend your had earned money wisely and avoid moving at awkward hours.

  36. martin chiyesu

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  37. patrick bwalya

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  38. d k

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  39. Paul Muzo

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  41. David

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  42. Pascal Chola

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  44. Dr Fonicks

    this makes a very sad reading. how the hell could they have mistaken mr zulu for the alleged west african. may the Lord comfort the bereaved family. for those agitating for revenge, please revenge is for the Lord. remember in the book of Luke when Jesus said “forgive them father for they do not know what they’re doing”. mhsrip.

  45. Danger is dangerous

    My his soul rest in peace s.a why do they like violence like this an way justice prevails

  46. Mr Peace

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  47. king cup

    If people from the Bible like david soul would fight and kill thousands of people why should we seat and say we are Christians,do to others what you want them to do to you the south Africans has done what you Zambians should do to them just beck the shits once you see a south African in Zambia no make no friend.

  48. Jeremiah M

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  49. Bobo

    It very sad…..rip mr zulu

  50. Gibson Ngulube

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  51. Zxing Wee

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    Only god knows!

  53. Kalampa 4 Lyf

    Sad development, many South African men are illiterate and savages.They are also a lazy lot who want to consume alcohol 24/7 without working but stealing and murder they love.Many South African women love getting married to Zambian men hence the hatred against this young man,sad indeed.

  54. Simon kamunga

    Mhsrip bt as 4 south africans they must b serious wth wat they r doin to thr neighbouring countries we r nt hapi at al

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