Chinese Envoy Rubbishes ZNBC, Zesco Takeover Claims

Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Jie has denied that Chinese companies operating in Zambia have taken over three State owned companies namely ZNBC, Zesco and the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

Addressing local and international media houses at the Chinese embassy in Lusaka today, Jie affirmed that Chinese companies enjoy warm relations with the three companies through various agreements where the Chinese companies are offering support in areas such as infrastructure and technology.

Speculations have heightened that due to the debt that Zambia has contracted from China through state owned institutions like the above, the Chinese government has taken over as Zambia has failed to settle the debt.

And speaking when he addressed Parliament today, President Lungu, Zambia’s friendship with China is mutual and no amount of malicious propaganda will deter Zambia from enjoying the opportunities that lie in its relationship with China.

“I urge everyone to remain focused and not be moved by the ongoing mischaracterized information suggesting that our friendship with China suggest colonialism,” he said.


  1. Masters

    Yes so that some dirty mouths can shut up

    • Zambian

      The story of Thomas in the Bible is not just there to make a happy reading.thing in Zambia are looking down u choose believe whatever the master says wait and see.

  2. KLVN

    This is the result of too much debts. zambia will remain with nothing: no land, no schools, no hospitals, no companies, even rivers and lakes will be sold. !!!!!

    • i kill the killer who killed my father and mother leaving me as an ophan with my two sisters.

      think before you talk

  3. Pk

    Yeah that’s clear we are ready to accompany wit you ….chambia


    The state knows the truth, these are the results of having vision less leaders


    This is wat happens wen u ar led by a foolish drunkard president like ba Lungu ….. Zambians will hav nothing to benefit !!!! A man who only cares about his family

  6. Stanley Nyirenda

    The relationship between China and Zambia is very good

  7. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Thanks for the clarification.

  8. Malama Golden

    Can Zambian government sell Zesco? A billion percent yes! What we call national projects are controlled by Chinese people like Topstar…that is the fact…soon what we call Zambian asserts like Zesco will be controlled by Chinese directors too in the name of blind partnership and developmental loans. Soon a Chinese will be the heard of an organization or company which will bring Zesco and a Chinese company together just like startomes\Znbc Topstar issue. Selling Zesco blindly like Znbc. All what China need to do is to give us a big loan, which gives them powern to take more shares and control like in Topstar deal…can you give more share and control than what you have in a national project? Is that not selling? Can that happen in China? Can that happen in america? Is it a curse to be an African? Our leaders can’t see this because of greediness and selfishness… Colonialism and slavery worked because of greediness and selfishness…. Africa we don’t learn from the past…is it a curse to be an African????

    • Rocksha

      It is a curse my Friend, born to be slaves.

      • Thunderman

        Get ready for the neck leashes. Soon the rumbling elite will flee leaving us ordinary Zambians to carry the cross of their decisions.OMG

    • Oscar

      I agree, “God help us pleas our mother Zambia is slowly dying”

  9. Pulande Golden

    Those africans( slave traders) who were benefiting out of slavery and colonialism where busy celebrating they master (whites). Similarly the beneficiaries of these dept trap loans from China are busy defending and celebrating China…. Poor Zambians in Chinese companies are treated like dogs, slaves…you can’t take chinese complaints to government offices, they can’t hear….uwankongole can’t protect you from his master uwamukongweshe. A poor person can’t afford court expenses..we are slaves in the hands of this Chinese.is it a curse to be an african

  10. Tuli Bantu

    Mwamona ka, I told you people, the Chinese people are too crooked they are just lying wait and see what will happen, chakolwa is always drunk how can he think of sober things, maybe he already bought himself a place to stay after the Zambia is be full colonized, we said it don’t do dununa reverse, he revealed every thing before, he simply told you that he will take things back to the colonial rule, you ebele pawato!!!!!!, pundeni nomba, ati shani namulya wino while crying for your poverty and mother Zambia, I cry for my and our freedom, aiiii !!

  11. Tuli Bantu

    You are right my brother, I work in Chinese company but I have never even a simple plot from that money, but in nyimba a China man who built the nyimba district hospital even bought a farm he is a landlord there, but us Zambians to buy a simple plot we fail, here in Lusaka houses are too expensive we only work for the house and simple food, you are very right my brother.

  12. vic sims

    We will be just hearing

  13. Kedrick siame

    People who are support this you are very foolish think if you are a father, you have buildings and then you sell those how do you think you are to your family and sons who are support this you are not normal and i think you should go to chnama.

  14. Nkhasi.net

    U bunch of idiots,hw many tymz do we hav 2 tel u that znbc,zesco & kkia wil nevr b gvn 2 any country?Mipombo zanu aimbwa imwe! Dont conclude b4 knowing the facts ambuli imwe.Muzakafa che naidiya ansanya,agulugufe imwe.Osani kalifya!

  15. amc

    those with ears will listen but he without ears will keep spreading rumours becouse he only gets his imformation from hearsay just becouse buyer wako ali mu opposition you will always agree with what the buyer
    is saying. if there is any truth kuli ma rumours aya then let the ALMIGHTY be the judge but if the rumours turn out to be true then let the ALMIGHTY be the judge just likewise

  16. China {Lee}

    Zambians len 2 appreciate,what is Zambia without us chinese interms of technology?u were lagd behnd but we ar trying 2 simplify yo living thru technology.
    Try 2 tok about Lamise who has bought a quarter of yo land-zambia,that i can undrstand.Thnk deeper,lamise has bought 45% of ZAMBIAN lands.Wekup and stop sleeping!

  17. China {Lee}

    Zambians len 2 appreciate,what is Zambia without us chinese interms of technology?u were lagd behnd but we ar trying 2 simplify yo living thru technology.
    Try 2 tok about Lamise who has bought a quarter of yo land-zambia,that i can undrstand.Thnk deeper,lamise has bought 35% of ZAMBIAN lands.Wekup and stop sleeping!

  18. BBC


  19. NK

    Slowly and gradually Zambia will no longer be for Zambian people…ninebo kateka I keep chicken but unlike the other am way to smart, anyone can relate

  20. EDWARDO .NC.

    mulekongola nokubwesha big man, nga bafipoka ninshi chapwa!!!

  21. JD

    God our father please let the Zambian people see this kind of the President they have voted for ,slowly slowly they are selling both the country and it’s people

  22. Adviser

    If Zambia had to sell anything, she should have started with UPND which is adding no value to our society but just creating confusion by misleading the masses. Without HH/UPND, Zambia can be at peace. This regional party is the one responsible for all this misinformation going round. They know no truth and I hate them for that because they don’t tell the truth and can’t be trusted.

    • ROKA.

      They want to ascend to power through lies.Convince the voters in all the ten provinces. Telling people that it was time, we the Tongas, supported by you traditional cousins won’t make you win national elections. You be confined to your tripartite bantustans! You can’t ascend to power,again, through petitions, no!Convince the voters that non tribal and open your party for other tribes to have top leadership positions in your upAndOWN!!


      Mulibasushi imwe, don’t you have eyes to see that thing have gone worse? I voted PF myself but I have seen that ifintu tafili bwino. Why do we have Chinese and Indians who don’t kno the labor laws as our investors? Why are Chinese always protected by the GRZ? Why are they being driven in Zesco vehicles? I repeat Mulibasushi imwe !!!

  23. Isaac

    Where are the Zambia Army ,were are the commder of all armude forces . What do you do to protect your country on this matter . President Lungu you are a very clever rat so my advice to you ,you should first sale the Zambia Army cause their all stupidity to allow this happen. Mr ECL you have no wisdom the number of Police ,air Force Zambia Army, ZNS must of them are not just eating ,let them work off the loan

  24. Mr man

    Adviser,u r foolish, how can u say such a rubbish things, do u no the person u r saying mr.HH is the most honest,peaceful man in Zambia.don’t ever say such things again, we will land to u if u r going to repet

  25. Dr GBM

    We Zambianz we hav no institutions ruling by de government, let’s talk about kaminda girls secondary school nd dey also wnt 2 hand over mansa secondary 2 Catholic government

  26. Dr GBM

    We ae leaving in a crisis government lyk wat HON. JEWIS CHIBI CHIPILI MP said in last parliament

  27. Gaddafi mpasela

    Am waiting for pilato to hit in song

  28. menomeno

    Ifinkula kanshi tafyakwata mano tata ba data ichalo bashitisha

  29. Martin mwewa

    Where are u going

  30. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Shame to our country

  31. Mr. K

    Those who drink the blood of Jesus and eat his body will be saved and will never insult the president but those who drink the blood of cows and eat cowdungs will keep insulting the president

  32. 0976680173

    Only jesus christ know the truth about our country zambia

  33. Panuka

    Lungu should just step down before we loss out.
    Pf who failed the people of Zambia your ministers are getting richer and you are now one of the richest,don’t see what people are going through .Iwe Lungu just resign before it’s too late we are tired of your useless and visionless leadership.

    • Zax

      Zambians let us not blame and insult one another. No leadership will be appreciated by Zambians. If the GRZ not telling us the truth, it be our our turn raise against it coz boza siyabwino. let us work together for our mother ZAMBIA.

      • BAN J

        u seem to have a point here comrade. I support u. we need to look for a way out.

  34. Azizi

    Zambians how many companies do you own from China,? We are yet to be sold too…
    Ba Lungu



  36. Stephen simfukwe

    remember what happened to Djibouti and s Siri Lanka ports

  37. Bronze

    What the salary increment

  38. Joseph

    He told you, last time that ” i don’t ve a vision, to this country ” but you, where busy opening ur ass hole, at dununa reverse.

  39. maichel Sata

    Yayayayaayayaya!!! Umelembwe wa chipuba upwila multi tufwe next election one of China stand as a presidential candidate.

  40. kingsley kayoya

    Who is telling us the truth the goverment says no and chinese says we have taken over please tell us

  41. maichel Sata

    WERE is Dr chishimba Bwalya kambwili
    Com and help us

  42. Nivlek Ocris

    I look to a day when these so called Investors will leave us alone,investors roasting maize,selling plastic dishes at chamboli market,selling cabbages at chisokone market,and rearing chickens,….those are the things we do and can do,this GOVERNMENT is a NG’OMBE ILLEDE [SLEEPING COW]

  43. M c h

    What I know is that, if u get so March money from other countries ,at last u won’t manager to Pay back that nkogole MWe Bantu please ,sitikaana ,aaye ndise osauka tiliimbe zinaango zintu mu ziko laatu lino, Other way my parent told me that we are rich because, we have land mother
    Zambia so please my son don’t sale it ,because gradient it won’t give you peace my son and even your Son’s.

  44. Efford ngobola

    Thank God it now settled coz pipo were just talking anyhow

  45. Tuli Bantu

    These Chinese, they also secret vending of ivory, what a shame to mother Zambia

  46. Dr muselepete

    All the profits the Chinese make r extenalised to the home.

  47. Kensplash

    Chisco Limited, powering the nation!

  48. Chilufya tayali

    The problem with this idiots is that they do not accept the facts now they have hire ka ambassador to come make noise pano.zambians let’s wake up and protect our mother land before those tuma handsome Mr.leee and others took it

  49. Chilufya tayali

    The problem with this idiots is that they do not accept the facts now they have hire ka ambassador to come make noise pano.zambians let’s wake up and protect our mother land before those tuma handsome Mr.leee and others take it.

  50. Mercury

    Even if they sell these ZNBC,ZESCO AND KKIA,What good ar they to us poor zambians?Tulepepafye!Many pipo stopd watchng or listening 2 znbc.Instead of zesco, we use solar kwasila!Kupika, tisebenzesa malasha.Airport? Tikwelela njinga/bus paliponse BABA.

  51. Sadam

    The question is”wil we be able to pay back?”maybe 20years from now or more..niukaili uyu.

  52. top gee

    chalk bantu

  53. Mr banda lupwa

    This government yativuta plz can Mr sata resurrect to come and save us

  54. maxim mwansa

    yes indeed as zambia we need learn to say thank you,
    if we can only train people who change things in terms of construction and technology development all these problems would not be there.

  55. mr Jay

    i thnk As a zambian we must stand and protect our mother land before its too late, believ u me the GRZ can not just come in public and announce that the hav sold the GRZ property, we are ben conviced in the name of partnership… trust me things are getting wersy than ever b4

  56. Daron Chishimba

    If its true that a lot of things have been taken over or bought by the foreigners, how will our children live in the future because even now people are complaining that things are bad in some areas.may the almighty God help us to save our Nation

  57. BAN J

    All we need comrades is a way out. we nid to fight for the next generation or our children. plz pipo forget the pretenders who are acting as thou they are blind and deaf to notice what is happening. Some pipo never accepts, even when u find them in hell will still pretend they just went there to visit a friend.

  58. Kankululu daniel

    why is it like this pliz try to look abt us young ones who are growing up

  59. It's a curse to be borne in Africa especially Zambia in particular

    Wake up Wake up Zambia, let’s us unit together and protect our mother Zambia before it’s too late.

  60. Lad

    No smoke without fire

  61. johnny Masonga Mumba

    Let us all open our naked eyes 👀 and save our Mother Land raise like an Eagle in the Sky before it is 😊 too late where is ZCCM,NIEC,UBZ, etc it started the same those days because of the plunders YOUTHS OPEN YOUR 👀 Leaders of Tomorrow

  62. Michael Kaluba

    Let’s open up our hands because this Government a kulux

  63. Thabitsa

    Kulibe banagulisa nikale I was watching the source from BBC yesterday….

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