Ntewewe Wants ‘Wamuyaya’ Candidates Barred from the Ballot

The Young African Leaders Initiative has revived the debate around perpetual election candidates being barred from contesting elections.

Speaking when he made an appearance on Prime TV’s Breakfast show on Thursday, YALI President Andrew Ntewewe said the country cannot afford to continue allowing individuals to run political parties like family businesses as doing so defeats the intentions of democracy.

He said the country’s democracy can only thrive when there is competition in and within political parties starting from the top leadership in political parties and that limiting the number of times one appears on a presidential ballot would open up spaces for intra party democracy.

He has since called on Ndola Central Member of Paliament Frank Ngambi to ensure that the Bill to limit the number of apperance on Presidential Ballot is tabled in the next sitting of parliament.

“The fact is that the ethos, the principles of the constitution is that even if you are loved by the people as their President you are limited to 2 terms in office so why should it be the president of a political party to be wamuyaya when for instance at a presidential level you have already provided that it should be two(2) terms so when shall we have to put a limit on how many times an individual can appear on a presidential ballot,” he said.

And Ntewewe has expressed opportunism that a number of Bills will be tabled in the next sitting of parliament.

He explained a number of good laws were included in the amended constitution but that they have not been actualised by parliament.

He said he is hopeful that parliamentarians will put their partisan interests aside and ensure that Bills such as the political parties bill is passed so that political parties can start to operate as institutions.

He said democracy is a vehicle for development hence the institutionalisation of political parties will come with its benefits for the ordinary people as opposition political parties will have increased authority.

Another Bill that Ntewewe thinks should be discussed is the loan and grants Bill which will actualise the oversight role of parliament as regards borrowing by government.

He said the law for parliament to regulate borrowing by parliament is dormant and that it will continue to be like that if parliament doesn’t table the Bill in the next session.

The call to “regulate individuals with insatiable appetite for power” was first made by former ZANASU Vice President Prince Ndoyi who has since joined MMD.

Ndoyi who made the call early this year observed that youths in the country were finding it hard to move on the political ladder because of the continued hold-on to power by the same leaders in political parties.


  1. Gephrad Kabsy

    Point of correction Mr Frank Ng’ambi is the MP for Chifubu not Ndola central in Ndola central we have honourable Mr Emmanuel Mulenga

  2. young cobra

    Well spoken ntewewe PF must luk on that matter seriously before they sink like Titanic.Also the opposition leaders if he/she fails five times must lay aside to contest presidential election.Mp’s also deserve a limit number of years in order to create a room for youths to participate fully in elections manje tiyopa umfwiti ku nkalamba.

    • They can form their own political parties

      Form your own political party

  3. samfya 1

    Politics of targeting HH will not develop zambia, it is clear that u want HH to be barred from contesting any more election as state administrator. It is hypocritical and a myiopcal way of thinking.

  4. Mr. K

    Foolish iwe kamfya1 Zambia is very vast number39 in the world hakainde belongs to Zambia which is very big and who is hakainde to Zambians he has been rejected several times ballot papers are very expensive which are waisted on a loosed fool try some one else upnd is for Tonga’s they have hakainde the

    • Chikala

      Time will come when ur father Will lose power.dont think u are in power forever.

  5. I am

    Stop tribe zambian

  6. Nation at large

    That’s the way to go not same people as if others don’t want to be appear on the ballot paper.

  7. leon

    Next the same man will recomend 10 years and the marriage should terminate for other men to marry the beutii woman .senselessness

  8. Prince Mande

    Does it really matter how many times one loses an election? Positions of party president and candidates for president must be a preserve for people with money .It is for this reason that you have a lot of corruption/pilfarage in the country because people that have landed power by proxxy get so excited with power and their priority is to get rich as quickly as possible lest the remove me. The poor leaders will soround themselves with the poor so that they too can steal and none will have the courage to question the other about corruption or theft.
    Let people stand a hundred times if they wish and let them lose a hundred time until they give up.

    • fedup

      This Yali is not going to stop trying to get HH out of the picture. The country being looted – this is what they should be focusing on !! They are obsessed with HH and UPND !

  9. Tuli Bantu

    let’s love lead us, stop tribalism Tonga’s are the Zambians they deserve total respect, maybe you hat Tonga’s, maybe they might be the one to redeem Zambian these dragons and serpents those that are roaming in this country, I think we should try other tribe now, even David was forsaken by people but he became a might ruler and God was happy with him, what do you think



  11. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    HH we love you here go go fwd

  12. kanyike wahembo

    We love u hh go go u ar the only hope for Zambians

  13. Razor

    Even you ntwetwe has been at the helm of YALI since it was formed. When are you also going to give chance to others.

  14. Amano

    Stop enacting laws targeting individuals. Electorates will decide whether to choose a chronic loser or somebody else. YALI shouldn’t behave like they are representing the majority of Zambians. They should instead advocate for free, fair and transparent elections for us to choose our preferred leader.

  15. Chibweda

    A dog will not stop bucking not until the owner tells it to stop, so ntewewe is being used by the so called pf,u also become a rat on day and will never stop supporting hh he is our farther.

  16. Penias

    Presidenal candidate term limit is good 4 our democracy and bring peace in politics than leavin it open. Yali idea are good must push also 4 mps term may b 2 save only 20yrs. This wil make young people 2 take part in politics. Today, it my b targeting HH But is good 4 a brighter future

  17. Concerned citizen

    We are tired of losing elections let HH step down ,we need new blood.Losing five times honestly.. we have to go for fresh elections.

  18. Nana Borne Bob

    Targeting humble persons it’s not a good idea, pf just concentrate on development that’s why you were voted for if not you are losing your image, but you are busy buying councillors which will not help you. Leave HH alon.

  19. C-General

    Good idea but it won’t work. Most of these opposition Party leaders own the funds for running party affairs. For this reason they will continue standing and contesting until the dawn finds them at Plot 1.
    If they are limited to stand as opposition leaders then they go away with their money any their parties will collapse.

  20. Tilikuno

    HH we support u go go forward even in the bible Elizabeth was tired of pray bt one day God answered her prays naiwe nisemu-semu 2021.

  21. Prof Zulu

    Go go forward HH u are the next Republican President in 2010

  22. Prof Zulu

    HH u are already the President of Zambia thus we know not ma thieves bapf. 2021 HH u will be Ku plot 1 go go forward never give up God is with you Mr President.

  23. Bonking Donkey

    The aim of contesting for presidency is to become president. It therefore should not matter how many times a candidate loses elections he or she is eligible as often as elections are held and as often as he or she is nominated to contest by their party.

  24. Mr integrity

    Contributing to this offers me nothing I therefore say I not a fun of politics

  25. Zambian Tribe

    This Prince Mande thinks HH got rich through a straight line method of doing business .Kikikiki,

  26. Kelly

    Let him step down first. He has been in that chair into perpetuity. And who is to decide on behalf of political parties?

  27. Choncholi choncholi

    If elections and electorate process were not abused by those in power such laws would make sense..for now it doesn’t… how do you bar someone you have abused the electorate process

  28. Shaka

    Well spoken but I hope Ntewewe statement is not targeting one political leader. What I would advise Mr Ntewewe is for him to advocate for a complete constitutional reforms. There a lot of issues that need to be addressed in this country, among them: MPs stay in Parliament should revisited, retirement age, public order act, ECZ , Police, etc. The other point worth mentioning here, is that, no one should be given more than one portfolio in government, as though there is a shortage of educated personnel in the country.

  29. Garry Nkombo

    Comment its good point that’s why I’ve retired and we want hh to retire too and give someone chance to try not him after bring rejected 6 times what does he wants? hh please give us chance we try

  30. dolika

    panyo pako ntewewe,this is not mothers country were u should always attack the opposition.u yourself u have been a reader of that YALi organization since the time it was formed and u have never changed readership,bad manners koswe

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