Pres. Lungu Clears the Air on China Relations

President Edgar Lungu has responded to critics on the China-Zambia relations saying the two countries’ engagement is on mutual terms.

Officially opening the third session of the 12th National Assembly, President Lungu said no amount of propaganda would distort Zambia’s relationship with China.

President Lungu said that Zambia’s right to choose friends should be respected by everyone.

“Our friendship with China is mutual and no amount of propaganda will jeopardize it…we respect our friendship with China, EU and everyone else,” he said.

“We are proud of our relationship with China, our friendship with China is mutual.”

He also urged Zambians to ignore anti-China sentiments that were being bandied around.

President Lungu said that his government was taking the fight against corruption seriously as demonstrated by plans to review the Anti Corruption Act of 2009.

He however cautioned that the fight against corruption should never be an opportunity to malign innocent citizens.

“We all have a duty not just to express outrage against corruption but fight it genuinely. The screaming headlines to malign someone may not achieve anything,” he said.


“The fight against corruption remains a priority. We are reviewing the Anti Corruption Act of 2009.”

President Lungu also revived talk about the Public Order Act

The Head of State also announced that 2, 000 teachers would be employed in 2018 while 15, 376 health personnel had been recruited from 2016-18.

He said that the target remained to have 30, 00 health personnel recruited by 2021.

President Lungu noted the strides made in the health sector like the upgrading of the Levy Mwanawasa and Ndola hospitals to teaching institutions.

The Head of State also hailed the role of the social cash transfer that had seen a target of 700, 000 beneficiaries by the end of 2018.

An exuberant spirited President Lungu was in a straight talking mood taking pressing matters head on especially the question that has been dominating national discourse.


  1. Ibrahim

    Mmmmmmm ba kateka,,,,we no u have sold this country to your cousin’s,,,, (Chinese),,,,,,,

  2. George

    It’s that His Excellence has cleared air on china because it all over on social Media well done your Excellence

  3. HOMMIE 24

    rotten speech.cant make much sense out of it

  4. bright

    speech ain’t making sense..your excellence please tell us the truth .

  5. Zambian

    This country is in serious problems, there is no way you can have a friend who only takes advantage of your situation and starts giving you kaloba to help you do everything. Pa last kuti akupoka no mukashi nabana. Anyway fili uko tuleya.

  6. Mr. K

    Did u not get what the president said? Zambia China relationship is permanent and no amount of negative criticism will ever break that bond. Go and hung yourself

  7. Tuli Bantu

    Don’t refuse, we know this through what your big buyer’s (Chinese) what they do to us, they clearly show that they are the owners of this nation, they don’t even respect us as Zambians citizens, and they don’t even recognise themselves that they are the foreigners in this country, they are steeling in our eyes using Zambians names, and they don’t even fear any security wing that we can mention in front of them, what type of relationship is this? do you do same things when ever you go to China?

  8. Wongani

    China unconditional friend but opposition parties are bhind africa confidental bcoz are seen our weakness debt crisis. Todays address 2 parilament is very clear.

  9. Pulande Golden

    The fact is, we need China and they equally need us but Chinese are crooks in nature….if we allow our poor Zambians working with Chinese without giving them lawyers to represent them then slavery has come again…government officers can not control them (Chinese) because of loans . Those who are in Medea understand very well the crookedness which is in Topstar digital migration project

  10. Tuli Bantu

    Mr k, do you get any amount from him, do you know what is happening in these Chinese company, you just agree to anything he say OK you will see what is going to happen

  11. Mwandila Nicholas

    Zambia is on fire and it only takes those with eyes to see. The chinese have to stay in zambia and very soon, I guess, they will even start offering chinese as an official language. Watchout zambia!!!

  12. Mwandila Nicholas

    Zambia is on fire and it only takes those with eyes to see. The chinese have come to stay in zambia and very soon, I guess, they will even start offering chinese as an official language. Watchout zambia!!!

  13. Malama Golden

    What is happening in most of these Chinese project and companies is just slavery….please lawyers can you come up with strong organization to represent poor Zambian. The government can not control these Chinese because of loans

  14. Truth

    The fact that you assert yourselves with an inferiority complex when around the Chinese is your problem.It doesn’t mean the Chinese are in charge or have been sold this country it’s call kachepa.Havefidence and be positive no one will look down on you

  15. Malama

    Any development outside development principles is fake…(1)in any loan and project implementation put Zambia interests first (2) Zambians citizens rights must be well protected not by government ministries because uwakongole can’t you from his master
    Topstar= startimes 60% + Znbc 40%. Who is first? China. Can Trump and america allow such an insult?
    Go at Topstar offices=all Startimes directors and they slave traders Zambians + 0 znbc directors
    100% of Zambian Medea is in the hands of Chinese as long as the directors general is a Chinese. Why can’t we allow them to be partners but we make sure we are in control..the problem is too much loans can surely sell the birth rights

    • Mpundu

      These taxes on every side of poor Zambian are a pure consequences of selling our birth rights through loans…what we call national projects are controlled by Chinese people like Topstar…soon what we call Zambian asserts like zesco, zamtel….etc will be controlled by Chinese too in the name of blind partnership and developmental loans. Soon a Chinese will be the heard of an organization which will bring Zesco and a Chinese company together. Selling our nation blindly….ukutemwa inkongole kubi

  16. Pulande

    Topstar is not a partnership in service but in share…The chinese do all the control and take 60 percent and Znbc only take 40 percent. Can we call these a national project?? 100% in the hands of Chinese… Ngatamulekongola bwino you end up selling the birth rights like this

  17. Mr k

    Its one Zambia ane China only blind people and these carders of Pf cant see that this is sold to Chinese

  18. Wongani

    Askin chinese 2 leave is not a solution but askin them 2 respect our laws a solution. Poor salaries and labour is the only problem china has and hav 2 learn english 2 avoid miscommunicate and come up with laws not 2 allow any saving minister 2 win contracts. KAMBWILI is bite bcoz all contract are not given 2 him. Why pipo in govt create companies 2 get contract leavin poor zambia no contracts.

  19. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Zambians, we dont know where we are heading to

  20. Mk

    Pf government is working and we see the development we just need to appreciate ….chambia China you’re welcome one Zambia one china

  21. chanda

    We ar tired of being hearing China Zambia relationship does it mean other countries ar nt interested in our country or they don’t like our leader?

  22. chanda

    We ar tired of being hearing China Zambia relationship every time does it mean other countries ar nt interested in our country or they don’t like our leader?

  23. kamanga

    Blind Zambians open ur eyes we can’t see where this country is going u ar saying development development which development? This man has failed to rule this country

  24. Godfather

    That’s the problem when you are on TOP, cos everything is at your fingertips 🤗

  25. Masters

    I too see nothing wrong in thus mutual relationship. Umwana ashenda atasha Nina ukunaya
    Try to move around Africa that’s when u will appreciate wat Lungu is doing 4 this countty not u are just sitted busy insulting someone who is doing right things. Start using your brains and not your dirty mouths motherfuckers

  26. Chin lou

    Zambian republic of china

  27. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Well spoken Mr President.

  28. anti china

    no mouth bites a hand that feeds it lungu benefits from chinese deals pa last we will start cutting chinese pipo heads watch out fingi twafulwa seriously voters wat happened 2 yo minds 2 vote 4 a crook like bashi tasila

  29. Kedrick siame

    Nice talking from our excellence please may find out from you how many Zambian are in chain doing the business like hear there’s bonaza and we only export honey in chain so when we can find out there’s no any relationship between chain and Zambia.

  30. NK

    Ghandhi once said a man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes, and if a person said I have no plans for this country what do you expect to happen?

  31. Buzz

    2021 I am voting but it will not be pf, the of has done and shown us what they can do and how they can sale the countries sovereignty. Time up pf

  32. Buzz

    2021 I am voting but it will not be pf, pf has done and shown us what they can do and how they can sale the countries sovereignty. Time up pf

  33. Zambia FK

    If you can not get sense from a detailed and well presented speech by the President, then you have no sense.

  34. Zambia FK

    ECL has my vote in 2021.

  35. ba people

    Pliz ba kateka continue

  36. Am A Humble African

    Watch Out On Things Fall Apart Chapter 15……

  37. Henrich

    Zambia is gone economically.

    The only thing we have left if the exchange rate. Once the leaves starts crumbling, the economy will be in free fall. We are aware that efforts will be made to prop up the kwacha. Once the kwacha falls, fuel prices, mealie meal prices, transport and wage levels willskyrocket.

    Margaret Mwanakatwe is not poised to handle this pressure. Zambia needs new Leadership.

  38. Innocent mudenda

    That’s the result of having no vision.I salute you your excellency but shame on people who vote blindly

  39. Lukas

    Mmmmmm GOD come and rule as we are tired

  40. Martin mwewa

    There is no fire without smoking

  41. Gwendolyn

    I think his serious
    These are just rumours ati his sold the country
    His sold Zesco
    I mean rumors are accepted by fools
    I believe in our president he. Knows what he is doing
    So yall just shut your mouths and watch mxxxxm

    • Concerned Citizen

      Ba Gwendolyn, i have a friend in ZESCO whom mentioned to me a coming change in management and he was worried for his job, i didn’t understand what he meant at the time. Lets hope the rumors are false, otherwise, the foolish ones will be the entire nation and other countries will laugh at us for giving a blind eye.

  42. mkbm

    Now i see that this issue is serious and every Zambian who has five senses we need to open our eyes and see what is happening in this country

  43. Emmanuel

    pf you are nothing in everything you do..
    ba lungu may the lorf God have marcy on u.

  44. Kennedy

    The major problem is that some people just support anything said by other people. They have eyes to see . Ears to hear and brains to judge but can’t use them and always want to hear from others. Zambia is ours and this is a non partisan issue. Let’s protect our children’s future. Our great fathers chased the colonizers .

  45. Concern Citizen

    Sorry but China needs to be watched closely, their interest is not in our favor. To start with, why bring casual laborers to do construction work? Really is this unique skilled labor which can’t be sourced locally? Too many things wrong with this relationship. And its okay to end a relationship when one side is benefiting more than the other. WE ARE NOT BLIND AND SO IS GOD, HE IS SEEING and so are we!!!

  46. Sponge Bob

    I have had friends that have disappointed before, but I have never had an Alley that have done so.

  47. Ba Citizen Bakulu

    If U Remember #Pilato Song This Is Zambia Run By China Avic International Who Sold ZNBC And Thats A Fool Scandle Pa Scandle Wat More Na Prison Ya Pa Kamwala Ba Shitisha Now They Will Even Sale Ur Children And Ur Wife Na Panty Or Bamba Na Nyumba Mudabwa Che At Chokani Simweze Ku Lipila Tax Yo Gona Mu Nyumba Ya Baa Zambia Ba La Tushitisha

  48. Terriah

    Hmmmmn it just cross the limits to I don’t know

  49. Neverson

    They have started doing that already, go to chisamba at Martin House School you will see what I mean.

  50. Lwiba

    Bwafya mwandi

  51. Creamy chim

    Animal farm in the making. Let me ask those that still doubt what’s in front of their noses, since history repeats itself, how was zambia first colonised by the british? Compare and contrast… Fast forward to modern day. What’s your answer…?

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