Court Jails 2 Sureties in Pastor Sinyenga Defilement Case

The Kitwe Magistrate Court has sent to jail two working sureties representing a Kitwe based Pastor who is facing a charge of defilement.

This is in a matter Alick Sinyenga an elder of a named church, of house number 930 Buchi Township, Kitwe is alleged to have had carnal knowledge of a minor on 25th July, 2018 contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

When the matter came up for continued trial, the court was informed that the suspect is still at large and has remained unreachable.

Principal Resident Magistrate Musonda put the two sureties to task to explain why they have failed to avail the suspect on several occasions thereby delaying the court process.

The two sureties were however at pains to explain the disappearance of Pastor Sinyenga who has been missing court sessions since last month.

John Kapisa, 53, also a Pastor in a named Church in Kitwe pleaded with court to give them more time to bring the suspect before Court.

He said the suspect is alleged to have been communicating with some people and is believed to be within Kitwe.

However, Magistrate Musonda maintained that the Court had been lenient for too long adding that failure by the two sureties John Kapisa and Peter Muleba to bring Pastor Alick Sinyenga to court had forced her to enforce the law on bail.

Magistrate Musonda told the two sureties that she was sending them to jail for failure to avail the suspect stating that the law provides for such when a suspect is at large.

Magistrate Musonda said the two sureties will be remanded in police custody until the bonded sum of K 10,000 each is paid.


  1. Daniel

    How can this people let the pastor run show them good care of your laws of Zambia

  2. leon

    Several times I have told people to worship GOD but they continue worshiping pastors ,priests ,Bishops,reverends ,cardinals,,prophets etc these guide people on worship anyway lock up those two so others can learn how do you stand in for a pastor defiler how would you feel if it was your teenage daughter defiled

  3. MR ZED

    at christian nation..,where pastors can think like that

  4. Cizela

    Which church

  5. Reagan

    What kind of a pastor was he preaching in the Church of God and reacting like that.

  6. Reagan

    What kind of a pastor was he preaching in the Church of God and reacted like that.

  7. whitesontembo

    may the lord help us

  8. Chilankalipa

    Run away defiler ati Pastor, all grade 12 failures choose to masquerade as Pastors, just like most grade 7 failures rush to bus and taxi as drivers and con-ductors.

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