Pres. Lungu Gets Personal Inspection of Road Works around Lsk

President Edgar Lungu undertook a tour of the road works around Lusaka to get a personal appreciation of the progress or lack of it.

The Head of State expressed frustration with repeated labelling of the construction works by his critics as corrupt.

President Lungu said that it was wrong for anti-development forces in the opposition and civil society to often scandalize developmental projects as they were meant to benefit ordinary citizens.

He started his tour from Mungwi-Lumumba road and Ngwerere roads.

The Head of State was in the company of Minister of Infrastructure and National development, Ronald Chitotela, Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo, Lands Minister Jean Kapata and officials from the Road Development Agency.

He was least pleased about the sanitary conditions around the works with members of the public throwing litter carelessly.



  1. My husband

    Let them finish fast ,too much congestion! Am reporting late every time.

  2. Malama Golden

    I don’t have much knowledge about roads but pali Topstar “panunka untu untu” How can you give more share to foreigners than what you have and total control in a national project? Can that happen in China? This is selling Znbc blindly. The trap is simple, big, soft, sweet loan(you shall not start paying back the loan not after 5 years or more) wow! That give the power to take more shares and control like Topstar deal. Soon Zesco will go into partnership with a Chinese company to form “TopZesco”. Selling Zesco blindly. The best way to blind Zambians is simple, make sure Zesco offices are they just like Znbc but TopZesco(Topstar) the company on the heard of Zesco must be fully controlled by Chinese. This crooked of selling asserts and birth rights the blind can not see. Whites come with money for slave trade and colonialism to work…Chinese are coming with money. A few cursed greed African benefited from slave trade and colonialism…. Put Zambia first, the rights of poor Zambian first. We are having a lot of Chinese in black skins became of greediness.

  3. hasty

    Comment No sane person can object to development,but the manner in which the business i done .It is the Govt duty to provide such and the mony being used is not personal.

  4. jaw

    yes mr malama guyz must well on toptar or else—

  5. One china

    The only problem we have is that we get lies fast than the truth instead of paying attention you understand what is happening we rush on lies…. How do you want the govt to say that they have not sold companies already Chinese ambassador denied yesterday and the speech was given but why are we still complaining……. Let us give them chance….

  6. Tony

    Let’s be one and support the govt this is democracy you have all the rights to complain go on TV station or radio complain …..let’s be one not being cheated by other people listen to news,read newspaper

  7. Mack the beast

    Iwe Malama Golden,wailimbikila bwanji nkani ya topzesco?Nishi naiwe ulimo nama shares?Ziba vako nabana bako.Olo yagulisiwa zesco what has that 2 do with u?Behavior monga chuchu wamu “no one but u”.Zimwa kalimba kako olo tizachosamo ma battery ndise pa last.kolwe iwe.

  8. Mark" The Beast''

    Iwe Malama Golden,wailimbikila bwanji nkani ya topzesco?Nishi naiwe ulimo nama shares?Ziba vako nabana bako.Olo yagulisiwa zesco what has that 2 do with u?Behavior monga chuchu wamu “no one but u”.Zimwa kalimba kako olo tizachosamo ma battery ndise pa last.kolwe iwe.

  9. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Ma rabish here there is no devlpnt ku roads araa

  10. Samuel

    Don’t even make a mistake to sold zesco you are going to suffer am telling you

  11. menomeno

    Wat kind of lies ?.someone has stolen your money and u say that .pamenso

  12. Brashe L/stone

    Deloleshafye,guys when u finish yo discussions let me know,OK the issue here is on roads nanga nkani ya topzesco ya ngenamo bwangi,pa last tizakamba ati iwe benengu nishi muli nama sharezi olo bwangi nikukamba osafela mukati,OK if the Chinese they have a plan it can’t work we are already colonised country by British so it can’t work guy don’t confuse yoself,other Wise agamuzibe yawe napela.

  13. Brashe L/stone

    In short the Chinese gvmt is the one begging African s were to stay balibe ponkala kwao it’s just the same with u and yo land load,olo ba chite tuchawa twabwangi ekazanda apyamo manje balibe koyenda nkani niku bapasa che lamulo,basaZibala monga nkumba,aka fuña kubala mukazi mu Chinese bakaziyenda kwao,abala abwela better, olo naife tibauze not more than two kwamana.

    • Nimo

      I support you ,brilliant idea,I wish this can be supported and implemented .Bravo

  14. Big gk international

    Confused Zambians why raising such comments in a different topic (ulelya ubwali nakasabi wapatwa watampa ukula fulilwa katapa

  15. Mwa 1

    So much progress on the improvement of roads ..kudos to government…I don’t remember a time seeing such road works as now ….Lets do airport road also so we portray good about beloved Zambia to those coming to our land. Xoxo

  16. Shaka

    Well done Mr President, but my cry is mainly directed on rural roads which bring us food. Why have you concentrated much on township roads? I have seen nearly all roads been tarred in Olympia, but the roads from chipata to chadiza, chipata Vubwi, just to mention but a few. I don’t know what the rural road development department is doing, the rural roads have not even seen a grader, come rain season some roads will completely be impassable.

  17. Mr. K

    Good. Shaka rural roads require urgent attention that is why pipo don’t go home because of poor roads we never talked about roads before now gvt is doing what pipo can see ecl continue 2021 u will be back at state house

  18. Jt

    These are things that we should be talking about not just talking about things some of us don’t even understand, let’s do checks and balances on things that are important

  19. Wongani

    A pipos president,our developmental president and working president. Let us praise him when is saving not when leaves presidency

  20. Martin mwewa

    That’s good idea mr President

  21. Jack

    Let them talk until they talk no more….. We Zambians have a huge problem twalishitisha, the govt is doing its best to catch up with the western world and we are busy blaming the president… If you can’t understand locally even we were to take you abroad tamwakofwe…

  22. Garry Nkombo

    Comment President Edgar Lungu I admire your leadership that’s why I retired and I will always support you now for good development not ba hh kuwayawayafye the rejected material on the market

  23. Emmanuel Mumba

    I wish the president could take a similar tour in Airport Meanwood and see if he will be happy?

  24. Bronze

    Try to check on the kasisi, road the road is not yet completed since 2012

  25. Dennis Chipoka

    Your Excellence the President ECL, kindly intervene in the issue of roads in meanwood ndeke. We are approaching the rain season but nothing seem to materializing, we deserve the best as well

  26. pat mutoya

    waiting for dual carriageway ndola lusaka, kapiri ndola in a bad state.

  27. pat mutoya

    in kabwe town no road works.

  28. M.M.

    It is nice seeing new roads coming up in townships. However, I am worried that the rain season will soon be with us, but some of the new roads do not yet have drainages. I fear that there may be floods in some of the housing units near some of these roads, if nothing is done before the onset of rains.

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