UPND Replaces Long Serving Nkombo as Chief Whip

The opposition UPND has shown some willingness to shuffle long serving leaders for others to take up responsibility with parliament being the first point of call.

Long serving whip Garry Nkombo has been replaced with Liuwa Member of Parliament Situmbeko Musokotwane while Kabompo lawmaker Ambrose Lifuma is the deputy whip.

The UPND has been under the microscope for having certain leaders in some positions without change for a long time but seems to be making steps to be responsive to the wishes of their members.

Below is the full statement:


Press Statement


The United Party for National Development (UPND) wishes to inform the public that it has made leadership changes at the National Assembly of Zambia.

As part of its restructuring process, the UPND has appointed Liuwa Member of Parliament Hon Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane as the new party whip in Parliament.

Dr Musokotwane takes over from Mazabuka Member of Parliament Hon Gary Nkombo who has voluntarily retired  as Party Whip.

Kabompo Member of Parliament Hon Ambrose Lufuma has been re-appointed as Deputy Party Whip while Nalikwanda Member of Parliament  Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa continues as UPND Parliamentary Liason Committee Chairman.

The Party wishes to thank and commend Hon Nkombo for serving as Whip  with honour, diligence and efficiency.

The Party would also like to thank Dr Musokotwane for accepting to serve as Whip. We are confident that Dr Musokotwane will serve the party with honour and dignity.

Issued by:

Steven Katuka,

UPND Secretary General.


  1. Malama Golden

    We need changes also in star times 60%/Znbc 40% Topstar deal. Otherwise we shall see a TopZesco soon selling Zesco blindly. All what China need to do is to give us a big soft loan like Topstar one which will give them power to have more shares and total control in TopZesco company. Selling Zesco blindly. How can you give more shares than what you have in a national project? That is out side development principles. Can that happen in China? Does Zambia experimenting if a chicken can give birth to the elephant? Careful TopZesco is coming soon

  2. Hebk

    How is this related. The rest of Africa is dealing with china..

  3. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Imformation received

  4. Razor

    Why has Garry nkombo decided to step down as chief whip. Was it voluntary or forced and reasons.

    • ROKA.

      Indeed. It I’d confusing! In one sentence, it says the party has made changes as party of restructuring, then it says Nkombo has voluntarily retired!Which one should be taken as the main statement!!


      Bo Situmbeko Musokotwane is over educated , focused , humble & Mature .
      The new opposition Chief whip is not a stiff necked cadre, but a competent & very reasonable intellectual.
      Ask MoF or the BOZ .
      Please give us fresh air in opposition politics. Not the F** t that has been wafting on the opposition bench .

  5. Sunday siakabenga

    Actually it’s good to give it others because the man nkombo have many tasks

  6. Masters

    Ukoo kwashala bamudala with Mweetwa…kkkk

  7. Chuundu Chaitwa

    Garry has just decided to retire because there is nothing upnd is offering in times of checks and balances upnd should not fool people that there is any change of leaders because there is no change of leadership here you have just replaced the retired nkombo with the loz man who Else have you shuffled for us to know that there is really change? we want hh out Garry Nkombo in.

  8. Chuundu Chaitwa 2

    Comment hh out Garry nkombo in on a serious matter now

  9. reginald sibajene

    Am speechles

  10. Hebk

    Repace Hh or you will never won any presidential elections…

    • ROKA.

      Yes,the real and meaninhful change is shuffling the top leadership who have overstayed in their position and losing elections at national level!

  11. obvious mweemba

    Good idea but not honourable hh to change

  12. obvious mweemba

    HH for life

  13. vic sims

    For you upnd you need to restructure your leadership from the top to the bottom thats when you are going to make in 2021

  14. obvious mweemba

    You are politicians without psychology, u people liv hh until 2021 then changing hh and gbm it’s after 2021 in will be done with my degree to take over

  15. Mr. K

    Hh is worn out politicaly

  16. Chuundu Chaitwa

    sorry upnd team,iam senseless(ciyanga) keep on forgiving me,i don’t know how hh will react on me,hh never feared lungu what more to me,a a a plz.

  17. Tryson Sikambala

    NOTED,let us work deligently and dignity with God ahead.

  18. Lc

    OK thanks

  19. Nimo

    We have Cried for change of top leadership but to no avail. If hh love the party and wants to see it in power ,let him chose another person to take over as presidential candidate for 2021..otherwise we might lose …people have said so many time ..remember it’s the same people who votes

  20. The Investigator

    I don’t see the part where the upnd show willingness to shuffle old members for new ones to take up…cause nkombo voluntarily retired and they just replaced him…not like shuffle him

  21. Mbc

    I don’t c upnd winning in 2021

  22. Jomwa

    Bwana katuka you are misleading people by saying you are making change ,those are not changes ,why its because someone retired and you call that as decision that is replacements .if nkombo didn’t retired such changes were not going to be there. Call a spade a spade you didn’t planned for changes but it has come at wrong time when someone resigned ,not all are shallow minded or don’t think only politician know how to convince people ,better you reverse your statement to replacement

  23. Albright


  24. I.s .

    Uncle nkombo ,what next , ddddeeefffeeeccctttiiooon to ….? Jet us wait and see ” ichalo tacitalala nga musunga “.

  25. Linus Kasense

    No what you commenting mwana,good move,hon.nkombo find a suitable party dear

  26. HH

    Please tell Lungu to forgive me for every evil things I’ve done to him and please Zambians forgive me for selling all the companies for me to be rich plz plz don’t Vote for me again in any election am just misleading you people and especially my blind followers who are also fools because they can’t see that am deceiving them.

  27. St.Kharisto kambizyi

    Maverous,but BA HH don’t please napapata in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  28. bk

    The Party for Tonga’s only

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