UTH Hits Another Medical Landmark

Dr. Kachinga Sichizya writes:


A team of Neurosurgeons and ENT surgeons combined efforts to successfully remove a tumour from the middle of the brain through the nose, a complex operation called Transnasal Trans-sphenoidal approach. The operation which began at 1400hrs only ended at 2130hrs.

This marks the FIRST time that this operation has been conducted by a group made purely of indigenous Zambian surgeons. We celebrate this victory. The patient has woken up and is stable.

I am excited at this new development. Many patients are on the waiting list for this operation while a luck few have gone to India for surgery. That is going to be history now. We are thankful to our friend Patrick Cameron for buying this equipment which is going to impact many lives.

Congratulations to all who participated in the operation, including Dr Harrison Phiri, Dr Brian Mwila and Dr Peter Mushenya and Mildred Nakazwe-Chila, Dr Nashati and sister Chileshe, Charity, ba Mariya and Amon Silomba.

Glory to God


  1. Davies simwinga

    Doctors you have done us proud,thumbs up.We now cast our eyes on Zambian engineers to emulate this gesture.Bravo,Zambian doctors!

    • Jackson

      A salute to all the crew participated to that successive operation, thanks be to God

  2. Shayke

    It’s great to see a combination of tribes come together as Doctors to achieve this. It’s possible when you respect each other’s differences while sharing similarities.

    • Charles

      Am so proud that the operation was done by our own Zambian Doctors ! Let God bless you always !

  3. mawema

    That’s great achievement for Zambia glory to the Lord almight

  4. Emmanuel kb

    i like it, wish to be a docter also

  5. King john ii

    Congratulations guys, that’s the way to success

    • Kunda

      Guys futi???? Is that how you address people officially. This is not a casual post please

  6. Unza

    Congratulations guys, it’s not easy and it has never happen in Zambian.. Proud of you , let the govt buy more machines

    • Tuli Bantu

      Thanks doctors may the good Lord richly bless you all, but am surprised, somebody is looking at which tribes are these doctors from, why do you like segregation among the people, this one is a bemba no this one is a Tonga, you won’t develop like that, that is why in our country we are too primitive in terms of development because such thinking, even Whites they came together nor matter which tribe they fall, to built the plane and make it fly it was not an easy thing, please learn to love each other we are all Zambians and we share same value same money same national anthem, never theless I congratulate you doctors.

      • Barbara

        Thanks so much dear for those words of encouragement only a fool will say bad things… congratulations to our own Zambian doctors go go guys we can do more than that.may our gud Lord bless our land Zambia.

      • Easterners

        The man is just expressing happiness on the teamwork despite having diverse tribal ethnic/lines

  7. Bornface Mwila

    Wow glory be to God.proud zambians

  8. Cize

    We are proud now thanks to God almight

  9. thabo

    Congratulations doctors.I am so proud of you guys.God bless you

  10. ROKA

    That’s how it must be instead of unproductive politicking! Congratulations doctors.

  11. Lazi

    Thanks be to God for having such a dedicated team of doctors. Doctors willing to take such Ricks.

  12. Alintula Ngulube

    Congratulations Doctors this is the kind of news we need to hear, Doctor shichizya u have always put God first that maketh me believe that u can be educated have knowledge but lucky wisdom, thanks to all doctors and NOT forgetting the laboratory personnel to God be the Glory

  13. Chic

    Amen, we thank God. Congrats Doctors. May the Lord give you more wisdom and insight as you work on more other patients.

  14. moses phiri

    Very positive development.Congrstulations UTH!
    To God be the glory.

  15. Annie Ngwira

    Comment congrats to our doctors for this great achievement, we’re proud of you.

  16. Gift

    This surely makes a good reading! Let’s have more success stories which the world is now reading. To God be the glory.

  17. Mr Elias Simbule

    Let God Almighty remain in charge on all human abilities to express God’s works in form of different talents such as this of Doctors’ ,may God Almighty bless !

  18. Kasongo M

    Well done guys

  19. mwiinga

    its great a achievement …..thumbs up bashing’anga

  20. Everisto kasongo

    Only the God Jehovah will reward you and you more skills for the job well done we are proud of you! I salute you million times .

  21. Boyd

    Good job fox

  22. Malama Golden

    Can those Doctors operate on Topstar( Star time 60% + total control/Mr Bible Esau Znbc 40% the birth right gone) we need Znbc 70% + fatal control. Otherwise Zesco will be on the sick bed in the name TopZesco. These deadly tumor like diseases are coming on national asserts companies became of sweet soft free like loans loans( you shall start paying after 5 Years). How give more than 50% to foreigners in a national asserts partnerships . Any Nation which which want to developed can not allow that…unless you are joking with development. Soon Zesco will be on a sick bed in the name of TopZesco

  23. Lyayo

    Job well done we’re proud of you our Doctors.they went to school and are showing us what they got from the class.Not these educated holding degrees in Economy only to come and sell companies and mines.They are dangerous to Zambia’s well-being.Thumbs up to Doctors.

  24. Lyayo

    We’re talking of Doctors not privatization where an educated Zambian sells mines at a song

  25. mwansa m

    Job well done team.

  26. The Elite

    Congratulations team

  27. Harrison kalaba zimba.

    Well done docs. We appreciate your efforts. This advancement in science and technology. Then we can be proud of ourselves as zambians. Keep it up.

  28. Sirafi

    Great news, we have experts please Government buy for them necessary equipments to under take different operations.

  29. Judas Mulomi

    And a big thank you to the PF government for continuing to provide conducive environment in our health facilities. A few year ago, it was pathetic, medical personnel were leaving Our country

  30. Clementina Champemba

    Congratulations for the job well done.

  31. Greyson redsons

    Many thanks to you all. Some of us know you can do wonders but its just lack of proper equipment.

  32. Faith

    Glory to God indeed,congrats to our Doctors and team may the Almighty God continue touching your brain cells so that you can perform more wonders proud of you bane.

  33. Daniel ngosa

    Weldone team. This is how it should be. We hope more will emulate your passion and efforts in their respective fields. We hope this is not the end. More to come from you.

  34. Maureen Tonga

    We are proud of your team work and Commitment to duty.

  35. Beauty

    We thank God for you our wonderful doctors for your commitment and love of saving lives.

  36. Musaku japhet

    Glory be to God.We are proud of commitment and team w

  37. Musaku japhet

    Glory be to God.We are proud of
    your commitment and team work.

  38. nefertiti

    Doctor Ben Carson has traced his ancestry to Angola, drc and Zambia.
    But modesty forbids me to mention from where his surgical talent comes from☺

  39. P Mwanza

    This is good news by a team of our Drs. The most good part of it is that it was done as a team not individual Dr. Thereby promise continued team work. Continue saving our lives Drs. Your rewards are can only be measured by God himself.

  40. Cynthia

    We Glory to God. Very proud zambian

  41. Leopard

    Great news, great milestone for the medical cadre in our country… Let all professional cadres do the same especially the engineers. We needed break through from you 20 years ago because we depend on your inventions.

  42. Mukubesa Muyendekwa

    Job well done team……so proud of u “Our Zed doctors….congrats!!!!!

  43. Mzee

    This is indeed a landmark. Take tribalism out of this highly professional work. Lets stop being petty. Did you expect this team to hail from one region?

    Yes Zambian engineers should take a leaf from this. Where is your association or is it institute?

  44. mercy mwila

    Indeed, it was a great success and we thank God Almighty Who interview to Him be all the Glories.the other credit goes to all the docs who has put their heads together, yes Zambian we can do it , I salute you all

  45. Mambwe pythias

    I m proud of you doctors, may God almighty continue using you.

  46. Kay e.imbula

    We thank God almighty for our docs who allowed God to demonstrate his power through them…….keep it up!!!well done docs

  47. jomwa

    quickly increase there salaries

  48. Lad

    Congratulations guys

  49. Martin Makweti

    This team was led by the able Dr Kachinga Sichizya head of Neuro Surgeon cum Pastor.He has taken on the mantle once worn by Dr T Lambert.Weldone Team Z!We really have made us proud.This shows that with better renumeration,equipment and patriotism we can match the best hospitals in the world.

  50. Ibrahim


  51. Ibrahim

    This is total bullshit ,why now !!???,
    So this all time these

  52. Ibrahim

    This is total bullshit ,why now !!???,
    So this all time these idiots have never been doing this????

  53. Brian Ngambi

    We have not had a follow up on tgis patient but am told he has not made it. MHSRIP. Anyway I had similar surgery 5 weeks ago in India and according to my experience both from UTH and the Indian hospital we still have a long way to go. In my case surgery was successful am still healing but am back to my normal life and even going for work.

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