Dead Bodies to Gobble K60, 000


Lusaka – Sunday, 16th September 2018

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) will bury 46 unclaimed bodies at a cost of K60, 000.00 following the request by the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) for Local authority to bury the unclaimed bodies.

LCC Public Relations Officer, George SCHIMBA, said that the Zambia Police Service has already authorised the burying of the bodies which have been laying in the mortuary for some time now.

According to the letter from UTH, Mr. SICHIMBA, said that the unclaimed bodies have given rise to an unpleasant mortuary environment contrary to the Public Health Act Cap 295 of the Laws of Zambia.

Consequently, LCC has caused a public notice in the press about it’s intention to bury the unclaimed bodies.

This is in accordance with the provisions of Section 61, Paragraph 41 of the Second Schedule of the Local Government Act Cap 281 of Laws of Zambia.

In accordance with the law, 14 days from the first publication of the notice have been assigned for members of the general public to claim/identify any of the bodies.

At the expiry of the assigned period, all the bodies which will not have been claimed will be buried.

This will be the third time LCC will be burying unclaimed bodies since January, 2018 bring the number of buried unclaimed bodies to 106 costing Council about K150, 000.00.


  1. Mr. K

    Surely relatives cañt you contribute small to have decent burial for loved ones their bodies are rotting but their spirits are with one who created them rip freinds

  2. DJ E

    Thanks BA LCC for yo help.

  3. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Do it

  4. Guyguy

    Good job

  5. Guyguy

    God bless u for yo work

  6. Jom

    Go a head God will reward you for your good work.


    But you spend a lot of money then LCC works no pay by three month’s rubbish.

  8. swordsman

    why not ask the Universities to acquire these dead bodies preserve(embalm) and use them for medical study and research.

    • Musonda

      Mr swordsman that’s a good idea but permission from one of the family members has to be given to the University, once you embalm there’s bodies that’s when family members will start showing up.

  9. Joseph

    Good job.

  10. Pastor

    Comment Act as the law demand on the other hand God wil reward.


    Thanx PF governmdnt.
    But remember LCC have done this through the authorisation by ECL.

  12. Mwape

    Its better to bury the bodies.

  13. ESDRAS

    Please go ahead LCC

  14. peace maker

    ba LCC thanks God bless you a lot

  15. Bamuna

    I would say cremate the bodies. It is cheaper.

  16. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Well done LCC.

  17. James

    Weldon BA lcc

  18. Razor

    That’s the job of all councils throughout the world. There is no news here.

  19. Chiku

    Comment Weldone Lcc God Will Replace The Bill You Spent On This Work. God Bless You.

  20. very good suggestion

    Very good suggestion

  21. Harrison M.w

    May the lord be upon you.

  22. Moses Tembo

    With such a numbers of unclaimed bodies, I wonder to what has gone wrong in our society……..

  23. alex chikombi

    When you are doing wrong things is allows wrong thinking, it was better for you to take those people when they were alive to the private Hospitals , And am sure that God is watching and waiting for those people who puff themselves and who are following the doctrines of men, just wait we are all going to die and stand before God . you trust the earthly merely lawyers you will see when you will meet the powerful lawyer who is Christ the Lord, anyone will be judged by his work, your work is your own weapon someone’to repent is today not tomorrow. Better to be poor for the Lords seek, not to be rich in vain again losing your life at the end, nothing can profit me to have good wealth then I loose my soul at the end ,don’t endure in sins but endure in right things

  24. mj

    So sad but well done on the job at hand

  25. Akapelwa

    Well done do

  26. MR ZED

    wel done ba LCC

  27. Jasto

    The best way is just to burn the bodies .. …it will save a lot of kwacha

  28. Chitoshi Remmy

    Go ahead with the program.

  29. Thoko

    I am so optimistic majority are Congo and Angola bodies. Others could be Zimbabwe. However, tax payers money at work. May they be buried. Nangu mfwile mumpanga Nangu mfwile mu menshi ifupa lyandi muchine muchisumino likaba no mweo

  30. Denzel

    Regarding burying the dead bodies. It is far more expedient to cremate them and spread their ashes.


    Good u are using our money accordingly and is your job.

  32. Grace perez

    But how is burying 106 bodies costing k150000.i would like to know as I think that is too much which can be used to better the lives of those who are still living.

  33. Mbalose lungu

    LCC thank you very much for the good job, God bless you and may he answer your prayers in Jesus name.

  34. Mwale jackson

    Expenses are too high .

  35. 👑 size

    Job well done babe lcc

  36. Biloko

    Abandoned by unpaid relatives bola naikosa.Unprecedented fimo fimo.

  37. 🔥 Flames

    Maybe those people are not from this country are foreigners And the lcc is wasting money to bury them. They should be taken to the Game parks to feed the animals cause that will be a waste of meat

  38. Mr Cuty

    Life and death! Friends let’s be care in times this…remember one day you shall rapture your soul therefore let’s have respect for the dead though they know not anything. Think about the life you are leading today and judge yourself. Council go ahead and RIP friends we shall meet to the other side.

  39. Kalok

    Amend the law so that any unclaimed bodies are simply cremated. Also have a strict time limit in as many cases as are outside of police cases.

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