Pres. Lungu Faces up to China Questions

President Edgar Lungu once again staked his neck in tackling the lingering questions about Zambia’s association with China.

The Head of State has been on the China case settling nerves after widespread discontent in the aftermath of the China-Africa summit.

The President was responding to questions from Journalists who had accompanied him on a tour of some roads under construction in Lusaka district and part of Chibombo.

“We shall forever remain a non-aligned nation just like Our First President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, positioned the nation during his role in the first Republic,” said President Lungu.

“It has to have a reason, that is why both the West and China want to work with us, it is obvious because of our positive trajectory…our friends in the West are seeing fruits in our nation that is why there is this Anti-China debate, which I find sickening.”

“Which Country has not borrowed?

He said that any Country in this world that wants to lend money to Zambia is free to do so but under agreed terms and conditions.

“We are part of the global family, at the moment we are friends with China but we are not enemies with our friends in the West,” he said.

And Infrastructure minister Romald Chitotela stated the position Chinese construction sector dominance.

“It is a political propaganda that the opposition want to mislead Zambians,” he said.

He said that Zambia’s debt with China is 2.6 billion United States dollars.

“Your Excellency, May I take this opportunity to clarify that notion that Zambia has sold the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. The Exim Bank of China is still funding the construction of the Airport, how can China claim ownership of the Airport when works are only coming to an end in 2019 and Loan repayment is expected to start in 2020,” he said.

The Head of State was accompanied on the tour by Minister of Infrastructure and National development, Ronald Chitotela, Lusaka Province Minister Bowman LUSAMBO, Lands Minister Jean Kapata and officials from the Road development AGENCY including Gender Minister, Elizabeth Phiri.

President Lungu also expressed disappointment with the Public Relations department at the RDA for not explaining to citizens why Roads in Zambia cost millions of US dollars as compared to other nations in the region.

“I am a politician, you who have employed and better understand these things must be in the front to explain to Zambians who are the masters, now when you keep quiet, you leave the opposition to continue accusing us to be corrupt,” complained President Lungu.


  1. chidyamakanda

    Nothing secret on this world of transgression, those secret talks would soon be revealed.

  2. Mwaimale Valentine

    Let’s wait and see what is going to happen in the near future

  3. Edwin Chileshe

    Fellow countrymen and women, let’s just give the current government support and yes criticism are always there from the opposition. But let’s also be told the truth about China things in Zambia than we keep hearing rumours on social media, thank you

  4. Malama Golden

    Can Zambian government sell Zesco? A billion percent yes! What we call national project are controlled by Chinese people like Znbc/startimes Topstar digital migration deal. Soon what we call Zambian asserts like Zesco will be controlled by Chinese too in the name of blind partnership and developmental loans. Soon Chinese directors will be the heard of an organization which will bring Zesco and a Chinese company together like Znbc/star times Topstar deal.China know it is easily to sell our birth rights through loans, so the trap is simple, giving you a big soft loan which can give them power to get bigger shares and total control in that organization like Star times/Znbc Topstar deal. Therefore selling Zesco blindly. Giving more shares to foreigners in national projects is selling

  5. Mr. K

    I think malama golden is thick in his mind he cannot differentiate truth from propaganda bpropagamda is to shake small and shallow brains of the likes of malama golden who still thinks zesco is sold where is ur common sense? Go and hang yourself common sense is not helping you

    • Truth man

      You are very right K. People of this kind don’t understand a thing on basic commerce and economics.They have to go back to school or maybe the government needs to explain some of these matters in vernacular languages.It would appear illiteracy is at play here.Many people don’t understand that when you borrow money from another government there are terms and conditions to be followed. One of the terms from China is that they send their own people to carry out the agreed projects because we lack the skilled manpower to do the same.E.g. who built the Tazara railway? Why didn’t the Zambians do it? Where did the money come from?Is it not from China as a loan? Mulungushi textiles who built it?Where did the money come from? What has happened to Mulungushi textiles?Have we not failed to run it?I strongly feel the government must take steps to educate people in vernacular or else the distortion shall continue.

  6. Dr

    Mr K,you have said the truth. They is this saying that says people will always talk weather you do good or bad their will still talk. Weak ones give up but us the strong ones we never give up no matter the talking.

  7. Jerson

    Guys what is going on in this country because it is not fine were by all the construction project are given by the foreignas it’s not only that even airport the Chinese there will get it sure my fellow Zambian were are we going

  8. man chizo

    If you have not yet prepared for heaven , its high time now.he is coming soon, no peace in the world.

  9. Zambian

    Loading ππππππππππ

  10. alex chikombi

    I never seen a mad man like you truth man, really that’s why all Zambians are speaking of you, hw can you defending someone who is destroying our property, even though is being the beggar is to much.


    LOADING. ……………


    Once spoken with speculation twice brought out to the public with proven facts. So listen to speeches and wait for action.
    The president had his speech do both good and bad statement made his vision a propaganda or a reality. I only expect the words become events of the day.
    Am waiting to see agriculture improving and poverty reduced by 60 percent by 2030
    Thanks mr president for the speech

  13. Davies B

    He is coming soon, vote for Jesus only

  14. FSociety

    No comment!

  15. Dominic

    Y do we go 2 school?
    The knowledge we accrue, how do we use it
    Let’s think and over sees our Zambia tomorrow.
    Thanx guys for yo comments over China and Zambia
    Let God controls.

  16. jaye

    But still the question remains
    Is this indirect rule or not in the near future

  17. dalias simutowe

    i dont seem to understand whats happening to our country zambia it as staked its neck to china zoona che

  18. Hezy b

    sum1 to teo mi de truth pliz!!!!

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