LCC Pounces on Uncertified Chibombo Beef




Lusaka – Monday 17th September, 2018

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) Public Health Inspectors over the weekend intercepted uncertified meat which was being transported from Chibombo district into Lusaka.

LCC Acting Director of Public Health, Edgar Mulwanda, disclosed this in an interview today.

Mr Mulwanda said the meat was intercepted because it was allegedly from unauthorised abattoir in and that the meat was not inspected and certified fit for human consumption by Public Health Inspectors.

The meat was also transported in insanitary conditions as the vehicle used was not the recommended type.

He said the act was contrary to the Public Health Act Cap 295  and the Food and Drugs Act Cap 303 of the Laws of Zambia.

“It has come to our attention that some unscrupulous business persons from neighbouring districts are supplying un certified meat from undisignated abattoirs to unsuspecting butchery owners in Lusaka thereby¬† putting the health of consumers at risk, especially that they are also transporting the same meat under insanitary conditions,” he said.

Mr.  Mulwanda explained that the Council has acted to protect members of the public from consuming meat which could be diseased.

He warned people that could be involved in this illegal business that his department has intensified survelance activities in all entry points to Lusaka.

“I wish to warn that we are on the ground to stop this illegal business and those who will be caught will face the law.

Mr Mulwanda also appealed to residents of Lusaka to avoid buying meat and meat products from unlicensed butcheries.

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