Misisi Woman Stabs Husband to Death

LUSAKA, 17TH SEPTEMBER, 2018 – Police in Lusaka have arrested a 23 year old woman identified as Pauline Banda of Lusaka’s Misisi Compound for allegedly stabbing her husband identified as Moses Mumbi aged 22 to death.

The incident happened on 16th September, 2018 around 17:30 hours in John Laing compound after a domestic dispute and a knife is suspected to have been used in the act.

The body of the deceased was found in a pool of blood by his young brother who later reported the matter to Police and upon checking the body; it was found with a deep cut on the left side of the chest. The suspect is in Police Custody and has since been warned cautioned for the offence of Murder.

The body of the deceased is lying in the University Teaching Hospital awaiting postmortem.




  1. Ashers

    Too bad

  2. dibro

    But zoona ungadabwe

  3. Jones mwewa

    The the law take its course. She must be punished to deter the would be offenders.YWCA ways your take on this one ,if it was a man doing vise vesa you would have complained to say gbv .Bush’s ninshi gbv now only applies to women.banamayo mwachilamo ukutwipaya fwebaume better if u quarrel u go separate ways instead of ending some ones life.ma rubbish

    • bayoka

      Abanakashi balatupwa uyu mweshi wapwa umanakashi aipeye umulume wakwe here in kawambwa district at musungu primary school why why why so kubaume it’s better you separate instead of killing each other.

  4. Jackson

    What a wicked easterner woman, let her face the law with hard labour

  5. Hop kido

    So sad indeed ! anyway de law will take its role on de matter.

  6. ben

    Too bad

  7. RCM

    Nowadays women’s are threatening

  8. Santos

    husband 22 wife 23 some marriages no respect nowander

    • Jamtone

      Improper fraction, no wonder! Men marry someone who is 5 to 8yrs younger, lwenu you will be dying like pigs

  9. Lad

    I think this was not a blessed marriage, maybe a cohabiting type were there is no regard for a man.shameless woman

  10. peace maker

    what kind of women?God will punishment you devil woman.

  11. Trouble

    To bad weeh

  12. Zambian

    Again Baku eastern? Ninshi nichi banda bwanji changenela aba Bantu?

  13. alex chikombi

    Give her 96 years of imprisonment not with hard work but with very harder works

  14. amos cathy

    snakes are even better now than women.anyway,rest in peace

  15. Joe


  16. Clifford Mwiinde

    It’s better to be alone than marrying a lion woman like that one. Sorry bro, Mey your soul rest in piece in the name of Jesus.

  17. Maxiwena Maxinal

    Ladies why are u doing this to us men, marriages nowadays is feared to us who re still young n not yet get marriage , we re afraid

  18. Gift phiri

    Sad development,the role should take it’s course

  19. menomeno

    Efyo nshakopile fifine

  20. Y2K

    Comment That is too bad let the law do the work on her.

  21. Thanks

    I will not promise any one about marriage.

  22. chipili SONGWE

    Too bad

  23. Jonas chama

    what is happenining nowadays it is just telling us that we are in the last days as 1 timothy 3:1 to 5 tells us. So our lesson frm what is happening is that we must refrain from our bad doings for the kingdom of jehovah is near. Otherwise too bad

  24. John

    Too bad

  25. Jerry muhyamba

    These are the results of early marriages man 22 woman 23 oh God save 🇿🇲

    • PF


      Thats True .

      23> or z not = to 22
      Thats Under Age. and z child labour plus early Marrying of de boy.
      it seems dat de boy wz under rule of his wife bcos of agement!!!!

    • Baxter Mpenge

      Another charge is child abuse for a woman to marry a man who is younger than herself

  26. PF

    A woman to kil his Swt Husband!!!!
    Shortage of man-power.
    Bana mayo twatotel nsana paliifyo mwabomba..

    • justine msimuko

      matako yanjoka.Really appreciating the killer.Foolish you,mother fucker!!!!

  27. T Boy

    The Goverment Has To Abolish Seling Of Chamber And Nsunko For Us To Prevent G B V.Mwandi Sure May His Soul R I P.


    Let us know that this is the right time to repent from sins and follow God’s rules. Police do your work on this issue arrest her. God does not allow people to kill each other mwebantu bamulungu it’s too bad.

  29. mauto Nkhowani


  30. Baxter Mpenge

    Had it been a man it could have been GBV

  31. mr icool

    kwa misisi sivintu

  32. chiluba musenge

    Why so to bad

  33. jonathan sancheche


  34. Francis

    Peace be stil!!! Jesus ordered the waves to cease and the boat capsized no more. MHSRIP.

  35. Davies mulenga

    Mmmmmmm !! This is a foolish woman, don’t give her piece just put a rubbish woman in jail.

  36. Henry Chingah

    Let her face the law for the satanic act.

  37. maston

    Too bad

  38. Chris mukwenje

    too bad

  39. Kopala voice

    What!!!! That foolish woman is evil she must be punished severely.

  40. E. M. B

    Let her go and rot in jail. (Mukobeko Maximum Prison)

  41. Teddy

    Too bad and then as men let us learn from our brother these days we are marrying knife not wife of our life .teach her a lesson,and u men take your spouses to God imwe mubalangiza moba ndiye macheichi yanu.my people are dying/perish because of lack of knowledge.may God restore our country Zambia in Jesus name amen .

  42. Amwizyo

    Did you find her killing? Do you have any confidence about it? Are you dogmatic? If yes then do your job. Rip man

  43. Mkwwzalabanu

    That wan should be killed it was intentionally for her to do that she knew that when I stab him from the left its where the heart is

  44. Abel Sekeleti

    Too bad for our brother… But the girl should not be spared…

  45. Baldwin Zulu

    Judge 2000

  46. Dboy

    Sad indeed but we must not judge her early what provoked the situation,and m sure she’s regretting after she did that
    Lets leave it to God,mind you all of us one day may be found in the same situation due to anger, or self defence

  47. wenger

    boys make sure a girl u are dating with is under yo age, otherwise some women are very cruel, avoid improper fraction as well as mixed


    She booked men to kill his husband herself can’t managed.Sorry for loosing our son.

  49. Phatiswayo

    Mulungu azamu damula. Chakuti chaake. Blally shit. Satana. Ninja. Mubobo. Chimbwi. Devil. Delilah. Jezabel. Rip bro.

  50. Edna Daka

    Sad development

  51. Unknown

    Divorce is not a taboo, pliz if you can’t stand each other go your separate ways

  52. Md

    Sad development

  53. Mafia

    its to bad bamuntu

  54. Short life...

    Ki bumswe lulu..

  55. Luapula

    What has she achieved? Chioneni mutual manga wisiwake

  56. Chimuka siamatika

    u y are u so diabolical it was good u leave de guy alone than Wat u did how can u kill ur fellow human being sure to make matters worse u r old than de
    guy muzatusiliza weeh we boys we r few than u girls angati wasiilako bazako bamene bafuna vikwati instead of killing God will punish u

  57. H.d.m.c

    This isn’t right

  58. Concerned

    That’s sad may his soul rest in piece and for the woman if u did it then may God punish u,ryt now she z the suspect until proven guilty n how did it happen how did they no it was her for real?wat did they argue about we have to know coz the story z not complete

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