Nkombo Warned and Cautioned over 2013 Murder of Henry Chanda

The Garry Nkombo puzzle is finally being pieced together with police recording a warn and caution statement from the Mazabuka Central lawmaker over the 2013 politically publicized murder of Henry Chanda.

Chanda was killed in 2013 during the politically charged Livingstone by-election when he was pushed off a moving car.

Nkombo shockingly resigned his Chief Whip position in parliament last week raising eyebrows on the genesis of his decision.

The decision may have been prompted by the imminent arrest over the four year old murder case that never fully got concluded.


LUSAKA, 17TH SEPTEMBER, 2018 – We have recorded a Warn and Caution statement from Mr Garry Nkombo, UPND Member of Parliament for Mazubuka Constituency in relation to the death of Harry Chanda which happened on 25th February, 2013 in Livingstone of Southern Province.

One person identified as Henry Harry Lungu of Libuyu, Livingstone was arrested in connection with the subject offence and was jointly charged with unknown persons for Manslaughter, contrary to section 199 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia and was convicted on 09th March 2017 and is serving a six year sentence with hard labour.

We continued with the investigations so as to link other people who could have participated in the commission of the offence hence the summoning Mr Garry Nkombo who has been Warned and Cautioned for Manslaughter. Investigations have continued.




  1. kings

    Why should it take so long for him to be investigated while others in the same case have been jailed ?

  2. Mambwe pythias

    The Zambia police ,please continue continue utilizing the best knowledge you attained from lilayi college we are behind you.

  3. HOMMIE 24

    Mmmnn even peaple like gary sure

  4. jah

    officer,if it was u from 2013 sue its only 3months to 2019 what was your plan or because is in the oppossion

  5. maston

    Guys you know how to following matter

  6. Razor

    Politically motivated. They asked Gary to cross over, he refused and so they want to fix him. Nothing will come out of this .

    • Pilot filter

      Ba razor, try to see things as a human not with your political inclination. If the man is innocent, he will remain innocent.
      If he is guilty let him pay for his actions wee

  7. Mr. K

    Iwe ka razor idiot who asked Gary to cross and where to go when same one reçheaches a dead end that is the hour has come who can ask Gary to join a well established political party like pf? Of does not and will never accept tribalists who are bent to destroy

  8. sasanta

    Just leave him.just because he refused to join u.

    • Android 7

      Imwe Fyonse ati they are buying counselors, they asked Gary to join them, can’t you just see issues the way they are.

  9. Charles

    This is the most useless political party that can’t see things the way they are….reality TV on DSTV investigative programs we see cases that take 20 years even more. It’s only in Africa where we have such idiotic reasoning that’s why we can’t even develop. Garry to join PF. Was PF there when they were killing?

  10. Kelvin

    It has taken so long because it’s not the only case in pending tray. Cops were still working behind the scenes that’s why they don’t alert the situation bcoz evil UPND will plan other evil things as usual

  11. Mr. K

    I think kelvinn you are right these criminals want defend what would be a criminal offence

  12. alex chikombi

    Allows you follow the criminals immediately but how is it come for you to start following him now, just all the way from 2013,where were you. You’re just accusing him. Be serious

  13. amos cathy

    same case others are jailed already others are still looking after their families.not fair

  14. MK


  15. Senzo Ndiye Mayi

    ‘Ati well organized party’? Which organized party, PF, nkongole fululu! This country is now on its knees because of senseless visionless people like you who can’t distinguish black from white! Who needs to be told that this party pf has failed when when is everything is very clear for everyone to see for themselves? Who has bewitched these people kansi?

  16. Polo

    Next kombo will be given two options jere or pf wait and see.

  17. chomo

    Who has bewitched you sure,even a 2 year is able to see that pf has failed zambia,shuld you suffer because of tribe.remember if you are comfortable,you relatives are suffering.

  18. Tuli Bantu

    Mmmmmh! nadabwa maningi! is it that law is only working for opposition people only? are we in a dictatorial country now where opposer’s are put in
    jail only one part state, no wander ritual killers where not even jailed ai ! it is simply because they where coming from the pf and this means that if someone makes a crime has to join pf then he will be saved, OK,,,,,, dictator we see you.

  19. Cry my beloved Zambian.

    Zambian have become like a two faced coin, people see things depending on which said they are. The case in question is a case of people that were on the same mission. We see every time cadres are moving in our roads, seated on windows and car roofs after taking bear and if one fell off or in case of an emergency his pushed down can this hornestly be the fault of the person in charge of the mission? This man was not in that vehicle neither did he instruct them to do that.
    Let us assume this is done, we all have seen people being beaten up for wearing other polical parties legalia are we saying people attacking athers get instructions from their masters. In Lusaka wearing anything that is not green is seen as an insult by the greens. Why should the police waist time on cases that have already been done. Ruth mbandu soul can still not rest in peace. Other people will not have their private parts in the next life.these cases have just died a natural death. political parties will come and go but Zambia will remain, let us all work together to make this country a better country for generations to come. It’s time we started thinking using our brains rather than our mamimba poverty has spoiled my country. I cry my beloved country.

  20. PF

    politics its a dirty game , all they wat is to pin him down around the conner including the entire strong opposition UPND party.garry u r in trouble this is the end of you sorry ba honourable but u b given another big post by pf

  21. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Leave him alone stop forcing ather people to join you aaaaaa ninshi kanshi

  22. kabaso

    gary z incent its only that pf has faild to buy him

  23. Chilyamafwa

    He is innocent before the law until proven guilty…..

  24. Ricky Lumamba

    Comment just shut up cadres, You were quiet you didn’t even know what’s happening about Nkombo so APA you re busy yapping about him, leave him, don’t you have better things to do with your families ?

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