Six People feared dead in Royal Bus Accident in South Africa

Pretoria- Monday 17th September 2018

Six people are feared dead in a bus accident that occurred in South Africa on Monday morning.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Emmanuel Mwamba disclosed this.

“We regret to announce that a bus travelling from Kitwe, Copperbelt to Johannesburg carrying 50 passengers and five crew members has been involved in a fatal accident. This followed a tyre burst,” Mwamba said.

“The accident occurred near Bela-Bela 180km away from Polokwane and 107 km away from Pretoria.”

“Six people are have been reported dead and others injured,” he said.

“We are in touch with the owners of the Bus company and are coordinating efforts together efforts with the management .”

“Further we have rushed embassy staff to the scene of the bus accident.”

“We will provide details later.”

The bus is registered under Royal Africa Logistix PTY LTD, with its address; 125 Kerk Street Johannesburg, South Africa.

The bus has been identified as a Scania Marcopolo Bus Reg Number FT 82 BZ GP caring 50 Passanger with 5 crew members.



  1. KIM

    This is so sad i wish the injured to fully recover. condolences to families and friends who lost their loved ones. God help us!!!!!

  2. vov

    Too bad!

  3. Angel.s

    Many the God be with them amen amen



  5. Stafford Jere

    My deepest condorences to the families who have lost their loved one,,,and a quick recovery to our dear friends who have been injured in this tragidy.

  6. Lumbo

    Would love to know the names of the pipo who died have got a sister who travelled yesterday

  7. Raphael Kamanga

    Thanks to God Jehovah, my Aunt was on this bus and l talked to her while in hospital and has some pains. she hosted my Matebeto at her home in Mufulira at the week end and rushed for business. Appealing to any one at hospital or near to inbox me ±2600965626946 please.

  8. im

    Ifeel very sad

  9. Mr. K

    My tears will never dry

  10. Lad

    Condolences to the bereaved families n quick recovery to the injured ones

  11. George

    This is very sad news too bad.Oh God please comfort us we are all mourning


    sorry for that.May God comfort the bereaved familes

  13. Mk

    Too bad and a sad story.my condolences to the deceased and a quickly recovery to the injured

  14. Nchimunya Hamanenga

    Oh my God this is very bad!!!

  15. Rcm

    Isaiah 25:8

  16. Mwana mule


  17. Prince loves Ruth

    R.I.P all who hv dead.

  18. Luck Muwaya

    Too bad, only God knows.

  19. Thunderman

    Condolences to the bereaved families and speedy recovery to the injured.
    I know how such tragedies affect us all.Am a victim of +70seater bus accident and I still feel the pain of the injury in my left knee.

  20. Mambo

    my commiserations. really sad indeed

  21. Pimpo

    Too bad for the incident

  22. Makeni boy

    The numbr of the deceased has increasd frm 6 to 11.too bad mwandini!

  23. Mambwe pythias

    My condolences to the believed families.

  24. Hop kido

    No words, just hurry “Revelation 21 v 1-5”.bcoz we ar all waiting for u, taficila apa, twalosha pafula.

  25. peace maker

    it’s too bad to all lost the life please sister and brothers rest in peace will meet again in new paradise

  26. enos smart phiri

    Condolonces,2our believed familie friends

  27. Sindile solomon Vanqa

    Condolences to the families may their souls rest in peace

  28. Clement

    Too bad

  29. Concerned citizen

    My sincere condolences to the beraeaved families,may the lord God be with you.

  30. Joseph

    Condolences, to the family.

  31. Bm

    Too sad

  32. Yamikani Joseph phiri

    Only God knows on how he is going to comfort the families of the deceased ones, and also to recover those whose bodies have injured,for he knows before the incident happened and he even knows the result may the souls of the deceased ones rest in eternal peace

  33. Juston

    Only God knows everything, twalalekafye ukwenda

  34. Gondwe Watson

    Sad development on the accident information. Players to the Embassy Staff as they do the needful as well to the bereaved and all that were on the bus.
    Good bless

  35. Kennedy

    So sad

  36. Tuli Bantu

    My deepest condolences to the family who lost their loved ones, may God Jehovah comfort you in his peaceful hands, we are mourning with you, too bad

  37. Mr Peace

    Accidents,South Africa,Shootings,South Africa,Stoning,South Africa.Victims of all this,Zambians.Wonders shall never end.RIP brothers and sisters.

  38. alice banda

    This is very sad indeed. may the families that lost be strong and give hope to God. Those injured can they quickly recover. God bless all.

    • Jenny

      We cover all roads in Zambia with the blood of Jesus. We stop and blind every evil eye in the spiritual realm, on earth and under the earth causing accident on our roads. We dispatch worrying Angles to fight and abolish any means of evil causing accident on our roads. Every person travelling in and out of Zambia shall come back home safely.
      The glory of the most high God and the holy spirit of our God Jehovah has covered the land from today. No accidents on any of the roads in Jesus name.

  39. J.Amanzi

    Our condolences to the families that have lost their beloved ones.
    Our God comfort you in these trying times.

  40. J.Amanzi

    Our condolences to the families that have lost their beloved ones.
    Our God comfort you in these trying times.
    And we pray for healing to those injured

  41. Musonda chungu

    May there sour rest in peace

  42. danielmwansa


  43. Juls

    Its really so sad we only have to pray has only God know. My condolences to all who lost their loved ones as words cannot express and Gods healing spirit touch all those who were injured and blessings to all who survived. Amen

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