Clergy Blessing Under-age Marriages to Get Cattle Fines

CHIEF Mlolo of the Chewa people in Chadiza has ordered that any clergyman who will be found blessing marriages for under age children will be fined three herds cattle.

Chief Mlolo said he wants to ensure that early marriages were drastically reduced in his area by putting in place punitive measures.

He said people in his area should prioritize education.

Chief Mlolo said all headmen were given strict instructions to report those involved in early marriages.

“If we find a clergyman blessing a marriage for an underage child they will be fined three herds of cattle,” he said.

According to Feel Free FM, the chief was speaking at a Plan Zambia organized meeting aimed at encouraging traditional leaders to come up with by-laws for their respective chiefdoms.

In June this year, chief Chamuka of Central Province said chiefdom by-laws were working well in the area adding that early marriages and pregnancies had reduced.

Chief Chamuka appealed to government to support chiefs in the formulation and implementation of the chiefdom by-laws which was a good cause.

He appealed to government to build more schools because keeping children in school was one way of delaying marriage.

Chief Chamuka was one of the speakers at a recent Plan Zambia consultative meeting on eradicating early child marriages.

Plan Zambia Eastern Province area programme manager Richard Kalyata said his organization is implementing a five year 2 million Euros project funded by the Netherlands government aimed at eradicating child marriages and teenage pregnancies.



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