Kitwe Council Confiscate 1095 Litres Illegal Fuel

Kitwe City Council Police have arrested one person and confiscated one thousand and ninety five litres of fuel at Nakadoli Market.

The local authority police swung into action and pounced on illegal fuel dealers at Nakadoli Market to ensure safety.

Kitwe City Council Assistant Public Relations Manager Beauty Undi said the sell of fuel in the market is contrary to the Market and Bus stations Act of 2007.

“The team confiscated one thousand and ninety five litres of diesel and petrol which was being sold in the market contrary to the markets and bus station act of 2007 and the public health act chapter 295, section 67 which prohibits the sale of nonfood items in the market as it poses as a health hazard to the people,” she stated.

Undi identified the person arrested as Eric Mwanza, 34, of house number 1056 New Kawama Compound who has since been handed over to state police.

She said another foreign national believed to be Congolese fled the scene upon noticing Council Police Office abandoning his merchandise unattended to.

Undi has since warned individuals that are in the habit of contravening the law will not be spared but brought to book as they are putting the lives of people at risk.

She expressed disappointment that while government was working hard to ensure safety of traders and markets, some individuals are putting the lives of people at risk by selling high flammable fuels in a trading place.



    Job well done ba KCC & the police.Thz changanya boys dont see the dangr they coz to the community and also their lives.Arrest also the truck drvrz found selling from their reserve tanks.They usualy sell during the night.

  2. Davies mulenga

    Ba fikala namonaula icalo kubupupu, ngaponifi government taimikaka matoleyenu.

  3. Abel Sekeleti

    Give em jobs then if don’t em to continue doing that. !!

  4. Skynet p51

    Good job

  5. Mwewa gift

    Good job.

  6. Maxwell

    Continue to arrest those fool’s

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