Pres. Lungu Moves Swiftly to Halt Social Transfer Mess

President Edgar Lungu has moved to act on the reported abuse of the Social Cash Transfer ordering Secretary to the Cabinet Rowland Msiska to fix the reported mess in one week.

President Lungu has also directed Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe and her Community Development counterpart Emerine Kabanshi to engage donors over the matter.

The chaos around the social transfer has met some drastic actions from the donor community but President Lungu has gotten down to straightening out his part of the bargain.





  1. hgs

    CommentUK freezes aid to Zambia over ‘fraud’

    Kennedy Gondwe

    BBC News, Lusaka

    The UK government has frozen all funding to Zambia citing alleged fraud and corruption.

    British High Commissioner to Zambia Fergus Cochrane-Dyet confirmed the announcement in a tweet, adding “UKAid takes zero-tolerance approach to fraud [and] corruption”:

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    The UK is historically Zambia’s biggest donor,according to the financial news site Bloomberg.

    Africa Confidential reports that the British government is seeking a refund of $4m (£3m) for embezzled funds.

    The same report also states that Finland, Sweden, Ireland and Unicef have frozen aid to Zambia because of alleged corruption and have privately asked for funds to be returned.

    The publication has further revealed that the country has struck a deal with Russia for the supply of civilian planes to resuscitate defunct national carrier Zambia Airways, which is expected to include a presidential jet.

    The Zambian government has yet to respond to the reports.

  2. menomeno

    I told u I hav no vision

  3. Lungu chika

    I told u ndimbwafye u did not hear my cries.

  4. Malama Golden

    If zambians spoke over this issue, The government cant pay attention. Why cant the President moves swiftly in Topstar deal. The national issue controlled by Chinese people, Znbc sold the birth right for the single meal like Esau in the bible…why is it that we have to beg like dogs for these Chinese to take our signal…our leaders are busy saving the interests of Chinese people than Zambians… I think these loans have turned our leaders into Chinese in black skins with Zambian names.

  5. Pf

    The suspected cases on the social cash transfer is something this dead government can labour on with a view to deceive hopeless people that government has undertaken serious concern.Stop fake intimidations we know the all cause of the evilness we have primaliry seen is the put of Edgar Lungu into power which we did not know it was a act of detoriaration of our country (mother Zambia Land).

    • fedup

      WELL SAID !! They have ignored corruption because all are involved – From the top to the bottom – Now that donors are ceasing funding they are now pretending they know nothing about it !!!!!!!!!! LIES LIES LIES LIES

  6. Jk

    Nemiuzyani kuti ili lyanalume liliyezelu mwaona soti aba basungu bakwiyanso mu Zambia tafa kuliye madona

  7. Tuli Bantu

    I told you people, please learn to see things on a distance, u see tililira pamozi ka

  8. White

    Trouble in the Land

  9. Thabitsa


  10. banda

    our country lacks transparency and accountability.

  11. Bamuna

    akashimi all over again. Only in Zed!

  12. leon


  13. Prince Wholly Virtue

    In The End Zambia Is Sold Back Again To The British Gvt.Mpeniko Share Yandi Epo Nshilaba Slave, Pantu Ine Nakana Edgar Chagwa Watch Out 4 Part 2!!!

  14. muzo

    The pipo had bn just complaining about the aid n partnership of zambia n china.but why again have they seen the otherside of a coin 4 uk 2 react over (sct).let them stop helping poor zambians,coz whn whites prvide aid, u thnk its colonialism.

  15. kk

    Comment:slowly by slowly we are geting back to zero instead of moving forward our country,just because of pipo who have no vision for country.

  16. Sima

    If you choose to take a long journey on foot in the night without clothes on and hope to reach your destination before the sun rises, then you are more than just a fool. Well, the sun has risen upon the corrupt in their nudity before they’ve reached their final destination. Didn’t we Zambia talk and warn them of the folly of undertaking such a nude night journey? Well, let’s see how they’ll cover up their embarrassment now that the sun has risen upon their shame!

  17. Mr. K

    Corruption? Who is corrupt? All Zambians are corrupt gvt consists of all Zambians civil servants who are the employees in come from all political divide across the country of formed gvt which is all inclusive all Zambians must unite and fight corruption the opposion must not cerebrate for political mileage because many are in governance system and this has worsened the situation because many are corrupt

    • Cry my beloved Zambian.

      Mr K it’s time u started thinking using ur brains than a slice of bread u get after parading in those green T shirts. People have been talking and all they get from u are insults. There is no smoke without fire. Tukwanani lelo. If everyone is a criminal as u claim were is the top dog I guess enjoying himself at some Lodge . Wanyeka munzi.



  19. Chinese

    No problem Zambia, for as long as u remain obedient to China we’ll keep on funding u and start colonising u indirectly

  20. Thunderman

    Zambia is scandalous, why now !
    All this news is disheartening.Soon the international community will lose all confidence in us nomatter what we aspire for.

  21. Man of action

    Wel, ,,…this is Zambia “were graduates,intellectuals are afraid to speak out..cz of the co boys abusing the colours of our nation,,,,shame on us zambians

  22. Truth man

    I am surprised! All along I have been thinking the social cash transfer money was Zambian Government money ? And yet it is money donated by a foreign government!! During election campaigns some people even voted in support of the Pf after being told that the money came from Zambian Government.This is shameful indeed.How can you steal money meant for the poor, especially when it is donated money from another government?


    Yah zambia.who is then not corrupt namafumo nayakula mukwenda Muma hilux…bwafya OK we will not worry coz corruption has not stated yesterday today or tomolow but in the early years it was there even during the resurrection of Jesus soldiers today we may call them of cadres went to the king and say He has risen and the king shutted there month up buy giving the lot of money so pipo pray without ceasing so DAT Jesus come to take us to a country where there’s no corruption…no hilux or ifyamungulufye fyeka fyeka disabled are sufferings!!!!!!

  24. mega ghat suspect

    We see u

  25. Commando

    Why has Emarine been fired when Dora Siliya was not when she was agriculture minister,do you remember the Malawi maize scandle?When the auditor’s general report cited irregularities in our government financial system no one was fired,why now?Why fire Madam Emerine is it because it was donor funds that has been mis-applied ? What about the fire tenders and ambulances?What about the malawi maize scandle?When we talk about corruption in this PF government there alot of people including PF leaders say ‘where is the evidence?’Single sourcing when awarding contracts…. …… Zambia has embraced the chinese who are the masters in corruption,what do we expect in return.By 2021 i don’t know what the economic situation will look like in Zambia.BA POMPWE.BA SAKALA NYONGO.

    • Hez

      You are right ,what is so special with chika Dori? Something is cooking

  26. chilepule


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