ZIBSIP Lecturers Down Tools

Unionised Lecturers at the Zambia Institute of Business Studies and Industrial Practice (ZIBSIP) in Kitwe have downed tools demanding their August salaries among other issues.

Lectures have stalled as lecturers were spotted under trees without attending to students.

The lecturers are demanding that management pays them their August salaries, explain why gratuity hasn’t been paid to them since 2015, none remittance of Napsa contribution and removal of medical scheme.

National Union of Technical Education Lecturers and Allied Workers Chairman Felix Sikaonga said lecturers have lost confidence in management for alleged lack of foresight to generate resources.

He said management has been relying on grants from government to pay lecturers a move he said was not sustainable.

Sikaonga said the failure by management to come up with other means is a clear indication they have failed to run the institution.

“This is a peaceful sitting protest, we want the board to come and address us on what is currently obtaining, this is concerning the late payment of salaries and explain the withdraw of medical scheme, none payment of gratuity from 2015 and none remittal of NAPSA contribution. We have been engaging management but nothing has been done, that is why we want the board to come and address us,” he said.

And when reached for a comment, ZIBSIP Principal Kedrick Lungwe has admitted that lecturers have not been paid their August salaries.

He said management has been failing to pay salaries due to inconsistent flow of funding from government.

“We have been relying on grants and what students pay, recently government put over 500 students on bursary but there has been no grant for the past three months, for the 500 students on bursary, government has not paid and this is the third term. For the medical scheme, we were just cut off because of the bill which has gone to high. We have engaged staff on the matters to look at solutions on how we can mitigate delays on payment of salaries,” Lungwe said

Lungwe has appealed to lecturers to resume work as efforts were being made to ensure they are paid.

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  1. Joseph chibuye

    Our prayers are that everything reverts back to normal grounds and God to comfort the affected souls at all levels.

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