Kitwe Businessman Gets Aggravated Robbery Charge for Copper Theft

Police in Kitwe have arrested Daniel Makina Director of Nkana Academy College of Education in Kitwe for allegedly intercepting a truck laden with Copper in Kalulushi District.

Makina, 43, of Nkana East and son to Proprietor of Nkana Academy College of Education is alleged to have intercepted a truck laden with Copper.

Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga said police had been carrying out investigations in the matter that happened last month.

She said Makina was cornered on Friday just after attending the Nkana Academy College of Education graduation, a school where he serves as director.

Police have charged him with aggrieved robbery.

Katanga said Makina, in the company of others intercepted a truck laden with copper worth millions of Kwacha in Kalulushi District.

“This theft of copper occurred sometime in August, so on 14th September, 2018 the anti-robbery picked up the suspect, and a female was also picked in connection with the same on 15th September 2018, and they were both questioned as they are jointly charged. A white truck which was loaded with copper was recovered. Investigations were instituted and two pistols were picked and alleged to have been used in the offence,” Katanga said.

She said apart from the aggravated robbery charge, other charges such as failure to secure a fire arm are expected to arise.

Makina is a well-known business figure in Kitwe District and is commonly known as D-Mark.


  1. Mambwe pythias

    Let the law take it”s course. It is not fair for someone to become rich over other people”s sweat and deaths.From the beginning ,miners die and get injured during the process of copper extraction and they manually work hard but they are paid lowly by most mining companies. Then someone comes and get the merchandize on a silver plate , anyway , katwishi.

  2. Mandy

    Mupondo,anyway azamuziba yesu

  3. professor D

    Let these robbers be punished firmly

  4. eMPIRE

    Ba Kopala mwabeshiba shani??

  5. Y2K

    Comment There are alot of people who want to be rich he can’t be rich a lone out of the resource of the whole Zambians,Let him fence the law.

  6. Emmanuel

    Please don’t leave him
    Make him dance his own tune.

  7. D_Mark

    Copper is ours as Zambians,but why should he use a firearm? Stupid business man.

  8. jacob mwewa

    Let the law take action against him

  9. gervas chisanga

    Comment at I d mark kanshi in kabolala namungeza mnmmmmmmmmm kubashanisha pyelete atase muletutinya nefwakwiba

  10. Jackson

    What a dangerous man, let him face the law

  11. Collins

    Still innocent until proven guilty by the court of law.

  12. Nyawa Muwowo

    Too bad for him

  13. Benjamin

    Comment punish them without fear

  14. ephraim tembo

    paipa pano

  15. Truth man

    Police should also investigate how his Father started the nkana college of Education business.This a Pandora box they might find surprises!

    • Chanda

      And each child has a branch they run, kitwe, ndola, mufulira, luanshya, etc


    What a contradiction ?

  17. Amos Cathy

    Release him what’s your problem?

  18. maston

    Wanangila boma muphuziseni chikhalidwe

  19. Mwanawanyasoko

    Musiyeni uyu azamuziba yesu , business man wahala

  20. Razor

    I’m sure at one time he was also part of the infamous jerabos.

  21. Martin mwewa

    Leave him along is innocent

  22. Chanda

    It’s actually shocking and this kind of puts everything together coz I know him I planned his sister’s wedding and we did rehearsals at his place

  23. Deafson

    It is a big lesson to the Malina family! The word of God against mistreating others shall always be proved right! Imagine , the lecturers and all the other workers have now stayed for 14 months without pay! About 4 months ago twenty six lecturers were fired for just complaining about the 9 months unpaid salaries . the Malina family is made up of saddists! You see now, the cries of the workers have attracted confusion of the minds of the members of your family! Please pay your workers and the lord shall listen to your prayers in your distress otherwise worse thing may come on

  24. Tombanoko

    u mathafakaz!!!!- leave D-mark alone. y cant u arrest thez stupd black assholes mathafakaz prodigal basterds who ve plundered the monies with impunit meant for the underprevalegd? shame on u ba BUJUU!!!!

  25. Umuntu

    All parents who have enrolled their children at that school need to think twice. Does the school also teach armed robbery?

  26. Kalulu anonka

    Let eat some he deserves it, he has to enjoy something from his motherland than letting cruel investors steal when we’re being over taxed for nothing.

  27. morrison

    leave the man alone he is not a murderer.how are u offended.what is it that has affected you.was it your copper he got

  28. Jackson

    The police should allow me and my boys interview these thugs for 5minutes only we won’t hurt them I give u my words please .This is a serious matter we want to get involved and make our country proud 5minutes will do

  29. musenya

    This is God who is revenging on behalf of the lecturers who have not been paid for 15months now.. The father to the criminal always pretends that they is no money to pay the workers and in his lies, he invokes the name of God that he is saying the truth.. The whole family only looks at their interest and not the interests of others.. It’s not too late for the family to repent otherwise the carlamities are just beginning. The next thing will be the downfall of the college because God has head the cries of the lectucturs

  30. suplex city


  31. Ba Yoka

    i wil remove u

  32. T3RFOTYGA-Kalulushi

    Get Rich or die trying.!

  33. Cm

    The will of God be done

  34. Clara

    The will of God be done

  35. jack

    u will be out very soon

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