Pres. Lungu Fires Kabanshi in Aid Scandal Clean Up

President Edgar Lungu has taken the first step towards the clean-up in the Social Cash Transfer scandal with Community Development Minister Emerine Kabanshi fired.

Kabanshi becomes the first casualty with many more expected to go in a scandal that has forced some donors to suspend aid to Zambia.

The UK has frozen aid funding to Zambia over the $4.3m (£3.3m) under the Social Cash Transfer Scheme.

The move follows allegations of corruption within President Edgar Lungu’s administration.

The UK takes a “zero-tolerance approach to fraud and corruption”, the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID) said in a statement.

Ireland, Finland and Sweden have also suspended aid.

President Lungu announced that he had given Secretary to the Cabinet one week to give him concrete answers but within 24 hours the axe has fallen on Kabanshi.


  1. Newbie

    Lungu should fire himself first. He’s a total crook who has stolen considerably more than this $4m. Only tribal idiots are fooled, as the country continues to slide into deeper and deeper debt and anarchy.

    • Terahertz

      You are very very right.

    • Patson

      Am with sir you are correct.

    • Chilankalipa

      K20m richer in one year, Lungu indeed is a money and rain maker, for all you know Kabanshi did not even eat ibanshi, I just want to watch her on TV dishing out money in Luapula and telling the people: Ba Lungu balimitemwa sana aini, mukabavotele aini?

  2. Irukandji

    These thieves will make Zambia suffer!

  3. Augprina

    Iwe ci Kabanshi kuti uleibila shani abalema nabakote and those vulnerable children? That is being stupid! You should bring back whatever you have stolen IDIOT

    • Terahertz

      Imwe sure. She’s heartless

    • Hez

      Please mwebantu kabashi talya eka.Pasaka umukulu nganya icisushi abepesha umwaice,that’s what is happening in PF

  4. Margret Folowisa


  5. Thunderman

    More on the list.Let’s wait and see.Surely the action of fraudulence has forever tainted our image to the donors whom we seek help from in many ways.What a shame ! My heart bleeds for myself and mother Zambia.

    • Thunderman

      Who has she been replaced with ? Or is the position vacant

    • Chilankalipa

      If there is any list, the one on top of the list is the one keeping it. Poor Emerine is just another sacrificial roasted lamb the real big thieves are busy shielding themselves. When time comes all those who have inflated wheel barrow prices, Lusaka Ndola “dual carriage” etc will cry blood. Zambians will ensure no one enjoys stolen wealth at the expense of the poor.

  6. Observer .

    Zambia the CHRISTIAN NATION. Leaders are busy pocketing what ever come across without a sense of shame.

  7. Lc

    When we say they are corrupt ati you hate them or you are bitter,very soon USA will do the same



  9. Chris



    Have they started accepting the evidence now?only from donors?

  11. Ken

    We always tell them, Aid does not work as it falls in wrong hands, its ‘Dead Aid’ Africa shall never develop until we stop the dependency syndrome.

  12. looted

    Mr President when HH says there is a lot of thievery in pf your advisers tell you hh is bitter but now our donors are also in support of hh by being bitter over pf’s thieves._Try to liste


    The next culprits are Mr Chitotela and Lusambo to be fired, ba Kambwili balalanda but we tell him that he likes talking and insults the President mwamona nomba? Ndeloleshafye 🙄😢

  14. Abraham Chileshe

    Thanks Mr president that’s the way to go avert corruption not ati bring evidence you must be feared in that aspect

  15. Blinx

    I can’t say much because Zambians were told about this. Lets wait and see more to come Zambia at Risk

  16. bkb

    thanks to God but we need our money back and not only kabashi they are so many,

  17. Chrislom

    Government should not be directly involved in the implementation. There is a lot of lazefe type of work in Government. Let Grant AIDED institutions implement and Government should just supervise and guide.

  18. Bmk

    Change of mind set is the greatest tool that will help this country to develop.Shame on you madam ka.

  19. Cry my beloved Zambian.

    Were are those idiots who have been attacking anyone who has talked about corruption in this poor fools circle. Can I see u raise up your Stinky hands and point at who is bitter. It has to come from someone as far as the UK for you to see beyond your nose? Were is your popularity? You exchanged barabus in place of the Savior. No one coming from a poor background will ever make a good leader, they always make wealth their priority. Remember they’ll always be time for pay back.

    • BS JAQ.

      Ati ‘No one coming from a poor background will ever make a good leader, they always make wealth their priority’. Apa pena Mr Cry, you have told lies. It’s just how person is, whether from a poor or rich background.

  20. Slao

    In Zambia its like clean people are the one to feel the pain of wrong doing. First those traffic police who where sent…fired by a man and now its the mothers mother!
    Why is lungu reacting after the European as reacted? Who is in Zambia? These people know how to talk on fb, i remember the time kabanshi was on tv, i liked all what she said the pf are doing but to my surprise she is now corrupt .
    Mono ni muZambia.

  21. japhan

    Why are you firing them when you are the same one who encouraged them to ukulya mwibala?

  22. Lusa

    Comment Kabanshi should not only be fired but have all what she stole confiscated and thrown in jail to rot. It is such an embarrassment for a person of her calibre to deny the poor of what they are entitled to. Ka

    • Charles

      The president is now doing a great job! It’s quiet unfortunate to enrich oneself on the expense of the poor!

  23. MTJ ONE

    Comment Boi Iwe chi kabanshi bring back the money u store thats not your Grandparnents’s money ..Idiot Money wl kill u dear surrender it now people are suffering lyk for real ..PF u have done us BAD

  24. Chimuka siamatika

    Mr his excellence show them that u don’t tolerate nonsense Kkkkkkkk nonsense woman were do u take dat money kwajola yeeeh shame on u

  25. Silver Sean

    All pf’s awe ni BA punka we only need change at this time

    • Dr Fonicks

      President Lungu has atleast acted positively. Kabanshi is just the beginning of many arrests to come. everyone from the Ps, accountant, internal auditors

  26. Dokota

    All cadres linked to Kabanshi, including her PS should be made to dance. This country is being destroyed by our own fellow countrymen and women. One would have thought leaders from the soil would promote the welfare of the grassroots but we’re seeing the opposite. Mr Lungu should get serious this time around. He should revisit all audit reports, including the FIC report to root out all bad elements from his government.

    • Arnold sinabuke

      Why firing kabashi today when corruption didn’t start yesterday?

  27. CADRE

    I think what is happening in PF is totally no sense,coz our superiors are doing corruption ,what about we subodnates.kwiba akulu nowakulandako,kabili abakulandako ebatangilile ukwiba nokonaula ichalo cha ZAMBIA.

  28. Tumbe Munkantu

    This is what the Western countries do. Read between lines UK withholds aid barely a week after President Lungu’s parliament Speech

  29. Djabbic

    UK don’t tolerate bull crap

  30. Charles kabwe m

    Afweni abalanda,mwe ntungulushi,kwatrni uluse

  31. miya lameck


  32. Corruption now will be worse

    It is going to happen several times.People who come from a background of poverty rarely make good leaders.They never saw big money and when they see it for the first-time they become confused.What is happening is very shameful indeed,no wander the Kwacha value is dropping everyday, today it is @k10.88n. We are in trouble ,prices have started going up again.Zambia!! my country where are we going?God almighty please help us!


    Muleumfwako uluse mwebantu bukaitemwe nabo bushe mulaya naku church imwebene ecaipaya sana ministers including ba president too much selfishness ala mwaliitemwa kwena awe lesa alemona

  34. miya

    insansa shinya ubulanda at times people think they are immuned but not everyone will think the way I think others are sharper than others ukucenjela kwa nkoko pungwa ta sakamana pay back All the money and go to jail

  35. Observer

    Mwana wa kuku anaona mai wake Kunyela mu NKOLA.

  36. Orbserver

    our president encouraged them by telling them that ” uubomba mwibala alya mwibala.”

  37. Masters

    I guess Hakaivotela Heka is now happy. He is been having sleepless 9ts to see these sanctions are put on Zambia… Though no evidence

  38. Short life...

    Awaaa! Munoswaba.manyukunyuku tuwe semuzweza ni bana balindiyala.. Idiots… Stupid… Fakers..

    • Foward forever

      Yes tel them bro,,”,Lilato kitolongo” because when we talk they say we r bitter,,,, jst recently Mr Chibamba Kanyama warned us that Zambia was in a debt crisis,,,, they called him all sorts of names,including being tribal,,,

  39. Mambwe pythias

    Kabanshi you are heartless. How can you steal money for the less vulnerable,the old age,nempofu? Eventhough we say that women are snakes, you are the most poisonous one with deadly Vernon.

  40. Mulenga kelvin

    We want to see more ministers fired,

  41. Ilya wine

    Nice move ba kateka

  42. maston

    Too bad mother Zambia

  43. FGM

    Harry Kalaba did not leave the comfort zone for no reason. Corruption has been tolerated for too long. Zambians have swindled in broad day light. Shame indeed.

  44. peace maker

    Zambia all Zambia why are you treating like this we ask for help but the leaders squarder the money,

  45. Tuli Bantu

    You see people, you thought dununa was a song, but what now? ifilamba kuli ifwe bonse, tavutika maningi, am surprise, why uyu master is talking about HH now, is also upnd involved in this matter, is that shame to those who were dancing dununa reverse, have you seen that orphanage, vulnerable and old age people are now suffering because of foolish and selfish individuals, we are tired of you pf we need change

  46. Thanks


  47. one muka

    Walitupa sana

  48. Mark

    When 1 million worth of meds went missing, no one was fired , Malawi maizegate saga , no one was fired , when FIC produced report , no one was fired, firetenders , no one was fired , until today kabanshi has been fired , does it mean internally noticed corruption goes unpunished ?

  49. Victor Mwanza

    Firing them must be followed by prosecution

  50. menomeno


  51. Mr. K

    I think very few who have used this page used their brain the song dununa and ubomba mwibala alya mwibala do not mean corruption I as Mr k will never support corruption it is worse than an enemy with a gun be mayo ba kabanshi bailetela fye umulilo pa lukasa why should she divert money from the poor to zampost ?is it corruption? It is to undermine the efforts of the president to develop the country donors can use any language but that should not b taken for granted that they are supporting hakainde who is already corrupt

  52. HH kachema

    I gv u respect Mr LUNGU n I silute u sir

  53. Razor

    Even Simon miti should be fired as has been proved in the kapoko case. Even the one who procured fire tenders and ambulances should be fired that’s when we shall know if this is serious or just window dressing.

  54. Nik i

    Useles government,let us kik them in 2021.very foolish.

  55. Nik j

    Kaizer zulu should be fired.poor presdent adviser.

  56. HH

    2021 vote for pf.so that it sweep everything that we have in is country

    • matuzi

      Mwaziona lunguuuuu mwaziona lelooo akazi anu lelo pamakulukuonse,with my short chorus Amen.One Zambia TEN nations

  57. Katwishi

    Ndeloleshafye☹ .

  58. matuzi

    Helpers have no problem,a person being helped is the one to blame and he is coused greatly.
    It is too let after helpers forded back their hands .
    Failing theme is not paying any attention to citizens course them have bein investing money somewhere,the issuer I to advice the country is to let them continue working without payment’s to recover the cost with hard lebour ,,on addition let the poor ,widows, orphans, lame ,edged people to continue gating a support and monthly.
    Wise advice.

  59. bk

    Even in the other ministries they are stealing .Plz mr.president extend the investigations to all ministries
    and state owned companies were workers are not paid for so many
    months close to 1yr.

  60. Joseph

    when, we saying LUNGU his a visionless president, you saying u hates him.

  61. kedrick siame

    And then fiminister fimo nafikota no push things about development faired bose fye mr president.

  62. mega ghat suspect


  63. MR.2021


  64. longwa kalombo

    We are all corrupt take her to ACC not just fire


    Hon. Kabanshi is a scape-goat – what about Ministry of Labour?


    Madam kabanshi, ululeni nabanenu mwalelya na bo. mwisebana mweka.


    Hon. Kabanshi is a scape-goat – what about Ministry of Labour? The Retirees at UNZA who retired in 2011 , 2012 , 2013 , 2014 , 2015 , 2016 and 2017 have been waiting for their benefits since then , is this fair ? What is the Ministry of Labour doing about this problem because this issue is now more political ?

  68. leon

    How do we trust women when it’s actually one woman according to pf who was plundering the nation


    So the revelations in the FIC REPORT where right.Though they were mistaken to be politically motivated.

  70. Mcbands

    Zambia for sale

  71. Isaac


  72. Lumbiya Darius

    The president has taken up a good move firing bad elements that go into politics to enrich themselves.

  73. Ke-o

    Even though u have fired Kabanshi u are not helping yourself dear.There are so minion in your Govt including your self.I didn’t know that by ECL u were implying that End of Christian Leadership.

  74. Jm

    When the head corrupt entire body including the tail are more corrupt.
    Edgar and the entire cabinet need resign end of story.
    The immediate recovery of funds and freezing they foreign bank accounts tax heaven countries.
    Every kwacha ngwee must be explained ,how, where, what was sold or borrowed it’s acquisition.
    The corrupt head cannot control the corrupt tail, the entire body is infected with absolute certainty.

  75. Tig Kabwe

    Am very disappointed that even mothers are proper kawalala without heart for disabled pipo. Am one of the beneficiary who is completely multiple disabled who use to get little through donors (social cash) now I don’t know where to touch as I’m literary doing nothing. Kabashi, help me in any way possible for u are the causer napapata.

  76. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Too late, see now.Pf should be fired.People are sufering but goverment leaders will continue using expensive veicles.Big shame.

  77. fisunge

    This is a sign that we shud stop to depend on donors and start working hard

  78. Moshe Dayani War Minister

    Iwe Kabanshi you have put your boss Lungu in pressure so u need to face the law.



  80. Mr Peace

    We want to se prisoners out of this.

  81. Len

    Mr President that axe should fall even to zampost top officers.They must pay back.

  82. The Manchild and Silver Banda

    The President has always said that he will only act when theres evidence and in this case there was evidence ..surely you don’t expect him to witch hunt and act from voices shouting even in toilets …..

  83. Elisha


  84. Gh

    We always trust Women in Zambia that they can’t steal, now you have seen

  85. 1Evangelist Peter mubanga

    Let us help the president to fight hard to bring our country with justice

  86. Jms


  87. Jms

    IMPEACHMENT. When you see a woman involving herself in that scandal we men who thing before talking or making an action we just conclude that she was with a MAN, now if a man is unfould then find out who requested that money because their is no way such amount be lost without noticing the boss knows


    These people are thieves, i cant believe it mwibila nabashifola you are stupid indeed
    it is shemful to all pf readers.

  89. My husband

    Bamona kuba kuntashi,

  90. My husband

    She was appreciating the president that bataata ba Lungu na bamishila 2000 ama phone bana mayo ba mipela nendala k2,000.00 cilanamayo,tamwakamone po umuntu ngana Lungu, kkkkkkkkkk she was preaching in the village with the spirit of corruption.. Kkkkkkkkkk aweee mayo mwatusebamya,pali bonse imwee mwacila.kanshi ngamwalifye abaume.

  91. NDC party

    Stupid President with stupid ministers you are all stupid you are both thieves

  92. NDC party Nchelenge

    Nomantic people like edger lungu afisangafye taficulile nangu afipenye tasakamane kano abaficulile abena CHISHIMBA kambwili anemia kalaba abamano not kakoswe but although that we are tired with your fake and stupid corruption leadership of yours my dear friend. Iye uluse uyukabwalala aliponenafye limo iye uluse ati chinshi chalenga apone ati nibukabwalala bwakwe mbuli ubufi nobungo tabwawama wakombomunani walabepesha Ababa mukuyakwanshiku lesa nimalyotola bakusanganisha nomulembwe nominee in fact twalanda fyafula amano yasuma kontolokenifye twamichindika nako twamilandaposa kwati nii imbwa yapa neighbour yampesha amano

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