Zambia and the Chinese government took a giant step toward the development of the Information and Communication Sector by hosting the ICT Development Summit and Huawei ICT Competition at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka.

Transport and Communication Minister Brian Mushimba said the launch of the Zambia ICT Talent Development Summit and the Huawei ICT Competition was aimed at encouraging participation in ICT practice and nurturing Zambia’s ICT talent and skills.

And Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Jie said the development was part of the follow up activities of the just ended Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation ((FOCAC).

Mushimba said the ICT summit would help universities and colleges to build new professional, train teachers and contribute towards the review and development of the national ICT curriculum that would promote ICT education through the professional exchange and interactions on introduction of new technologies and systems.

“These initiatives are part of an ambitious plan to transform the country into a Smart Zambia and act as a regional communication hub,” he said.


Mushimba paid tribute to Huawei for investing K5 million on the project.

“It is our sincere belief that the Zambia ICT Talent Development Summit and the Huawei ICT Competition will serve as an effective platform for corporate leaders and human resources professionals to share insights, knowledge and tools with regard to ICT talent management in Zambia,” he said.

“Am reliably informed that Huawei has set aside ZMW K5million to train and impact relevant skills in the locals under this Zambia ICT Talent Development Programme.”

And Ambassador Li said China had kept its historical contribution toward educational opportunities for Zambians.

“At present, nearly 4, 000 Zambian students are studying in China, which has become the favourite destination for Zambian young people to study overseas,” he said.

“The Chinese side keeps strengthening human resources training to the Zambians, by providing a large number of training opportunities to Zambia each year.”

Ambassador Li added: “As a leading ICT provider in the World, Huawei has made outstanding contributions to the development of Zambia’s ICT industry and its national economy. In 2016 the first National Data centre in Zambia was completed under the Smart Zambia Project Phase 1.”


Huawei has been asserting its presence in Zambia with a bias toward youth empowerment.

The global telecom giant recently signed an agreement with the University of Zambia that paved way for the establishment of an ICT Practice Centre teaching next generation technologies in Transmission, Optic Fibre, Wireless Access and Solar Power Equipment. The Government also invested USD 13million into the establishment of Ndola ICT Centre of Excellence at the Zambia ICT College in Ndola to train practical work environment ICT solutions to several of categories of our citizenry.


  1. Truth man

    China!! Always handy and gladly helping third world countries to catch up with worldly development. How marvellous to have a country whose intention is to help us since our Independence. Not the trumps of this world and the like who disrespect the black people.

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    That’s great

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    Cheap is expensive..useless roads

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    Nice move please the roads mwabantu twafya here in NAKONDE sure and there’s no industry people are suffering why this.

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      Baba siame avyo nkailizyanya na nenenye,the good news baba is that the government has signed for construction of the road from chinsali to nakaonde.

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    Let them bring their development

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    this is what I call development…

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    nice move ma chinese

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    As a zambian am happy to hear this it’s amazing may be one day will have our own satelite lounch

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    Chinese they don’t respect us black people

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    The Chinese are more sincere than those who rob Africa through tricks.
    China can do good for zambia reason why some nations are agitated they know they will no chance to take advantage.

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