Inmate Shot After Attempted Escape

Police in Chingola have shot an inmate in the arm after he attempted to escape from Court after a security lapse.

The suspect was scheduled to appear before a magistrate Court in Chingola but attempted to escape from court.

Police fired warning shots but were not acceded to with the suspect continuing running forcing the cops to go for the hit.

After being shot in the arm, the suspect was apprehended with the help of members of the public who responded after hearing gunshots.

Chingola Police Officer Commanding Peter Miselo said the suspect Kalenga Chishimba was in court charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

He said the suspect was appearing in the Magistrate Court for mention but took advantage of a security lapse.

Miselo however could not give further details and referred all queries to Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga whose mobile phone went unanswered.


  1. Marino

    Sikota u are an idiot,u like chasing tax drivers as if they thieves,dont thnk if u are tragic officer,u are above the law,see now what u hv caused,wembwa iwe,tukakufumwa mu chingola,son of bitch.

  2. Umupondo

    Ba traffic ba chingola especially sikota nomba sana,they like chasing tax drivers,thts y drivers are causing accidents,fuck yo assess.

  3. Ecl

    Where is Mr lusambo

  4. My husband

    How he managed to escape,because officers you were near by him,you were just to make him lame man.

  5. My husband

    How he managed to escape,because officers you were near by him,you were just wanted to make him lame like that.

  6. Mambwe pythias

    Well done officers,you have done it again.lnfact you would have just aimed in the knee so that he would have been the best example to those that are planning to do so.Those that are insulting police officers do not know what officers go through when a prisoner escapes from ones custody.Job well done, a prisosoner is a prisoner regardless of the nature of the offence.Mulamu your men are working.

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