OPINION: Multi-Billion Donor Fraud Could Provide the Turnaround President Lungu Needed on Weeding out Corruption

The last 48 hours have provided the kind of drama that Zambian politics has not seen in a long time. It could only be second to the succession mayhem after the death of President Michael Sata in the Patriotic Front.  In just 48 hours President Lungu has had to act with the decisiveness reminiscent of revolutionary leaders. He has ordered an inquiry and with it followed the sacking of Community Development Minister Emerine Kabanshi. It could get worse for those at the centre of the multi-million dollar theft of Social Cash Transfer Funds as he has also given the signal to the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and Anti Commission (ACC) to be on the tails of the wrong doers. This is as it should be. We have no doubt there is going to be more kill on this matter beyond Kabanshi. The small time players within the equation and bigger fish could also be fished out and left to dry. We believe the message has been sent that there could be no sacred cows along the way but anyone guilty of graft could be swept in tide.

Naysayers understandably will never quit asking for more. In the words of Robert Marley, give them an inch, they will take a yard, give them yard they will take a mile. Even when the probe was ordered, knives were out proclaiming that it was belatedly ordered. With the first big casualty claimed, the vibe has changed to Kabanshi being a sacrificial. What then should President Lungu have done? After all doing nothing could have had the Laura Miti-esque-like stone throwers lining up to get their usual verbal kills.

It may not mean everything or anything to the Miti-esque army but everything has to start from somewhere otherwise this could be the extra push President Lungu may have needed to flex his muscles and rid himself of some of the rotten eggs in his government.


  1. Dag Zulu

    Kabanishi should whistle blow

    • Yes, why not.


    • Thunderman

      Yes ! But a probe should go to ALL ministries. Just a food for thought

      • Dark Side

        Very good point.. There’s a lot of looting in most ministries what has befallen my sister Emery is most unfortunate because her only crime was trusting her subordinates to a point of letting them make decisions on her behalf.. The real crooked people are in plain sight

    • Thunderman

      Yes.Aulule banzanke.How is Zambia going to survive. Quite alright UK is having problems because of BREXIT but Zambian,like many third world States relies on AID from those donors.Elo nomba lwanya.

    • Zipporah

      Kabanshi please come out, spill the beans

  2. Zambian

    Too bad i was thinking women of such calibre would not be involved in foolish deals kanshi kuwaya waya fye. Now the question is if Kabanshi could do this, what about the others? Please baka Teka nakutu Gayo twabuffi nakwena find out, these solar millings have done no good to us but just made some people more and more reacher. For example we have one in Bauleni, tata lesa tapabe fyo kachita, I would suggest they remove it and take it elsewhere, but the issue here is that all those things have not reached the intended purpose but just made a few individuals get more reacher.



  4. Wongani

    Kikiki…..zambian wants corruption free but when who ever is accused also accuse political emeries with in govt.Those involve in the case 2 go quite and clear themselves than cryin that is political yet it is lack of patriotism. President lungu different names bcoz public with information are painting it corruption but better 2 act on fact frm investigative wings than acting on hate investigation frm opposition parties. Now court wil decide if mama kabanshi was gave a blessin 2 buy vechicles has reportd my online media or it was mr chanda’s idea. Sir, with proof he or she corrupt fire if no proof leave them 2 continue working.

    • John mule

      Let them testify in the house of parliament with the media involved maybe the shinanegan they’re hiding will come out. Let the member of the know
      to this culprits!!

  5. Mr Peace

    Women are the most dangerous creature existing.The problem with them is that they are the best hypocrites.Where they say no,they actually mean YES.They are very good in mask wearing.They have the most corrupt mind.There actions,dressing just even why doing make ups?Those are corrupt minds.Mention one woman angel,mention one woman desiple,mentiom one woman who wrote a book in the Bible.Dont talk about Mary because Jesus is not actually the son of Mary.Jesus was there before time.Corruption originated in the garden of Eden between through Eve and her patterner,the snake.Why do think God never chose to work with a woman or why Jesus didn’t choose just one out of the 12 disiples?A woman is a helper of man and not a leader.

    • Muntu

      Iyo kwena walanda

    • Harry poter

      Paipa pano

      • matuzi

        The problem of pf leader this so called lungu likes to take action latter. Where was him ?to fisp he came latter, cholera after some people died,universities after some damages made and many more.
        Lungu is a president of behind always and good in searching a rat after it has gone thusway chewas sleeps with unger daily.
        Know see people who gate payments monthly sour goes even to the leftover’s of the poor people, even lungu hem self knows something,. Anyway its shame to Zambia on global.

    • Shameful

      Im a woman and I can’t deny the fact raised by “My Peace”.

  6. fuh

    passing by

  7. Joseph

    Lungu, his a worst president in histnry of zambia.

    • Zambia1

      Thank you. At least someone said what needs to be said. Don’t go around the point, our president is not serious at ALL. Four months of no financial report u requested for and u consider yourself serious… Busy with the Chinese while on the side your cabinet is stealing from you, they have seen the weakness in the president n that’s why they are taking a piss at him n his nation. Shameful

    • Thunderman

      These are tough times,let’s not be quick to judge the man,am sure he is already under pressure both within and outside Zambia.But surely we are in trouble .

    • Tyra

      100% agreed. The man has no plan, no vision whatsoever.

  8. looted

    How many more rotten eggs other than the one which was noticed instantly .Problem with anti corruption they will still wait for the head to point which minister to prob very ineffective officers next Lungu will fire you mark my word

  9. Zambian

    Mr Peace, mwankula yama you’re in fact very correct, women women women women women. Dress code these days ni beve almost walking naked muma streets, God help us.

  10. Zambia1

    Busy Training KunFu with the Chinese. While, your Cabinet has remained playing Chidunu & Dununa Reverse with the DONORS. #shameful #yoneedjesus

  11. Cry my beloved Zambian.

    When elephants fight the grass suffer. There is a difference, doing something and wanting to be seen doing something. The noise of other people opinions should not make you stop reasoning. Can one woman’s corruption cause so much alerm ? There is more to this than the eye can see.

  12. Newbie

    The inquiry was only done because donors have suspended aid that Zambia needs to survive.
    it’s not naysayers, it’s just common sense. Anyone with half a brain functioning can see that Lungu is one of the biggest thieves and so turns a blind eye to the rest of the graft going on.

  13. Honourable

    Plz Mr President can u fire yours & your entire Cabinet to pave way for others who can lead Mother Zambia to a promise land ok hw can the President fires only one minister is she the only one who is corrupt? Jst some months ago we head the president saying ubomba mwibala alya mwibala & that what madam Kasanshi did simple now the AID has withdrawn katwishi ukotulelola

  14. Mr. K

    Zambias peace will b eventually eroded patriotism as Zambians has gone below par case reported 4months investigative wings of gvt sleeping until everything blown out of proportion it is cartel which will see many involved the eyes of the president must be wide open for Zambia to pull through let unite and fight corruption

  15. Amos Cathy

    Good move ba kateka

  16. leonardnkandu@

    Zambia is so respected by outsiders, but us Zambians we have exposed our weakness making even Investors coming in Zambia to be come so stupidity. Where in Zambian Mines where PPE is given after 2years Safety boot, Work suit 4months, Winter Jacket 2years. This have just started now because of our weaknesses exposure. Please Zambia is our.


    A brotherly advice to Kabanshi in this case is to come out openly and mention the names of all the culprits and never allow herself to be used as sacrificial lamb.

  18. Starboy

    Every year when government makes a budget youth empowerment fund is included. Where do those funds go? I have never come across any youth empowered with this money. You are busy sending your children abroad to learn in expensive schools, but when a youth applies for it, you give them tuff conditions that they even fail to acquire these funds. Don’t think I am speaking from the blues, we will keep on exposing all of you thieves in government. Very soon others will be fired just wait and see…

  19. Pat

    Change all ministries you’re going to have a good picture of what is going on behind your back

  20. menomeno

    Wy leaving ?uwa maize and useless weelborrows

  21. Alfred

    Don’t blame him,let’s blame our self because he said that he has no vision,how can you allow a blind man to lead people with eyes.

  22. Israel Clan

    My opinion Mr President is fire the minister of education and her ps. and if found wanting let the law take its course.These ministers have tarnished your name.Kabanshi is Koswe mumpoto was.Pilato was right.

  23. Nik j

    Mr President, let your action be implemented.these culprit should be punished.

  24. Jms

    To be frankly speaking if the head can’t reason wisely why wasting time and if the head is not publishing while having the court of law in place why are you concerned of him UNLESS you are part of that wrong deeds I THOUGHT ZAMBIANS ARE EDUCATED BUT NOT they are God fearing people but not CAN DETECT BUT NOT .those who where seeing told you but you never thought of listening to them now don’t blame us when we stand up

  25. Victor Kayonbo

    It could also spell the end of PF, Basop! Bangaululane, Ka?

  26. Sima

    Doctors never dare to conduct on operation on themselves.

  27. Kalulu anonka

    God help Zambia. Other countries have started fishing out women from military, police and other government institutions, reasons being that from the beginning, God brought a woman out of man to become his helper and not Man’s master. Today, man has now been subject to pit coat government because of adulterous leaders, wanting a concubine, a woman gets a job, position, and so forth leading to broken homes, children ending up knowing only the mother or someone else. I have spoken. Have you ever thought of that?

  28. Mambo

    Dununa reverse to all other ministries as: Infrastructure, Local government, Agriculture, Livestock ,Health. Mr President, this action is right. Better late than never. Please, tax paying is painful and for that matter meant for social development targeting citizens of another country’s underprivileged,,, exit all found with cases to answer. Let all the unclean be flushed out. Let the tsunami also target Permanent Secretaries with their Directors inclusive be sent on leave pending investigation. The poor for too long have been used as tools for pilfering. Let the long hand of the law of the land haunt them. To mama OliPa, congratulations. Work harder and devort your time for the downtrodden. It’s all about community development.

  29. Elijah

    Fight corruption!!!

  30. bk

    In all the ministries they are stealing even in the parastatal companies. Now you have known mr president fish out bad elements
    and throw them in the fire.

  31. eefyo

    This is the more money in your pockets that u voted for in 2011. Actually they meant…No money in your pockets, but more money in their pockets. MMD was better than PF. Lord help us

  32. Pascal Chola

    Edgar see what we are going through. I think Chitotela and Kampyongo should be next also Kaisa Sulu I don’t know if he is Zambian and Chanda umubemba waku Mporokoso must go. Lastly yourself sir you should step down so we can go for fresh electins. Twafuluka utu ma allowances ku ECZ. We now need pipo like Chipimo if not me as President I can do better. Together we can tramp corruption once and for all. HH is better for now.

  33. Alex

    og ba Lungu although you are also corrupted

  34. Muyah

    HH can do better
    I’m sure you have failed to prove it ba sir (E.C.L)

  35. scott

    just step down and let someone do better…HH can

  36. Mk

    Mr peace kwena eee,just kkkkkk

  37. menomeno

    Wy koswe is hiding ? .alilyako nao

  38. Farmer

    We need an independent Life Style Audit of every leader both in government and opposition!!! The dirt will come out and EL and his daughter will be among the culprits.

  39. Geolun

    Kabanshi please apply the whistle blow policy.

  40. leon

    If lungu could only let DEC and Anti corruption work independently unlike telling them who to and not to prob,all this stealing would not have happened as such let all MPs including the vice and the President be investigated before the UK bring their own investigators which can be very shamefull coz all have stolen and fallen shot of the separation of power

  41. Farmer

    EL please tell the nation where you got the loot to buy 3 Mansions at the Silverest ZDA-Henan complex. While at it explain where Tasila also got money to buy one for herself???

  42. Razor

    Kanshi this kabanshi was too silent now I know why. Silent but deadly.

  43. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Gvmnt with full of thieves, shame indeed

  44. Zambians

    Fire all the ministers, and leave only Bowman Lusambo he is the only one working

  45. Jms


  46. Ugaly sema kujah

    Just having some flashbacks of U$D 152 million loan from China that disappeared, when ZRA was told to pay back mining companies a certain amount of million of U$D in the time of post news paper but Francis Luonde helped the Zambians,TIZ report and AC reports now summing rumours come true!!!

  47. Mukan

    Sad development. But did this need to be raised by the donors seriously for action to be taken? In the issue of the advance payment, how about looking at the contract signed between the Welfare Ministry and Zampost. This is similar to the recent case in RSA but for tgem, it wzs on payment delays and not buying of posh vehicles!! Shame shame shame. Indeed a lifestyle audit is needed for many government workers and those in quasi govt organizations.

  48. Tuli Bantu

    You see, 3 mansions shuwa !, we are in trouble, HH told you that ecl is a thief, you know what he saw, poor back ground, he knew that ecl wanted just to swindle and make himself rich simply because he come from poor state, and now he has change himself for good he will be rich forever, u left someone who has the heart for the nation not money, money is his life style already rich, one thing people why do we cast our vote blindly, we can clearly see that this is a rat and you take such a rat and put him in the sac of groundnut what do you except, shame on you the land mother Zambia.

  49. kedrick siame

    Mr president be like mpombe magufuli is, in Tanzania someone who’s not tolerate noses kuli to minister and our late president king kobra faired all corrept one.

  50. Wooyee waluza

    Malika kumo ne mbuto ?

  51. Wooyee waluza

    Zambians let’s give the president time to identify the culprit’s one of the casualties is sister kabanshi . Next is all the head of departments in the ministries of kawalalaz . Bamba zonke. Time to get rich is now.

  52. Timmysmallhill

    May the LORD bless you with wisdom Mr President….we need it

  53. Dr Fonicks

    hon kabanshi is claiming to be a sacrificial lamb. this entails alot. madam, just spill the beans so that the truth will be known. there’s no smoke without fire. am sure she has evidence to claim that. this in fact is worse than RB regime. Late Sata’s vision has totally gone astray. MHSRIP. I rest my case. this is quite embarrassing, having voted for our brothers and sisters with the hope that they will forster development. bembas say, inshiku mutanda shalingenye umwana na nyina. also that, icipuba ciketilo muto, impanda ikatobela panshi. when you start digging your own grave expect your casket to be lowered into it. amen

  54. Ziba zako

    What is Kabanshi’s background

  55. Victimized Diplomat

    ECL must ask the international community for help me form an internationally resourced Task Force on Corruption to deal with the culprits. Corruption is letting him down and I have observed an alarming level of impunity and organized criminality in the corrupt helping each other to get away with impunity. All Private and public institutions must be probed including lawyers and the judiciary. War could break up in Zambia due to corruption and ECL must see this as a warning and serve this corrupt country from plunging into war. We need LAZ to also prune its corrupt lWyers, we shall not stop blowing the trumpet about their pillaging in abuse of the justice system, to the world.

  56. Shameful

    Im a woman and I can’t deny the fact raised by “My Peace”.

  57. Answers

    The likes of the kabanshi should not just be dismissed. Let her be arrested if proof is there and she will expose the rest involved. Dismissing isn’t enough lets set the precedence that whoever os found guilty should be jailed then everyone else will learn. Its inhuman to preach peace while these boys and Girls benefit at the expensive of poor Zambians whats their conscious telling them…,

  58. Da chi


  59. Man James

    Few weeks traffic officers were caught corrupting,now it’s kabanshi thing. I wonder why these pf guys continue misleading Zambian people by saying everything is right,are you not ashamed? You think we’re fools. 2021 is near, we’ll disappoint ecl and his followers. Thieves!!!

  60. Kataliwaka

    This issue reminds me of petersen track “Anyandule ” let the truth come out , but the only challenge is tht Gvmnt has use DEC and ACC investigate this matter , which are all civil servant it simply impllies tht , thy cannot bring out the truth of the matter , no one can speak against the Employer . Any way we wil wait for results ,

  61. Zebron Chivunga

    In Africa, you always succeed getting bootlickers. They form the majority of the population. And they lick it real clean. In this day and age propaganda is struggling, people are enlightened and well ahead of the propaganda machinery. Waste your time bro after all you have nowhere to take it.

  62. FGM

    H.Kalaba left the cabinet because it was stinking CORRUPTION! More is yet to come out. Especially that our leaders pretend to be Christians when they are in fact far from CHRISTIANITY.

  63. Choonza Mweemba

    Bwana Phiri thé question you souls ask is where is the PS for ministry as emerin is being hacked

  64. Request

    Please probe all ministries,but start with health,no medicine nor what to use on patients,we know its been like that for many years,but its worsened,people aren’t paid their allowances since 10 years ago now.money being realesed every 6 months disappearing in provinces.where is it? You all all be prosecuted,just a matter of time.nothing lasts for ever.

  65. Chilufya

    Death penalty to all who still from poor Zambians, we are selling our hard earned crops for coins and yet these people still steal from us.anyone found to have misappropriated funds in the government must be hanged till head breaks from the neck and have their bodies torn to pieces and throne at their relatives.then everyone will learn a lesson.

  66. Morgan

    In China corruption is treasonable ask the Chinese even if they fool you around

  67. axeman

    There is no political will to fight the diabolical cancer of corruption from the inept, Political ruling cabal,they are demons here to torment us until there time to answer comes.These goons are disgusting.Why was no one fired over fire engines,ambulances,eswatini land saga etc.Next learn to scrutinise these politicians critically for this mess we can only blame ourselves for the visionless people we put in charge of our lives.I can assure you that these people will continue plundering until we vote wisely.The recent firing of a certain minister is just a smokescreen.Most people who where put in their place by MC Sata are back in govt.The stealing is deeprooted but time to recover what has been stolen will soon arrive.Everything shall be laid bare.The houses and hotels they are building will haunt them.

  68. Ghetto youth

    the rotten eggs are steal in office.the president needs to fire them all.Emery’s subbordinate’s must go.Let new beings takeover cause nothing will change.

  69. Citizen

    We were bkaming the opposition party. Now, they are silent, quite. President lungu, to history of Zambian presidential line is a big thief with his cabinet, a woman can not lead a man, it’s impossible. Even in the eyes of the creator is abomination for a woman to lead man, are there no wise men among you to allow a woman in leadership. ,60% are women as district commissioner, 50% as minister. Police force 60% women are promoted to high rank than men, where are we going with women lead us.
    Zambia has turned just as Zimbabwe suffered big problem with wrong people in leadership.
    Lungu has no plain for the country. Chine, the commisty country leadering Zambia and, do all Zambian s understand the roll of commisty country to rule you indirect.
    Women, women
    Adam its woman cause him to sin, so is our president. Ahab sinned because of woman Jezebel, Solomon drifted because of women,
    Mr president hearken to your people, your party is dirty man, who do you blame?
    Cabinet are get ric and Richter, big mistake is to allow mr banda to be your advisor.

  70. Lulu lulu

    Greed is what causes this,God will punish who ever stole any amount, that money was for vulnerable people in rural areas , many of them are now suffering because of the money that got lost .now if donors stopps what is social welfare in Zambia , crying of vulnerable people is a case in your life , people are now suffering because of you , please do not lead Zambia into to poor state .I wish the donors to follow it step by step so that all who are involved must be arrested , problem you like the term lets put money in our pockets , kuba ndalama za banthu obvutika mulungu akuoneni, our tears are flowing like water in the river day & night because of you .

  71. Sss

    OK, let’s it be so

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