Police Arrest 4 for Gravesite Trespass in Mansa

POLICE in Mansa have arrested four people for trespassing on a burial site where they exhumed a dead body before extracting a bone from it.

Police Service spokesperson Esther Mwaata-Katongo said the police check at Nengenenge burial site revealed that two graves were tampered with.

Katongo said the accused removed a bone from a person who died in 2010.

Below is a full statement;

Police in Mansa District of Luapula Province have arrested four people among them, a witch finder for trespassing on a burial place.

Those arrested are Emmanuel Kasuba aged 35 also known as Doctor Cheswa, Francis Malemba aged 50, Ngandwe Balakeni aged 35 all of Chitente Village, Chief Milenge of Mansa and Conelious Mwilambwe aged 56 of Chilumba village Chief Kasoma Bangweulu of Samfya District also a witch finder.

It is alleged that the suspects went to Nengenenge burial site and exhumed a body of a named deceased person who died in 2010 and removed a bone from the remains which they allegedly hid at a named place in Chief Mibenge.

The burial site was visited and two graves were discovered tempered with.

After investigations, suspected human bones and other human remains were recovered yesterday and are yet to be subjected to forensic examination.

The suspects are still detained in police custody yet to be charged.




  1. Chilankalipa

    Why can’t these witches (if ever thy are real) not kill all the corrupt thieves in GRZ, they just waste their crafts on stupid things?

  2. My husband

    Save yourselves now,

  3. Mochias.net

    Whip them very had na muchila wa nvuu,so that baulule what they wanted from the dead person’s bones.Nevr spare them!Otherways next tym they might turn into false prophets.

  4. Humphrey siwale

    treat them until they reveal wat they wanted from the dead pipo and wat was the bones for???? please dont even release them those ar wiches

  5. Osie

    Blood of Jesus

  6. Alfred Mandandi

    Please am remitting my trust in the law to deal with suspect ruthlessly . As they tempered with the bones of my late father. Mr mandandi Maxwell lozi by tribal.

  7. Mark

    lgwe must hear this

  8. Allan

    Chineke,,,kanshi there are pipo who go hunting for dead humans.GOD HELP US

  9. Jkhaled

    We don’t no were we r going,but wen we ready the bible everything their,and nothing is impossible with God Zambia is a Christian nation let s be united plz and pray harder tilikumapeto kwachalo.

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