Ndola Police Seal Off Suspended Post Master General’s Office

Police in Ndola have sealed off suspended ZAMPOST Post Master General McPherson Chanda’s office and that of the other three under suspension.

Chanda and three others were yesterday slapped with suspensions in view of the misapplication of donor funds under the Ministry of Community Development meant for Social Cash Transfer Programme.

Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga has said police sealed off the offices last night to ensure that no one has access to the offices.

She said the action was in light of the suspension and ongoing investigations over the alleged misapplication of funds by the office bearers.

“The details are that we have locked the offices as you are aware the office bearers are under investigations, so we are trying to avoid a situation where some people could tamper with the investigation process, for now it remains like that,” she said.

Katanga has identified the sealed off offices as belonging to the Director of Finance Best Mwaichi, Director of Operations Isaac Kamwimba and Assistant Director Operations Moses Musonda as well as Post Master General McPherson Chanda.




  2. M.N.

    Well done job, do as wise.

  3. Bk

    We are waiting for detailed report.

  4. Bola panshi

    Even in luanshya more especially at council civic centre.Mp for luanshya central on how they procure tender’s plz, social cash transfer tatulandanako. auditor’s come and rescue us in luanshya.

  5. Mukuka

    So it means that madam kabanshi is innocent,bakolopeni us innocent citizens are suffering bcoz of them

  6. will

    There are a lot of thieving in all Gvt.ministries and parastatal companies. Investigate.

  7. Pelekelo

    Mwasensela lilya kawa!

  8. Corruption now will be worse

    Ba kawalala all from the north!

  9. ba nzoro

    Wapya munzi

  10. dissapointed

    When people were telling u that this is a corrupt government his Excellency never wanted to listen now donors has stoped funding this is when u are acting when it is too late cause reports were there
    Let him also fire kampyongo on fire tracks as well

  11. Razor

    Too little too late.

  12. Bamuna

    Both the so called ‘professional civil servants’ and elected politicians are corrupt. and the rest of us cooperate or encourage them. We need self-introspection as Zambian society.

  13. Mercury

    Please note that all govrnment ministries ar dented with corruption.Startng frm the top mpaka pansi.Mayo tafa ise!{We ar doomed}

  14. Tom London

    Well done donors . Now lungu and his pf generals are sweating . ecl should start with himself before sweeping downwards because it is him ( lungu ) who told his pf bootlickers that and I quote ( ubomba mwibala alya mwibala ) end of quote . lungu must leave state house .

  15. Starboy

    I said more will be fired, this is just the beginning!!!

  16. Mulenga kelvin

    Hope the investigations will not take years like the kapokos case which lasted for many years

  17. commando

    Corruption and stealing is everywhere in public service and no one can deny that fact.For those who like saying; ‘where is the evidence?’ The answer is that mostly,people may not come in the open to give the evidence for fear of victimisation.Our so-called leaders must be pro-active not reative.

    • Black citizen

      I honestly don’t get it,this surely proves that their is in inefficiency when it comes to issues of auditing various ministries..a very concrete system should have been put in place to insure that all these funds which where donated where allocated to the necessary beneficiaries..at the same time I strongly feel that these corrupt activities involve a lot of top officials who benefited from such disgraceful acts.it had to take the donors to know that funds where being misappropriated,shame,the whole world now knows how serious corruption is in Zambia.

  18. Mk

    His excellency EC lungu president for all Zambians. Those who are not happy with his administration should leave the country and come back after his term of office.

  19. flex

    there are bringing in provty

  20. Figo graphic designer

    punishing the woman’s heart and family members

  21. Amano

    This action by the police is little too late. The suspects have already mopped up their acts and it’s unlikely that any evidence will be found in their offices. They were given a lot of time to clean up by the president’s 4 months inertia.

  22. kk

    We had ppms who were doing the payments on behalf of government and these pipo were civil servants bt these pipo were told to say government has no money in the name of cost serving messures now see wat you have done to the poor pipo who were receiving these money’s.

  23. HOMMIE 24

    We dont have to wait until 2021. let him be impeached at once

  24. Mudala


  25. Amos cathy

    Too bad,why bembas are like this?very lazy and cruel

  26. kambwili chishimba

    efilya nalemyeba baice ati aba nibakabwalala

  27. Chi Gelo

    Tapali nefyo, us we want to know uwakwetemo touch mundala and where the money has gone not fyama investigations

  28. FGM

    The poor beneficiaries believed that money came from GRZ coffers. Only to hear at a late hour that the donors suspect abuse of their timely released funds. Shame indeed. Misappropriation of funds can surely not be extended to donor funds.

  29. Sylvester M

    Bukabwalala namuli bukapokola kabili,so what example you police are going to show to a Zambian if you be in forfulant.

  30. mc

    Where are we going kansi

  31. Jms

    These must be hanged stupid we have suffered a lot

  32. Jms

    These must be hanged stupid we have suffered a lot it ist a duplicate no

  33. Dununa reverse

    pipo voted for a party with a song about going backwadz. and its hapening i mean new colonialists,poverty.coruption ect

  34. Mr. K

    We have the 8000km road project universities being constructed throughout the country hospitals 650 health centers and many more if you can’t all these then you belong to the devil and the devil will keep u in poverty for ever

  35. Sondashi

    Nomba ama youths chilebashani? Ati Christian nation’s like this****** try to change tatwamusalile ukwiba nooooooo help the poor and needs not steal their money twalamona nomba fintu mwalaiba kaili the providers have stopped, not ukutwibila am NRC please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s y as at now I can’t trust anyone apart from God my helper.

  36. Mr. K

    After all u. Idiots who claim to have voted for the president and of are henchmen of hakainde you are now feeling the pinch because he will never support u in any way go to him and have pension after working with him and has failed to respond to his promises he. Lied to u idiots support bthe president who is not tribai others think GBM will give them glory because he is bemba he will never make hichilema reason hakainde is atribalist GBM cañt be national vice president if for example hakainde wins an election Tonga’s will simply. Kick him out and that is the truth

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