Tasila Sinks 100 Boreholes in Eastern Province

President Edgar Lungu’s daughter Tasila has spread has developmental drive beyond her ward in Lusaka to Eastern Province where she has commissioned 100 boreholes sunk under her trust.

Tasila who started her tour of the province early this week, today
paid a courtesy call on the Eastern Province administration
Speaking when President Edgar Lungu’s daughter paid a courtesy call,
provincial assistant secretary Royd Tembo said Tasila passed through
the provincial administration to register her presence in the
“The main purpose of her visit is for inspection of boreholes and
commissioning of boreholes that were donated under her trust. They
have given Eastern Province about 100 boreholes; of course these have
been distributed to various districts which I think at a later stage
will do some formalities. We will give you some details on how each
district has benefited from these boreholes,” Tembo said.

While in the province, Tasila had been paying courtesy calls on
traditional leaders before continuing with her programmes.


Tasila has become a model councillor for the great works she is doing her ward with a state of the art sports facility in Kuku Township in her ward drawing admiration from the wider public.



    Aaaaaaaaaaaaa kkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkk.
    From ward to provincial level,,,,stop dramas we are tired of them kkkkkkkkk.
    Come to God and know heartily with all your minds

  2. Mk

    Tasila mwandi continue with your work. The bole holes will be used all people of,upnd,mmd,unip and so on and on.and will be there even after of has left office, so people why?leave her alone

  3. David Gura

    Well done Tasila…keep it up

  4. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Well done Madam. God bless you and endevers. Thanks

  5. AK

    We Don’t Have A Bore Hole At Kateme Stores, Mwasemphangwe Lundazi, Assist Us.

  6. Timothy lungu

    great job madam water is life….. u just don’t know how many lives you’ve saved from drinking dirt water,God see u through

  7. Razor

    It’s easy to sink boreholes with money that is not yours.

    • Ras Rated

      True that and by the way….is she holding any position in Eastern province?

  8. Tuli Bantu

    eeeeeeeh!, after buying a mansion, you are a smart crook ai!!!, any way you have helped better than eating alone, well done.

  9. Mr kay

    Tasila keep on working for the people because the boreholes they shall be there even when your ECL left the chair

  10. Makeni boy

    Job wel done.By doing that suzakasila,wanvwa Tasila?But pipo in Eastrn powr nimfwiti badi.Bazavilowa b4 2021 nishi valeka kusebenza.What more bamalowa vigayo.Sibatasha inshort. (Otembezya lini weo aba bantu)

  11. A west

    Job well done sweetheart at list u feel for the people

  12. Sylvester Zimba

    Job we done tasila lungu

  13. rambo

    Aaaaaa tasila na lungu

  14. Chadiza manje chagumba farm mathews

    Those boreholes should also be sunk in chadiza manje john farms chagumba dwambale as we are facing more challenges drinking together Wit animals…..its well come move as we have struggled mweh

  15. tasila

    Thanks very much

  16. Never mind

    What other province’s? we you it’s wako ni wako formula

  17. Never mind

    What about t other province’s? we know you it’s wako ni wako formula



  19. Pharisee

    She has just done her part,do u thnk she is a god?Stop bothrng her,ungwele bati!!
    Fyotofyotofyoto,nyong’o nyong’o nyong’o vilivonse! Chitankoni vanu tione kaili ansanya imwe.

  20. Dave Mwila

    Very good political strategy! What can stop her from standing as an MP anywhere in Eastern Province? Nothing! She is opening her own doors!

  21. Mwale.Zm

    Dave Mwila,tawaishiba ati it teks wisdom ad courage 2 bcam a leadr.

  22. Emmanuel Nkhoma

    Good investment for Eastern people indeed, Madam T, God will reward you at his own time.

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