Wina Warns Opposition against Xenophobic Attacks on Chinese

Vice President Inonge WINA has warned some opposition political party leaders against issuing xenophobic statements against Chinese nationals and other foreign nationals living in Zambia as this has the potential to backfire on Zambians.

Speaking in Parliament during the Vice President’s Question Time, Wina said that government was concerned with some reckless statements being made by some opposition political leaders that could endanger the lives of Chinese nationals.

Wina warned that government may invoke some legal provisions to curb the potentially xenophobic attacks.

Wina said that government will continue trading with any country in the world that offers concessional loans including China.

She also shed some light on the allegedly misconstrued debt queries that had been blown out of proportion.

An anti-China crusade believably being championed by pro-West forces has taken root in the aftermath of the China-Africa summit.

China’s rising place in global politics has attracted resentment from some quarters in whose area of dominance it is eating into.



  1. Concerned citizen

    Okay,we will see and wait ‘yakasha kiyena yaka yawa’.

  2. japhan

    Granny,please retire so that they don’t embarrass you like aunty kabanshi. I have seen how you struggle to answer questions in parliament,bet parliament is not your good cup of tea in politics.

  3. Wongani

    Dedt crisis weapon 2 decampaign 4 pf by opposition party 2 again populate. PF wil rememberd after leave power and president lungu wil b appreciate that he b praise by honest pipo but bitter pipo wil blamed. Zambia culture presidents are corrupt when are saving but after losin they are lovd by many. Wel done mr president develop the country.


      ala iwe ka Wina shut your beak the Chinese are fucked up they are even making flitters and fucking our women

      • One Kay

        Ba Commander,
        Have respect, she is your mother. Chimo nokutuka banoko.

  4. Mr. K

    In. Just ended Lusaka. Majoral same named foreign donor countries were supporting opposion the same are now supporting opportion because of China iraque Libya and many other countries are destroyed because of opposion with hate speech come to power at all costs opposion which is corrupt Zambia is too big will find a leader who is caring like ecl not one who wants to impose himself on zambians

  5. General Ozimpo Mumbi

    Whom Should We Believe Almight God,bcoz All Of What They Say Make Sense.Both Parties.Mmn

  6. ba nzoro

    Ba commander, have some respect for elder please.

  7. the dee

    Are we safe? Not really, who knows!

  8. Zambian

    Commander or whatever your reall name is? You’re cursed and if you don’t repent, your days are numbered. By insult an elderly person like mama Wins, you insulted all the mother’s of this nation including your own mother, and I appeal to all those reading his comment to put him in his position and also i appeal to Zambia Reports never to entertain such people coz the stories you bring on this platform does not mean people should start insulting each other especially elderly people like mama Wina who is just working to serve the people. Shame on you Commander wabufi iwe.

  9. MR.2021


  10. Selestina Bipa

    Xenophobic statements against the Chinese,this is not new in Zambia.Not new in Zambia.
    Unless if the honourable Inonge Wina is suddenly developed selective amnesia.
    The founder of PF, the late Michael C.Sata pushed that angle to the fullest extent.As for the west,they until recently thought they own Africa & Africa was at the mercy of the northern hemisphere as far as economic emancipation & development is concerned.
    But,they have been caught pants down by the raging dragon,so let them go hang.

  11. Ba world peace

    Let the Chinese leave in peace.. ba people!!! They are helping our country in terms of economic issues

    • P.M

      It is the Chinese who are exhibiting xenophobic tendencies by beating and shooting zambians. In China shooting at someone and corruption carries a death sentence but here in Zambia the Chinese criminals are given free space to commit crimes with impunity. These are Chinese criminals released to Africa to complete their jail terms by working as labourers. Most Chinese are law abiding and decent people. The ones being sent to Africa are nothing but criminals

  12. Lolo

    Just reminding you about TAZARA by the same Chinese you insulting. Think twice ba people. Chinese have no jealous





  15. Mark

    Pipo if you don’t have anything to post better you just read comments

  16. Cry my beloved Zambian.

    China is a all weather friend who will not ask how we spend money given to us nomba aba sungu bakaso they’ll ask how u spent the last coin. That’s how the statement should have read.

  17. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Zambia is going to be ruled by China soon

  18. Unknown

    I don’t know where my country, the land of my four fathers (Zambia) is heading….. But I only pray that Lord remember your own and never forsake them, there is no single thing hidden from your presence…. The people we voted for in order to see some change are the same people who are ruining things. Deliver us Lord and please take pit on us or else they will turn everyone of us as their opening capital, I mean we are been sold like goods. Remember us, Amen.


    When the wise speak, the world listens.
    Commander, you’re an excuse for a man!…. How do you insult the elderly person like mama????????????????? Hmmmmmmmm! Is that wisdom? Anyway, pansaka tapabula cipuba…….!!!!

  20. kk

    ba vice pre

  21. kk

    ba vice president so u can’t see that the Chinese have entered your bedroom ,u are talking of protecting the Chinese through xenophobic attack but they are the ones killing Zambians in numbers and u cannot do any thing its like the monies Chinese are giving u are so sweet to an extent of even sacrificing your own country,u better resign course u are not the best person to sort out the problem the country is having with the Chinese

  22. Mr Peace

    But South Africans must be killed please.

  23. Amos cathy

    will beat them for as long as we meet in streets until they handover zesco to the zambians

  24. Isaac CHONDE

    Mama wina be every careful remember that your security are Zambian citizen their also not happy with this , President ECL be wise other wise the spirit of mother Zambia who raise against you be careful.

  25. ek

    be like south,whn got independent did not chese whites,but zambia did,now compere south to zam,so respect china otherwise u will regret

  26. One zed

    I don’t agree with commander1 comments,hate speech is not good for us zambians, please let’s respect our senior citizens.i rest my case here. I’m a proud Zambian and I will not support hate speech.

  27. Moonga

    Even yesterday, a Chinese national short a zambian young lady in chimwemwe. Kitwe copper belt in particular…. are you still in support of them? Kuleka uku poka impiya mwala twipaishamo

  28. Shaka

    Do unto others the way you would like them do unto you.

  29. nshilimbemba

    China is a good friend who can help zambia solve some problems the west cannot and will never help solve problems for Africa.
    The west would rather have Africa to remain backwards and remain perpetual beggars ,depending on iits donations than Africa stand on its feet.
    This is the programme cherished by the western world , unfortunately we have some dull zambians who cannot think beyond their noses .
    Some opposition leaders are really a let down to our nation .
    Just imagine for how long has the IMF been zambia and Africa more than 40years , what we have seen is only about job loses mine closures , selling zambian asserts on a song , no progress in any area of development.
    I wouldn’t want zambia to continue on the same path it is boring.

  30. success help network zambia

    How about the Chinese guy who killed a Zambian citizen last night in #chimwemwe ?



    • ba nzoro

      I think people shud tell the truth, that lady is not dead but injured accidentally as we are told and the chocholi guy detained,i hope the lady will tell the truth as to wat really happend,if he did it with an intention then let him serve then deport him.

  31. Jms

    Although mutanga uswa ni sisapo famumizo we REFUSE and REGRET

  32. Never mind

    So what they doing it’s ok last week they killed a student who was studying civil engineering yesterday they shoot shop attendance what are you telling us.

  33. Mukulu

    Concerned, Zambia is our home and there is no other Zambia than this,,,those who come in should come in good spirit,we are the eyes of the GRZ so we need protection against the foreigners or things be sour , China in Africa is much better than the west but that should not be a weakness for us to give them land and start selling it back to us, secondly the killing and the beating they give us must stop if it continues that’s colonisation,yes ,insults are around because part of society is not happy with the way government is doing certain things at times,this is our home and we are able do anything to anyone who thinks they are bossing us harshly, except the government is corrupt and arrest us if we to defend ourselves,,,

  34. Man of God

    Let’s seek guidance from our Almighty God, because umo eleponta every one is right especially honourable or mama wina but mwebene ati ba commander mind the way u vomit uo word u’re just insulting uo mother that is insence, one day u’ll be a reader, let’s just pray together as one 18 October is coming commander that’s uo day to repent, no man is faithful, this is Christian nation y can’t we just pray. God please help us on this I put every thing in uo hands in Jesus name I pray Amen,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  35. Eiclw

    Ngabaleipaya ama Zambian please let them go back, coz they haven’t trained to kill us, if it is gvrt permitted then to kill u’ll be judged at final judgment lwenu!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????!!!

  36. Costa Nicholas

    PF forever!!! i never knew that you are 100% uneducated to think that ZAMBIA will be taken over by the Chinese.It was said that whoever speaks the truth will achive great things in life.The more your opposition leaders tells you lies that zambia will be taken over the more you will see PF winning again and again by Gods Grace And the more your opposition leaders tells you lies so that you hate the rulling party the more YOU WILL LOSE

  37. Truth hates

    I think we should just start voting for youths who understand the struggle we go through our present life.

  38. Rennox Ndolola

    Let us respect our leaders please. To me i would want to thank mama Wina for working faithfully in her position. She is our loving mother and have stood strongly in the Parliament and represented Zambia to all questions . Now we are Zambians and loving. Am appeling to the Government to have mercies over our mother by retiring her. Honestly , without favouring she has worked very well. Please let her be considered so that she goes and enjoys her benefits . God bless her abandantly and increase her days.

  39. Hanizyy

    Zambians, do we clean guns in public? No but why he was cleaning it in public shopping place why why why?

  40. Nkoya Beauty

    The opposition is dumb. they willed the same chinese when they come to power! do they think IMF, World Bank will help them prosper Zambia?
    Those who oppose Chinese must think again. Inonge wins might be an old lady, but she much better than many Young people. she is experienced and you will be surprised what you can learn from her than from your younger friends advising you to hate chinese. do not help the west to hate the chinese. leave Trump and his trade wars to his own country. He thought once he fought off china, africans will be so stupid to jump on his sinking ship.

  41. Bk

    Zambia is a sovereign state And pure Democratic national.we believe in the tenense of democracy. So we can’t be moved by small boys in opposition and colonial Master. We determine our fate.so the like s of Him Him Fat Ck just take it easy

  42. The investigator a

    What then do you say about those videos we are seeing where our people are being battered as if they are cows.

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