ZCTU Seeks Lasting Solution to CBU Impasse

The Zambia Congress of Trade Unions has taken special interest in the volatile industrial situation at the Copperbelt University.

Vice Chancellor Professor Naison Ngoma has been at the centre of controversy in the last few years at the institution with calls to oust him falling on deaf ears.

ZCTU has called on the Copperbelt University Care Taker Committee to hand over the report of the findings and recommendations to the Ministry of Higher Education as soon as possible on the Ngoma standoff after investigations were instituted in April.

On 10th January, 2018 the Copperbelt University cast a vote of no confidence in Professor Ngoma, following days of protest at the higher learning institution.

The union followed procedure as guided by both the industrial and labour relations act and the Higher Education act and the High Court ruled in favour of the Union when the unions sued for interpretation on matters of procedure.

The Union has warned that should the CTC decide to ignore its legal mandate as provided for by section 7 of part 1 of the third schedule of the Higher Education Act number 4 of 2013, there is possibility that the next academic year might be affected.

The CTC must put the interest of the institution first and ensure that provisions of the Higher Education Act are followed and respected adding that sitting on the report will not help the CTC.

On 4th April, 2018 the Copperbelt University Care Take Committee constituted a joint Adhoc Committee and gave 21 days in which to investigate the allegations that were levelled against CBU Vice Chancellor Professor Ngoma by the Copperbelt University stakeholder unionized workers.

The ZCTU has called for the caretaker committee to revert powers to the requisite union in compliance with legal provisions.



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  2. abilima

    What vote of no confidence? Is the position of Vice Chancellor elective?

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